VEP – The most expensive ERPs

Singapore govt decided to raise vehicle entry permit fees for vehicles coming in from Malaysia. Easy revenue! What’s wrong with collecting more money? Malaysia also agrees and decides to raise fees for vehicles going through Malaysia, in and out. Both govts are now very happy as they will be the winners, collecting more money for the coffers. Some say it is a tit for tat reaction by Malaysia. And to be one up on Singapore, it is raising toll fees for vehicles entering and exiting Malaysia as well. Singapore govt responded by saying it will match whatever increases the Malaysians will imposed. Tit for tat?

Who would be unhappy, the commercial vehicles that have no choice but to go in and out of both countries. The cost will just go up. The visitors, the tourists from both sides would also have to pay more. The workers working in both sides of the causeway would also have to pay more. Then the people from Singapore who have bought homes and living across the causeway would have to pay more too. It will become very unattractive if they have to commute daily to Singapore. The new charges will be quite prohibitive for those who thought the homes were bigger and cheaper.

The bigger picture, Iskandar Economic Zone, all the property developers too, would be affected. The advantages of lower cost over Singapore would be eaten up in no time if fees and taxes keep going up. Those people eyeing properties in Iskandar, or those wanting to relocate their businesses would have to recompute their costs and the comparative advantages.

Actually the commercial vehicles coming into Singapore would not bear the cost. They would simply pass the buck. And many businesses would also do likewise. The main casualties would be the developers and the Iskandar project. Would investors get cold feet, would potential property buyers get cold feet knowing that out of the blue some rules will change against their favour?

On Singapore’s side, the masses would be the one paying for the VEP hike and toll fees. The food, vegetables, fruits and goods coming from Malaysia would just be priced higher. And those who holiday in Malaysia often, or those who went in for their daily shopping, would no longer find it cheap to travel there. Some retail businesses in Johore would be affected for sure.

While everyone would have their pockets affected in one way or another, both the Malaysian and Singapore govts would be the beneficiaries and their coffers fattened. Or is it a conscious decision to reduce the flow of people and goods from both sides? Oh, one positive point, the roads on both sides of the causeway could be freer with less vehicles. And the jams at the Causeway would be relieved.

Looking at it from another angle, it appears that one made the decisions consciously with clear objectives in mind, a decision made using the head. The other made all the decisions with the heart, and not sure what would be achieved and the negative consequences.

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Rb: // Looking at it from another angle, it appears that one made the decisions consciously with clear objectives in mind, a decision made using the head. //

One moment AEC ( ASEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY) ) by 31 Dec 2015?

Another moment need protect domestic market?

Did ordinary folks gain so far from the FTA with NEHLAND?

What is the yardstick?

When to protect? When to trade everything in the name of free trade?

What to protect? What can be sold or betrayed?

Who or what decides?

Or is it on someone's mood?

Like whether having PMS or not?

Sukasuka Kingdom? SINKIELAND or SUKASUKALAND? said...

Rb, suggestion to replace phrase for SINKIELAND .......


Like sukasuka now YEW see now YEW don't.

Sukasuka masak masak ......

YEW know what it means, RB uncle?

Suka suka.......


The real hard truth:


What can YEW do, RB?

LL Lor.....

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

When the road ahead is misty, or when the head is misty, suka suka becomes the new normal.

The VEP is raised to limit the flow of traffic and people across the causeway, a partial shut down.

The Malaysians reacted by tightening the noose and leading to a closing of the causeway, a near total shut down.


Divert attention?

Via a war?

I mean via a mini border trade war?

S$100 ERP for misty borders? $100 MILLION Salaries for misty MINDS? LEE WU SIAO BO? RB, YEW SIAO ALREADY? said...

Chua Chin Leng aka redbeanJuly 29, 2014 9:17 am
When the road ahead is misty, or when the head is misty, suka suka becomes the new normal.


Appears to be the case.

Total about $100 for a single trip on borders ERP alone?

Are misty roads worth so much?

How about misty heads?

Are they worth millions?

One old man certainly think so........


Rb, not referring to YEW huh!

Anonymous said...

this is life in this part
of the world.......

suka suka up and UP, now up
and FUTURE UP........

can be very the "siong" for
home investors in iskandar......

jjgg said...

