When your heart beats with the rhythm of the drum

This phrase from the French Revolution song strikes a cord to many oppressed people around the world for decades and will go on to drum the heartbeats of more oppressed people in the future.

When your heat beats with the rhythm of the drums in The Miserables is like the mass consciousness coming together to think like one and act as one. When the consciousness of the people becomes one, an uncoordinated thought of the people somehow becomes the thought of everyone in the masses, it is a kind of mass awakening. It is a rare event, but often happened in the historical pasts to move a people in a common direction, with a common purpose, for a common goal.

The actions of the unruly and uncoordinated masses gelled together with an unconscious consciousness of what is best to do and what is the right thing to do. No one could envisage what really went on in the minds of the people in the Hougang and Punggol East by elections. No one was there to tell the people how to vote for the best result for the interests of the masses. Even if someone tried, the people would not necessarily do as told.

The strange thing about Hougang and Punggol East was that they all thought and acted in the same way, as one people in a calculated move of sophistication. The way the masses came together to vote in a similar manner, as if they were thinking as one, was a very powerful force. It was like the force was with them and they were the force.

When the unconsciousness of the people is one, their hearts beat with the rhythm of the drums and they move as one, act as one. The unconsciousness is emerging and becoming clearer as the people becomes one people. Some call it people power. It is here and growing, a strange phenomenon that arises like being guided by the invisible hand. The force is here, you can feel it in the air. The moment has come for a momentous change.

Kopi Level - Yellow


Anonymous said...

Singapore Singaporean amazing isn't it?

Anonymous said...

"The moment has come for a momentous change."

U mean the moment has come where the Sinkie opposition has changed to become more united and ready to be govt?

If yes, I don't see or feel it leh. I only saw more, instead of less, opposition parties and this will only be in favour of PAP, tio bo? Just like more candidates during PE 2011 was in favour "KFC" Tan. And history will repeat itself. So must learn from history.

Or is the change which RB felt so strongly convince 60% to vote opposition or not? If not, besides more kopi for RB, change got use or not, where it really matters?

Anonymous said...

Whether opposition can become the next government is not the immediate issue. The important thing is to get more of them into Parliament to do the slapping. Right, left, front, back, top and, if possible, bottom as well.

So, the important thing to do is to hear louder slapping in Parliament after GE 2016 or thereabouts.

Anonymous said...

In a democratic one man one vote system, no change is momentous if the strongest Sinkie opposition party is not even ready to be govt. Or don't want to be govt.

And Sinkieland has a democratic one man one vote system, tio bo?

Unless there is a revolution in Sinkieland.

But how to, when even a legal peaceful protest cannot even sustain a few hundred strong crowd, let alone a revolution?

Anonymous said...

"The Pitchforks Are Coming… For Us Plutocrats"
By: Nick Hanauer (A very unusual thinking billionaire)

"The fundamental law of capitalism must be:
If workers have more money, businesses have more customers.
Which makes middle-class consumers, not rich businesspeople like us, the true job creators.
Which means a thriving middle class is the source of American prosperity, not a consequence of it.
The middle class creates us rich people, not the other way around."

"We rich people have been falsely persuaded by our schooling and the affirmation of society, and have convinced ourselves, that we are the main job creators.
It’s simply not true.
There can never be enough super-rich Americans to power a great economy.
I earn about 1,000 times the median American annually, but I don’t buy thousands of times more stuff.
My family purchased three cars over the past few years, not 3,000. ...I guess I could have bought 1,000 pairs.
But why would I?
Instead, I sock my extra money away in savings, where it doesn’t do the country much good."


Anonymous said...

More Quotes from: Nick Hanauer (A very unusual thinking billionaire)

"Most of you probably think that the $15 minimum wage in Seattle is an insane departure from rational policy that puts our economy at great risk.
But in Seattle, our current minimum wage of $9.32 is already nearly 30 percent higher than the federal minimum wage.
And has it ruined our economy yet?
Well, trickle-downers, look at the data here:
The two cities in the nation with the highest rate of job growth by small businesses are San Francisco and Seattle.
Guess which cities have the highest minimum wage?
San Francisco and Seattle.
The fastest-growing big city in America? Seattle.
Fifteen dollars isn’t a risky untried policy for us.
It’s doubling down on the strategy that’s already allowing our city to kick your city’s ass.

It makes perfect sense if you think about it:
If a worker earns $7.25 an hour, which is now the national minimum wage, what proportion of that person’s income do you think ends up in the cash registers of local small businesses?
Hardly any.
That person is paying rent, ideally going out to get subsistence groceries at Safeway, and, if really lucky, has a bus pass.
But she’s not going out to eat at restaurants.
Not browsing for new clothes.
Not buying flowers on Mother’s Day."

