The history of mercenaries or foreigners in uniform

In modern history, the practice of using foreigners or employing foreigners in uniform was likely to originate from the colonial powers. The European powers, the Japanese, all recruited foreigners to be soldiers and policemen, to assist them in controlling their colonies. The British were notables for having army units in big numbers, regiment sizes, in India to govern the Indian subcontinent. And during the wars, these units were ordered to fight side by side with the British soldiers.

The Japanese recruited the Koreans and Taiwanese to rule their colonies in Southeast Asia, as defensive forces, guarding installations and some as fighting units. What was clear in the composition of these foreign uniform units was that they were used to control the colonies and foreigners. The Japanese would not, never, use the Koreans or the Taiwanese in Japanese soil to guard and check the Japanese citizens.

This was the same for the British and other European powers. The foreign soldiers would only be used to control the subjects of the Empire, never to control and to have authority over their own kinds. The Indian military and police units were used to control the Indians and rule India. The Gurkhas too were to control the colonies and to defend the Empire. And these units were always commanded by the British or the Europeans in Africa, the Middle East and Latin America.

No sensible country with some pride and dignity, and ‘thinking’, would recruit foreigners and give them authority over their own citizens. There is also the security risk of foreigners revolting against the masters as had happened in India and right in Singapore by the Sepoy Line units.

Today, would there be countries that would voluntarily go ahead to recruit foreigners into their military and police forces to have authority over their own citizens, to guard and rule over their own citizens? What would it look like if a country recruited foreigners to ‘protect and defend’ its territory, to guard its immigration points, key installations and depots and to ‘protect its people’ or to prevent its people from mischiefs or civil disobedience? What would it be like if the foreigners in uniform were to arrest the citizens for whatever reasons or to shoot at the citizens?

And the ultimate security fear, if the foreigners rebelled and take over the country? The British, Japanese and European powers were too smart for that. They only used the foreigners to guard and rule over foreigners, and with their own officers in charge. They were the masters and would rule the foreigners, never the other way. Never would they allow foreigners to rule over their people in the days of Empires.

Things have changed today with the blurring of nationalities and citizenship. The karmic retribution has resulted in the colonial masters having to absorb subject people from their former colonies to be their citizens, and to be in uniformed. And the dark Africans and Asians could be arresting English men and women in the streets of London or French in Paris. But it would not happen in Japan. It is unthinkable to the Japanese to have foreigners in uniform in their homeland and to have authority over the Japanese. Japan would still be Japan and belong to Japan. England and many European countries are gradually being colonised by the very people they colonised in the days of Empires. There is a process of reversed colonisation in Europe.

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Anonymous said...

In his autobiography, former Singapore Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew recounted the use of the Gurkha Contingent as an impartial force at the time when Singapore had just gained independence. He wrote:

"When I returned to Oxley Road [Lee's residence], Gurkha policemen (recruited by the British from Nepal) were posted as sentries. To have either Chinese policemen shooting Malays or Malay policemen shooting Chinese would have caused widespread repercussions. The Gurkhas, on the other hand, were neutral, besides having a reputation for total discipline and loyalty."

This is the rationale why foreigners are needed to guard and check on Sinkies, and no less the most powerful one.

So if foreigners have to replace Sinkies, then Sinkies will have to be replaced. Except of course the party which rules Sinkies.

Anonymous said...

Now, and like the 60%, I understand why PAP want so many foreigners in Sinkieland, to the extent of even replacing many Sinkies in their jobs.

Not because PAP don't like their own Sinkies, but rather for other more important and crucial reasons. In fact, to help as a whole, the majority (60%) Sinkies lah. But a minority of Sinkies may suffer when they are replaced lah, and which can't be helped. As long as it is a minority (40% or less) it is OK for PAP.

The Kingdom of 呆? said...

Ha ha ha

Cannot imagine if Obama order their own American homeland security agency to hire Russians to guard American soil and facilities and its citizens?

Also cannot imagine Putin do likewise and order their security apparatus to recruit Americans to guard their vast empire and people?

Imagine Xi Jin Ping order their 公安 agency recruit Ah Neh, Japenis and Pinoy to guard China mainland, HK and Macau?

Got any PM or President in this world so 呆 allow their homeland security agency recruit potential nemesis foreigners to guard their backyards?

Any farmer in this world VERY SUPER the 呆 hire the foxes to guard their chicken coops?

Hope sinkies ARE NOT living in one such 呆 kingdom!