Welcome to the most expensive country in the world..if there's a sound economic reason for the high costs, I'm sure a lot of us will bear with it..trouble is most of the charges bear no reason to economic reality, eg ERP charges for vehicles going into CBD in the evening..would have thought that you try to encourage ppl to come in n prevent shenton way from becoming a ghost town..this latest causeway ERP is probably to stop a handful of Singaporeans who buy Malaysian cars n employ Malaysian drivers..typically civil service approach..let's nuke these bastards!! Now you in a quandary so how?

Anonymous said...

fuck lah ....

i like ... hope hsien loong raises the exit tax to sgd 50 dollars per trip

AND IMPOSED entry fee of sgd 100 per entry

huat ah ...

proud supporker of papig, vote right, vote wisely

VOTE papigs ... sinkieputra @50 struggle to look for a low paying jobs to bring back the bacon

sinkie @ 60 worked to survive

dependent pass holders @50 cum and retire, so free start looking for freebies from cc and rc ..... free breakfasts, kopi, t-shirts etc


jjggJuly 29, 2014 10:07 am
// Now you in a quandary so how? //

No worries!

Sukasukaland has millions $$$ sootper terrors to solve problems.

Some more many paper generals to deal with any fallout ......

Recently one paper tiger even boasted "one shot one kill" supremacy ..... bcos it works in wargames and playground. Mb should recommend his service to serve in Taleban controlled region, Iraq or even Rebel controlled part of Ukraine to put detractors beyond any doubt the real hard truth of sukasukaland sootper terrors scholars.

No worries.

Those fleeing like cowards last Dec during the riot
are just faking amd concealing their real abilities.

In real war zone, just send in sukasukaland paper generals and sootper scholars can liao.


Very power!

His boss that night had wet dreams.

No need masturbed.

Anonymous said...


If only that paper general at NOL can do that when it comes to executing a profitable operation in NOL.

Or the other paper general at SMRT when it come to executing an MRT system free of frequent breakdowns.

One vote, one kill.
GE 2016.
Huat ah!

jjgg said...

"One shot one kill"...better make sure the gun is pointing the right direction...))

Anonymous said...

They are so blind, only thinking of pointing the guns out and think it is safe.

The Trojan Horse is in the country. They are waiting to crawl out to take over. And the dumbfucks could not see that.

Anonymous said...

Iskandar project got saboed.

Paper Generals All Sooting Xxxperts? said...

jjggJuly 29, 2014 10:35 am
"One shot one kill"...better make sure the gun is pointing the right direction...))


If the rod points at the right and solemnised cunt, it is fully accepted by society.

But often the rod is pointed at other solemnised cunts and the shot dun care one or ten shots becomes a fatal shot.

Worst still if the rod is not pointed at any cunt but at ordinary folks' arseholes ......

Mati lah!

Mayak sakit!

Wallet peekcha

Must work until mati

CPF your money but also not yours to withdraw at 55.

Also cannot use from 55 till 65 for anything.

Even housing also cannot use must lock up bcos have few little bit little bit give YEW from 65 more important than YEW use pay your HDB flat from 55 to 60+. YEW understand? No? Nebermine, scholars understand can already!

YEW no scholar!

Thats why YEW neber understand the sootper LOCHEAT!


So Rb, still want pray pray with "One shot one kill"?

Better go 淘宝 order an armour plated arse protector........

Beware: one shot one kill

Anonymous said...

People who bought properties to live in JB are sensitive to cost. A $50 daily entry/exit fee would be unbearable to these people. And it could go higher.

This alone will change the belief that living in JB is cheap. It will become an instant myth.


// A $50 daily entry/exit fee would be unbearable to these people. //

Aiya, YEW study Economics.

All these cheap tricks lah!

If brand A expensive, people switch to brand B lor!

Tio bor?

Heard about XED OR CED?

Cross elasticity of demand?

For those whose demand elasticity is near zero, they die die have to cross the border.

So means the next nearest substitute though by no means a close and good substitute would enjoy a sudden heightened demand.

Whoever owns those substitutes benefits the most lar!

Otherwise spend tens of billions build bullet trains and mrt how to earn $$$?

Now commuters no choice some choose switch to bus etc.

When mrt, bullet trains ready by 2018 to 2021, massive pent up demand and roaring success?

Who laugh all the way?

YEW tell me lar, RB?

Matilah_Singapura said...