"The only way to slash government for real is to go back to basic economic principles:
You have to reduce the demand for government.
If people are getting $15 an hour or more, they don’t need food stamps.
They don’t need rent assistance.
They don’t need you and me to pay for their medical care.
If the consumer middle class is back, buying and shopping, then it stands to reason you won’t need as large a welfare state.
And at the same time, revenues from payroll and sales taxes would rise, reducing the deficit.
This is, in other words, an economic approach that can unite left and right.
Perhaps that’s one reason the right is beginning, inexorably, to wake up to this reality as well.
Even Republicans as diverse as Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum recently came out in favor of raising the minimum wage, in defiance of the Republicans in Congress."


Anonymous said...

How ready was Lee Kuan Yew to be Prime Minister?


Anonymous said...


Sinkies got to realize one fact, just one. And that is the Alternative Parties in Sin by themselves have no potential nor is latently capable of winning a majority in a general election. None will be even able to win 20% overall, if the social political activists are not actively walking the talk.
Alternative Parties have some opportunists and moles in their midst as well, many are very professional and inflicted great damages at the most important moment. Alternative Parties greatest weakness is that many want to be chief, to have the biggest power within his/her own party as well as over other parties.

The People have only one strategy to work with in view of the weaknesses of Alternative Parties. And that is to vote for any Alternative Party Candidates that stand against the Pappies. Let them vie against each others in Parliament to impress the People. They certainly will want to enlarge their seats in Parliament and the only way is to win the hearts of the People.

Having said the above, I shall say that I share the Reading of Redbean aka Mr Chua Chin Leng that there is a unsolicited and unrehearsed wish that the GETTING WORSE BY THE DAYS RULERS BE KICKED OUT, IN THE HEARTS OF THE PEOPLE.


Anonymous said...

One thing to note. The PAP ran an absolutely terrible campaign with Koh Poh Koon in Punggol East, on the back of national dissatisfaction on many issues. It still got 43% of the vote.

So who can tell really? If you read ST, the government is doing very well. If you read blogs like this one, people are beating drums, ready to voice out and vote against oppression.

But who really knows? A lot of netizens claim to know for sure. But how can you tell, when all you do is frequent the same websites and blogs that have the same dissatisfied people who keep repeating the same chanting over and over?

Same thing for the govt, how can it tell how many people have move from satisfied to dissatisfied?

Whenever I hear "predictions" about 2016, I always wonder.

Anonymous said...

With all the so-called feedback channels set up over the years, from RCs, grassroots etc, why is the Govt unable to tell how many people have moved from satisfied to dissatified or vice versa.

In other words, what the PAP thought they had all the resources to read the message on the ground have not been successful after all. I thought they could tell whether the ground is sweet or not years ago. What happened?

Voters choose to believe what they believe in, not what the MSM or social media tells them to believe.

The problem is, too much biased propaganda trotted out over the decades have eroded that trust in the MSM and that trust can never be brought back. Even if it is the truth, people do not take them at face value anymore. They can find information elsewhere to verify the truth or the right answers.

Anonymous said...

PAP should not listen to people like red bean.
- PAP must continue to do what has worked for the last 50 years
- don't change a winning formula

PAP has recruited the best available talent in Singapore into its ranks
- LHL has been mentored by LKY for more than 3 decades
- what can possibly go wrong?

Anonymous said...

Agreed. But on the other hand disatisfied netizens may also just keep reading the same news sites that keep repeating the same msg. In these sites are the same ppl giving the same comments. Whereas the country at large moved on without them knowing

Anonymous said...

Of course PAP would not listen to people like RB or the opposition MPs. You do not have to tell them. It is a no brainer advice!

But, not all in cyberspace will agree with that call. Why not ask netizens not to listen to RB too?

And that is most important of all, because netizens are voters too.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the MSM broadcasting the same PAP propaganda everydsy?

The same people reading the same script and spitting the same propaganda, and comments from the same people drinking from the same trough?

Anonymous said...

Correct. So that is the other end of the disconnect. MSM pushing forth propaganda. On the other end, blogs like this one, trs, tre making doomsday scenarios and providing an outlet to kpkb only.

The real truth however is somewhere in between.

Anonymous said...

The real truth however is somewhere in between.
Anon 1:47 pm

The real truth will be discovered next election day. Just wait and see lah.

Anonymous said...

Just wait and see lah.

Well, if you are so sure you know what the outcome will be like, then good for you. I hope the outcome is what you desire.

For instance, many netizens nowadays think the PAP confirm chop stamp voted out in 2016. They therefore lead useless, unproductive lives, trolling all the social media and alternative websites with their same repetitive messages of "wait for 2016."