Anonymous said...

The Kingdom of 呆?

The king thinks he is not 呆 but very clever.

Anonymous said...

The Population White Paper of 6.9 million that was passed by parliament.
It underlies Lee Hsien Loong's determination and vision of importing more aliens.
Lee Hsien Loong does not have a vision for Singaporeans and Singapore without a mass importation of aliens.

Is Lee Hsien Loong and PAP vision the only way forward for Singaporeans?

Anonymous said...

Good news for PAP and Hainan Ah Ko.
I think Ah Ko made the right move to form his new Sinkie First party. His party will have my vote even if it is against the "What's the point?" (WP) party.


Anonymous said...

We all know Lee Hsien Loong has a vision for aliens in Singapore.
But does Prime Minister Lee and PAP have a vision for Singaporeans in Singapore?

agongkia said...

Aiya,uncle...Foreigners in uniform is not something new here.You never come across meh?
Uncle should understand that Sinkies think too highly of themselves and are not interested in putting on uniform.Uniform staff are being look down by Sinkies even till today.
That is why we need to have foreigners in uniform here to do job that Sinkies shun.
My Towkay was booked by a PRC uniform mei mei attendant even he displayed coupon,I myself have my precious brother touched and pressed by a Anae Tankechi uniform APO before I board the plane.
What to do?Someone need to do the job,whether doing it the correct way or not.
Solution: Sinkies should step forward to join the uniform group.
Whether PO ,APO or SO etc.

Better to bear the insult of being check or abuse by foreign uniform officers than to have foreign leader who will suggest that you retired in nearby old folks home or challenge you to move out from here.

Anonymous said...

When you think it is ok to have foreigners guarding your door, guarding your safe, guarding your loved ones, you are as good as dead and gone.

How can people be so silly?

Anonymous said...

A people that did not know who they are and cannot tell the difference between them and us deserves to perish and go the way of the Dodo bird.

They simply followed the blind pipe piper and marched ignorantly over the cliff, still thinking it was the right way to go.

Matilah_Singapura said...

That is the problem with states and cuntrees. You get contests which evolve into wars, conquests and occupations.

So why not take some advice from a hippy like John Lennon...Imagine there's no cuntreeeeees.....It isn't hard to dooooooo.....

C'mon, sing along...

Matilah_Singapura said...

BTW, I support the idea of using mercenaries. A mercenary is a fighter who is simply not of the "same tribe" as you, and who fights purely of money.

At least the motives are clear and it is purely contractual. No need for bullshit flaky ideas like "patriotism" or "motherland" or any outdated crap like that which no one believes anymore anyway.

Got Soldier Of Fortune?

Anonymous said...

So naive. What happens when the mercenaries decide to take over?

Matilah_Singapura said...

@ 105:

Then they take over. If you don't have the balls or the brains to defend what is yours, you don't deserve to own it anyway ;-)

Anonymous said...

When you leave your fate in the hands of mercenaries is the start of your stupidity.

Matilah_Singapura said...

@ "clueless" 213:

Your belief in "cuntree" and "state" is a RESULT of your mental retardation. Darwinian evolution should terminate your existence and remove your soiled genes from the human gene pool ;-)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

During the 1964 racial riot, it was sensitive enought for the soldiers to patrol with a mixed of Chinese and Malay comrades to prevent a case of one side taking sides.

Would it be acceptable now to have foreigners carrying guns to patrol the streets and may have to take actions against the daft Sinkies?

Anonymous said...

"Would it be acceptable now to have foreigners carrying guns to patrol the streets and may have to take actions against the daft Sinkies?"
RB 3:53 pm

If the foreigners are Gurkhas, sure can. I mean, if they can be trusted to protect the PM and ministers and take action against those who want to harm them, why not protect ordinary Sinkies too?

Anyway there is also no need to take actions against daft Sinkies. Which daft Sinkie or Sinkies dare to even conduct peaceful but illegal protests, let alone riots like those in Little India, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

Aiya Sinkies at most, only dare to "riot" on the Internet, and even so, as anonymous.

So rest assured there won't be any physical riots by Sinkies, no matter how angry and provoked they are.

And where it matters most, there were not even enough Sinkies angry enough to vote PAP out!

Anonymous said...

Tiok. That's why they can be bullied by those foreigners in uniform and be ordered around in their own country by the foreigners.

Anonymous said...

How silly to give authority to foreigners over Sinkies. Whose country is this?

Sorry your grandfather's country.