Here's the deal. Both THIEVING governments on either side of the causeway are taking advantage of the fact that JB is the new "suburb" of Singapore -- where people go to live because they are sick and tired of paying exorbitant prices to live in some HDB shoebox.

Singaporeans being great "deal hunters" figured out (I've posted this "trick" before) that they can hire a JB mat with his very own Bhumi-favoured-financed Proton to drive them to and fro Singapore for around RM 1500-2000, around SGD 800. Throw in a couple hundred more for petrol and kopi.

The journey from either JB Central or Iskhandar to downtown Singapore takes abut 45 min, and the Singaporean can be dropped off at the doorstep of his destination...no need to park and walk. The Singaporean smart-ass now has his private taxi/ limo to drive him anywhere he wants in Singapore, and at the conclusion of his business, simply instructs his Malaysian driver to "balek kampong" ("Home, James!"). The Singaporean is returned safe and sound, and most importantly STRESS FREE to his rambling estate in Iskhandar, whilst his co-workers back in Singapore battle traffic, jostle for space in the MRT, and get home tired, pissed off and stressed out.

Govts. hate to see people "win", so they jump in and spoil the party by TAXING people who are simply making a living and peacefully living out their lives.

Fuck the governments. All of them.

Anonymous said...

If both sides charging the same, it means one visit will cost m$160 or s$62. That kind of money, u can get one screw in jb with a china or vietnamese Mei mei in jb or here locally in geyland. Knn, u tell me lar expensive or not. Prices provided by angkonkia I think in the past.

Anonymous said...

Agongkia the authority.

Anonymous said...

Dun be fucking daft

These moves r planned in advanced. Both acting in concert.

If iskander so good, why Peter Lim the main actor not building condo after condo?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Iskander is an over ambitious dream. Too big, too many properties coming up for sale. Can they attract enough buyers with so many uncertainties, so many policy changes that would hit one in the blue?

The VEP and tolls are killers.

Anonymous said...

Those daft Sinkies thought Iskandar was a good deal. Wait till they sank in their money and they throw a series of new regulations at you then you know. Money got stuck and cannot run. Hang the two balls to dry in the hot sun.

This VEP is an early warning, a blessing in disguise. See how they recklessly raised the fees with no regards to the half completed and unsold flats and work in progress. All hung and dry. It like cutting their nose to spite their own face.

Anonymous said...

Knn that is why I was always advised my friends not to invest in Malaysian properties. Besides the Suka Suka screw you policies changes, there is no rental market hence no resale market. It took me three years to sell my property there.

If in kl it's not so bad but not in jb

Matilah_Singapura said...

When throwing your hard-earned cash in any mat-land project, you have to be able to just shrug off any losses, and walk away with a smile.

i.e. if you dun have money to play, don't play in Malaysia lah. By now you should know their trick: entice greed-driven Singaporeans to part with their cash, and then turn the tables and lock them in. ;-)

I cautioned many of my friends who were "motivated" to buy in Iskandar because the Mat banks were offering such low interest rates. I told them these were "sucker" rates to draw them in, in masses, which will then create (false) demand, pushing up prices, which will make more greedy Singaporeans motivated to buy.

Is there a bubble in Iskhandar? Who knows? All I can say is that such rapid price rises makes me suspicious.

Anyway, I dun give a shit what people do with their money. Their money, their business. If they are foolish enough to lose it, they are adult enough to wear the consequences lah.

Matilah_Singapura said...

P.S. to all my mat land brothers from different mothers, Salam...

Eid Mubarak!

Anonymous said...

They shuld leave their money in the CPF, safe with the govt.

Anonymous said...

Dun waste money.Need not go JB or anywhere .Can find Chew Hoo mei mei in Boon Lay and Woodland.FOC if you are good.
Or go koon chio khar and do some good deed.Only daft will go JB to spent that kind of money.
Dun spoil the market.

Anonymous said...

Why is there no discussions on Malaysians entering Singapore free of charge everyday after 5 pm? Entering free every public holiday? Entering free for 20 days every year?
Has Malaysia reciprocated throughout all these years?
Does Singapore dare to stop these free entries from now on?

Anonymous said...

Don't be deceived. It is a tax on the people's pocket on both sides of the causeway.

Anonymous said...

1st august, malaysian bus drivers all on strike in da morning. Most school kids can't go school, including my kids. WTF! Due to this, those kids (msians n sporeans)....will they back up their govt? Damned bloody greedy govts!