What if its not? What if PAP scrapped through with 51% of the votes? Then are they going to be "waiting for 2021"?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Everyone is free to believe in his religion and in his God.

Anonymous said...


Would urge people interested in opposition politics to read what Alex Au aka Yawning Bread wrote before. In my view, only he and Low Thia Khiang understand well enough that opposition unity is like a myth, you only believe it when you see it.

Right now, opposition parties are relying on the PAP screwing up. Not because they are good, with the exception of a few. In other words, you are a failure but I will win because the people see me as a smaller failure than you. Most opposition parties have not grown since 2011, they have lost very candidates and seen their credibility lost.

Also, voting in simply as many opposition in because "anything is better than PAP", is a dangerous and selfish mentality by people who do not think clearly for the future of the country. If the current state of the opposition remains the same, I can almost foresee come GE2016, there will be a lot of bickering and infighting between them about who to contest in which GRC. We can then see how many of them will really support the opposition cause, or simply support only themselves.

In my view, I share the same ideology with Alex Au, in which a PAP dominated house with about 20-30 opposition "core", is what is better for us now.

Anonymous said...

In the best interests of Sinkies and Singapore, it is bestest that PAP is voted out as much as possible.
As it is, Singapore is almost sold and Sinkies are betrayed.

Want to be completely pawned and sold?

Anonymous said...

Bravo Anon 4.53. I'll drink to that when it happens. Whether it is going to be a dangerous or selfish move is left to be seen. Not for someone to tell us it is the only outcome is going to be bad. There are those who are more selfish when they have benefitted from the PAP's policies and are singing their praises to protect what they have accumulated.

When the people voted for the PAP more than four decades ago, were they certain of getting a good Government? Hell, they just wanted an alternative and they took the gamble. Who is to say the alternatives will be bad when they were never given the chance to grow? Those talented opposition leaders that could lead and grow the opposition were never given the chance to flourish and were gotten rid of by hook or by crook. And yet come people blamed the opposition for not having talents to grow? Who are the selfish ones, you tell me?

Anonymous said...

When the people voted in the pap 40 years ago, it was at the very least with the premise it was a large enough party to form the govt. It was at the least a united, common alternative.

The only opposition I would vote for today is the wp and maybe nsp. That is if an election is held today.

As for the rest, I see the chiams having bad blood with the chees. Kenneth j taking cheap shots at the wp. Sda formed from people leaving the spp. Reform party having mass defections. And the sdp had two very good candidates in vincent and tan jee say but both left.

I would rather keep a system of applying gradual pressure to a PAP led govt, than vote in 6-7 bunches of people who can't even agree which grc to contest in. Nothing selfish with it.

If you don't agree with me its fine, but I believe there is some wisdom from two very prominent people, one a blogger the other an opposition leader. As mentioned above.

Anonymous said...

To say that the PAP was united when they were voted in 40 years ago seems a tad equivalent to trying to pull wool over everyone's eyes.

Did not Lim Chin Siong and some others broke off with the PAP to form the Barisan Socialis in 1961? Expelled may be a better word, after Lim and Company had served their purpose by playing a big part in helping to bring the PAP to power. Lim was too smart and ambitious and a threat to those at the helm of the PAP and had to go for obvious reasons. The rest is history.

b said...

" The unconsciousness is emerging and becoming clearer as the people becomes one people. "

- Definitely especially after they are lashing out several hongbaos. Sinkies and most people hearts are very easy to manipulate especially if the party is rich.

Anonymous said...

Do not assume the masses are mindless and stupid. Some maybe, some for a while.

Anonymous said...

Lim chin siong, whatever. If we had an equivalent opposition party of what the PAP was back then I will be first to agree with you. But opposition parties of today really need to do a few things first:

- unite under one or two banners
- openly say that they will form the govt

Currently neither of this has happened. In that case they need to:

- accumulate star players. The chen show maos, nicole seahs. Ppl so outstanding we just have to vote them in.

Any of the above unable to be fulfilled and it will be hard. We would be better off with 35 opposition, 55 PAP in a 90 seat house. It would put pressure on the PAP and its policies and crucially, buy time for the opposition to grow itself for 2021 & 2026.

Anonymous said...

So, the obvious answer to all this is:

Vote for more opposition MPs in Parliament. 30 to 35 will be optimum.

As I always say, it is not important whether the opposition can form the next Government, so long as they can put pressure on the PAP. That is what most people are hoping for.

You cannot say that all the 60% who voted for the PAP will not support the above scenario. The reasons why they choose to vote for the PAP all along are varied. Veiled threats, fear for loss of jobs, and human greed succumming to upgrading, cash handouts etc. These are more real than imaginery.

Finally, we really need a more united opposition. Not possible?
Unless there are elements out to sabatage such evolvement within the parties themselves.