What is the national narrative?

We have the CPF issue hot on everyone’s lip with a protest in Hong Lim gaining momentum. Last week’s low profile protest, with very little publicity and came closely after the last protest, still managed to draw a significant crowd. The organizers are persistent on this issue and making it a monthly protest and calling for more support. The next protest is on 23 Aug.

In the main stream media, there is another narrative, about two penguins and a little penguin. This may be about a couple of books for the kids in the library, but it is occupying a lot of pages in the msm, just like the Pink Dot Party at Hong Lim a couple of weeks ago. And we have the pro LBGT taking the NLB head on. What’s missing are Pastor Kong and those wearing white.

What should be the national agenda for the people to be concerned with? Who should be setting the agenda? Is the CPF important enough to the people to be the narrative of the day? Should it be in competition with the pink agenda of the traditional family versus a non traditional family of two males and child?

Has the national agenda been hijacked? The msm seems very happy to be talking about the pink agenda rather than the CPF. Is the penguin book more important as a national narrative than the CPF? Would any of these two issues be fit to be part of the natcon? Oops, natcon is over.

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Anonymous said...

I offer 6% interest to any citizens of PAP who will open up an account with me.
But cannot withdraw the principal until you are 85 years old.

So PAP citizens ... what are you waiting for?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I up you, 7% is what I offer for the same terms.

Matilah_Singapura said...

CPF is fait accompli lah. Young people basically don't give a shit. The noisy "unwashed masses" in this case are mostly old male folks who bang balls because they cannot get the money they "believe to be theirs" (a fiction and delusion, no less) so they can buy lots of Viagra and fuck women until they die....extremely happy, I'd imagine ;-)

I expect all govts to be cruel and dispassionate. And the Singapore govt fits my expectation to a 'T'. As an aging uncle, I really feel for these guys: I have sex with hot women on my mind 24/7/365. I love chee bys so much that if I were religious, I swear I would worship The Chee By in a heartbeat....because brothers, let's face it, The Chee By is our SAVIOUR. (for heterosexuals. Gay guys have a whole lot of other problems to contend with -- also thanks to the cruel and dispassionate Singapore govt).

My stance on CPF has been the same: GIVE EVERYONE THEIR CONTRIBUTIONS BACK--let them do as thy please.

As for the LGBT thing in Singapore: Sect 377A is in my opinion completely unconstitutional.

Also the burning of gay penguin kids books smacks of Nazi book burning. The NLB has moved supposedly "progressive" Singapore back into the dark ages. And in the process made them -- the NLB -- and the entire govt look like out-of-touch assholes. "I disagree with you, so I'm going to ban you". C'mon lah, WTF??

Anonymous said...

I disagree with the book banning. So I am going to boycott you.

Anonymous said...

The current National Narrative is simple and easy to follow.
Be obedient, loyal to the leadership.
Do your National Service, protect Sin. And most importantly, do not stir shit, otherwise, face the music.
Got it clear ?

b said...

Freedom has always been a myth lah. Give people freedom and they will go around gunning down their classmates. Humans are not 100% 24/7/365 same mammals. Some stuffs need to be prohibited (but not prosecuted) especially weapons, drugs, lgbt, drugs promotion materials.

Anonymous said...

Its not the govt that decide the narrative. Its the ppl. Look at the book issue. Ordinary parents and prominent writers are speaking on a scale bigger than when roy ngerng kena sued even! Why is this the case? CPF is just as impt to everyone right? The answer is not that ppl care more abt books than CPF. Its that ppl are aware, yes, but can't be bothered with those nonsense, low substance activists like han hui hui and the rallies they organize. You can see from this book issue that ppl can protest very well if they want. No need those bunch of clowns.