The next big bet

The National Council of Problem Gambling ad that went like this, ‘I hope Germany will win. My Dad bet all my savings on them’, is the best ad so far in terms of getting notice. It is value for money for an ad to be getting so much positive attention. It has also propelled NCPG into the top forecaster of all bets. It has beaten the octopus, the parakeet, the turtle and the fish for picking the winners of soccer bets.

The next big bet will be the General Election. It could go like this, ‘I hope Hsien Loong will win. My Dad bet all my savings on him’. This could be the next big thing in the next GE for the bookies and also the citizens, gamblers or non gamblers. And NCPG would be the toast of PAP if it lives up to its reputation as the top oracle, and if it is cheeky enough to put up such a bet.

Someone may be motivated enough to place a shrine outside NCPG’s office for people to pray for 4D/Toto numbers. Didn’t Germany won the game against Brazil? Didn’t dad make a killing and the boy had his savings returned safely to him plus bonuses as well?

Anyone wanna bet who would win in the tussle between the pro LGBT group and the conservatives in the NLB book burning case?

Kopi Level - Yellow


Anonymous said...

With or without NCPG, L ee Hsien Loong of the Peoples Action Party SHALL WIN THE NEXT GENERAL ELECTION WITHOUT SWEAT.
If he loses, Singapore will be no more. That much is for sure.

b said...

Everyone bets - from the biggest to the smallest living creatures on earth.

Anonymous said...

There is no way the PAP can lose the next GE. Just before the GE, angpows will be dished out and lift upgrades will be implemented, and not forgetting the boundary redraws.

Personally this can be a good thing. I cannot see any reason for change in government. They are doing a good job and the majority of people in Singapore are content and happy, only a few are still bitching about small issues like the CPF. Redbean leads the group of discontent failures and he is always stoking the flame of discontent. Shame on you.