TRE under planned routine maintenance?

Yesterday I noticed the home page of TRE was not normal with overlapping words that could not be removed and thus making reading difficult. Was TRE attacked and defaced?

This morning it is down for maintenance.Oh, it is unplanned maintenance!


Anonymous said...

TRE can do its readers a favour mah.
Each time it schedules maintenance and whatever others, just announce them a day or two before hand lah. If possible oso say for how long.
What's so difficult huh!

Anonymous said...

TRE would not lie. When not scheduled maintenance they would not say otherwise.

Richard Wan said...

Hi all,

Richard from TRE here. Yes, it was unplanned cause if you notice yesterday (around evening time), the graphics didn't show up. We need to fix the problem. Sorry about that. It should be ok now.