Time to trim wasteful spending

If the state of our CPF retirement scheme is a guide, I don’t think the country can continue to indulge in wasteful spending. It is time to cut down on vanity projects, projects of grandeur and fancy, spending on things that we don’t need, wasteful and extravagant parties, throwing money at all the foreign talents that we don’t need but good to have, etc etc.

Think how much we are wasting on all these unnecessary stuff and how the money can be put to good use, to better the life of the people, reduce medical cost, housing prices, lower taxes, and returning the CPF money to the people?

The number of foreign professors in the universities, the number of academics in the so called think tank schools of international relations, the avatar garden, the F1 and the likes, the projects and institutions that we don’t need to have, the parties and parties here and overseas, the celebrations and celebrations…. These are things that we can do without or at very much smaller scales and less frequency. And I am not talking about the extremely high salaries that are looking not only funny but ridiculous. The myth that we are getting value for money has been exposed. How many people believe that the money paid is worth it, that the receivers are really worthy of the millions being paid? It is plain excessive and unnecessary.

It is time to trim the sail and check the compass, where are we heading? The speed and direction are going nowhere but towards the cliff. Unsustainble! Use our reserves and spare cash wisely for the good of the people. Be prudent with public money and don’t think it is an unlimited source of fund, an unlimited supply of OPM.

Remember, there is no free lunch and the party must come to an end when the fun or fund runs out. Settle the CPF money with their rightful owners first and until this is done, the splurging like there is no tomorrow must stop.

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Anonymous said...

"It is time to trim the sail and check the compass, where are we heading?"

Until LKY passes away AND
- five GRCs become Opposition ... the PAP will not and cannot change from within.

- If we can replace Tony Tan with a more pro Singaporean President ... maybe the process can be speeded up.
But I doubt it.

For the good of Singapore, a regime change is necessary.

Former PAP supporter

Matilah_Singapura said...

The biggest waste is the sheer size of govt itself.

Close parliament. Sack everyone.

Re-hire at half current pay and at 25% current staffing levels. Sell off parliament to Far East -- the best property managers in the region.

Lease 3 floors in a modern office building to house the entire executive and legislative branches and civil service. Judiciary stays where it is now.

Defund and close down MAS -- return to Treasury handling matters of currency.

Close down CPF -- return contributions to members -- all members, from working age to retired.

Close down ALL stat boards. Sack everyone.

Sell off ALL GLC's to the private market -- all shares, i.e. govt has less than 10% holdings. Sell off other state assets like airport, ports, PSA, SIA.

Close down NS and replace with Swiss-style citizen militia: all males from 18 issued with assault rifle, ammo, body armour and uniform to be kept at home. Follow Swiss style of military training.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, you forgot to take your medicine or having an overdose again?

virgo49 said...

Now PGP only for elderlies on medical subsidies. Ng Eng Hen contemplating buying bigger naval vessels.

Wasteful spending, monies should be for citizens so that the senoir citizens can tai chi, fans dancing, drink kopi or tea at chinese gardens instead of picking cardboards, cans for living.

Anonymous said...

Spending OPM is so easy. Buy, buy, buy, to save the world. When has this become our responsibility? We set up a national service money, scrimped on paying NSmen a fair allowance, and want to spend money for world disasters?

What has he been smoking?

Anonymous said...

We should buy the American 7th Fleet and become the policemen of the world. How's dat? Seow!

Anonymous said...

Somebody wants to sell and needs to convince some suckers to buy. And there will be fuckers that think they are very rich and want to buy all the toys on the shelf.

b said...


- They have double digit returns and we only get 2.5%. The cpf should be sacked and money return to the people.

Anonymous said...

You can't sack CPF.
First you have to change government.
Then we can reform CPF.

Anonymous said...

On one hand, they say we do not have money to reduce medical costs. On the other, they are thinking of buying a huge ship for the army which was never needed in the last 40 yrs.

Anonymous said...

No lah, not for the army lah. They are preparing to save the pinoys and Indons when they are hit by disasters.

It is for a noble cause.

Anonymous said...

Does the public know that CPF do not pay up to the last date of closure upon demise? Before I submit my claim to CPF, I clarified with the staff and got confirmation that interest will be computed to the last date of payment. When I didn't get the 27 days in Jan 2014, I wrote to them and was told it was miscommunication etc! I seek help from MP, forwarded to our Prime Minister but there is no reply about whether CPF answer is acceptable to me! I explained that those money in CPF is ours and the scenario is that they are the borrower. As a borrower, interest is computed to the last date of closure thus CPF has to pay the interest to me since I am the lender. They said it is their system that interest is computed monthly as such I am not entitled for the incomplete month. I challenged that they should pay me on the 1 Feb instead so why on 27 Jsn, is it because they can save the Jan interest? Do you know how many account holders have to close their accounts suddenly and the amount of interest is substantial?
Where is justice and I need support to claim back the interest? Anyone can assist me.
Another issue is NTUC fairprice shares are the same value as 30 years ago! They refused to transfer the full amount to me because I'm not union member instead to pay me the same value as first bought, is this fair?

Anonymous said...

Why there is no postings since my last comments?