The changing geopolitical game

The American Empire rules the world after its victory over Germany and Japan in WW2. It then went on to dictate the terms and rules of engagement in international affairs with the Americans as the judge, jury and executioner. It was field days for the Americans to do as they pleased and how they liked. Branding nations as rogue nations, imposing sanctions, supporting anti govt forces, inciting and arming of resistance forces to overthrow govts, sending American advisors to work with anti govt forces in civil wars, invasion and regime change, were all part and parcel of the American game plan. Countries not on the American side would either end up in perpetual warfare, divided or constantly under harassment of sanctions and threats of war.

Up until Iraq, all systems go. There was no resistance to the military might of the Empire. Then came Libya and a slap on the face of the Russians. It forced the Russians to stand up and said this is one step too far and if not stopped, the Russians would be booted out of the Middle East.

The Americans tried the same game plan again in Syria. Incite a small resistance movement to go against President Assad. This was followed up by military aids and sending in of military advisors to overthrow Assad’s govt.  This time the Russians were prepared for it and Putin said no. The Russians went in to support Assad with military aid, advisors and a political will to keep the Americans out of Syria. Obama was surprised by the strong stand of Putin and got to think very hard to risk a war with the Russians. Any American move to support the resistance would only escalate the civil war. The Americans turned chicken and an uneasy civil war failed to break out. Assad is safe and the resistance movement would have to remain a resistance movement with limited American support.
Syria is a stalemate. The turning point came in Ukraine. Now the whole American game plan is turned against the Americans. The Russians incite and support a resistance movement against the Ukraine govt. The Russians sent in their military advisors and aid to boost up the strength of the resistance. 

This is American military intervention instruction 101. The Americans and their European allies could only scream and shout and threaten retaliation but all sounds and fury, like the Russians used to do. The Russians have taken the initiative and the offensive. The American Empire has never found itself in such a situation and could only hold their breath and watch the developments in Ukraine with no answers.

Under the dominance of the American Empire, Germany and Korea were divided. China and Taiwan was also divided. Now it is the turn of Ukraine, but the call is by the Russians. The Russians are throwing the book back at the Americans, following every word and page of the American book of war.

Ukraine is the beginning of the changing fortune of the American Empire. Ukraine is the beginning when the table is turned against the Americans. The fall of the American Empire is getting real.
What the Israelis are doing these few days would make the Americans more evil in the eyes of the Islamic world and the Arabs. The Americans are just folding their arms to let the Israelis blast the Palestinians out of their homes. They act daft, can’t do anything. But if it is against the Israelis or American allies, they will sail in their naval fleet and threaten to bomb whoever to Stone Age. The anger of the Arabs and Muslims would grow not so much against the Israelis but the Americans, the evil Empire behind the carnage. Israel could be so brazen and trigger happy because the Americans allowed them to do so.

The evil Empire is the source of all conflicts around the world.

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Anonymous said...

DESPITE using the term 'HUMANITARIAN' to justify their defence spending Singapore govt can do little to protect the civilians in Palestinians from the barrage of bad F-16s bombs killing their cvilians in Gaza indiscrimately in the cross fire.

Russia could step up the plate in State of Palestine in providing better security for the people there

Anonymous said...

The US losing it. It spies on its close allies in Europe.

Anonymous said...

It's time the Arabs turn to the Russians. The Americans would always be on the side of the Israelies.

Anonymous said...

Just a personal reading. I cant help feeling that nature will cause much hardship for the inhabitants of South America in the Coming Years.
The South American People will suffer social breakdowns due to the hardships their earlier generations never ever faced. Whence times are bad, it is only natural that living will be messy. With ever increasing natural disasters, social political unrests will ensue which shall turn South Americans to want to go into North America. They will give the North Americans, the Canadians, plenty of shits.
Above is just a layman's prediction. Do not take it as fact.

Anonymous said...

US is getting uneasy seeing greater synergy between China and US's Europeans allies through staggering trade deals

Anonymous said...

woule be nice to see a pair of
su-30 flying in the sky over Palestine maintaining peace

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The western powers demolished a decadent manchu dynasty, turned China into ruins just to let it rebuild itself as a new nation. China is modernising the whole country with infrastructure and a new thinking, a new inspiration and a new people. The ugliness of the old mentality still lingers on but would be a thing of the past in a generation or two.

The Americans and the western powers are doing the same to the Middle east, destroying all forms of leadership, dictators and despots. There is a void waiting to be filled and this will be filled by an Islamic force, a common factor that would unite the Arab world.

The decadence of the Arab world is due to disunity and the lack of a unifying force. And this has led to the west and Israel to be dominant over them. When the Arab/Muslim forces are united as one, they will unleash an unstoppable tsunami through the deserts, a desert storm that Israel and the west never imagine would happen. The Israelis and the Americans would have an unending war in the region.

b said...

Its the manchu that turned china into a weak country. Being weak means will be bullied. Its like that since day one.

In political arena, power is everything that counts, not good or evil, right or wrong, black or white. Whoever in the shoes of americans will do the same to the rest of the world. Human nature is about selfishness and greediness.

A balance of power and no dominant power is the best this world will get.

Fook Seng Loke said...

This is just the beginning. This year, China will overtake the US as the top economic power and India will replace
Japan as the 3rd largest economic power, both on a PPP basis. Even more important, in 10 years' time, China will take over from the US as the world top economic power in nominal dollar terms. The role of the USD as the global oil currency might also be threatened.

Just this year, traditional US allies such as the UK, France, Germany and S Korea have signed major trading agreements with China. Australia, too, does not want to be left behind.

What is not so certain is whether the US has any strategy, other than mounting a challenge using threats and military posturing, to address the opening of the Chinese market. What the Singaporean leaders tried to tell the US leadership this year on the need to live with a rising China seemed to have fallen on deaf ears. Perhaps the US leadership must be thinking: With only a population of 5.5 million, what audacity are you to tell me how to conduct my foreign affairs? Anyway our PM did not get to see the President.

Anonymous said...

"The evil Empire is the source of all conflicts around the world."

So? But PAP govt still want to be an ally of the evil empire and also provide logistical support to their Asia Pacific naval fleet. And even bought the expensive and grounded F35!

So it's not whether RB thinks empire is evil or not, but rather how PAP deals with deals with the empire. Maybe PAP, elected by 60% Sinkies, don't even think the Empire is evil. And that is what really matters to the Empire.

Anonymous said...

PAP loser and former foreign minister George Yeo once commented (or was it gave advice?) about Taiwan China matter in the UN.

Taiwan foreign minister was not happy and called Sinkieland a "peesai" (speck of nose snot)
Meaning no stature or business to comment on other countries affair.

That's why George Yeo deserved to lose Aljunied even to "not ready to be govt" Teochew Ah Hia.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Fook Seng Loke, welcome to the blog.

The real reason why the US went into Iraq was Saddam's attempt to drop the greenback as the petrol dollar. China's Yuan would eventually be the preferred currency for petrol trading. Many countries had been taken for a right by the Americans with the several rounds of QEs that had turned the greenback into a near banana currency. Yes they preferred to use the more stable Yuan. But the Americans are trying to lure the Chinese to float the Yuan freely for them to attack and manipulate.

The bottom line, Yuan will replace the greenback and the Americans are trying to stop that with the threats of war.

As for Singapore, some really believe that we can punch above our weight, going to America to tell the Americans what is good for them. We even foolishly told the Americans the TPP is good for them as if it was our great idea, and forgetting that it was an American idea and initiative. We cockily went round the world selling the TPP like it was our baby.

Can you believe that?

What are our leaders thinking?

Anonymous said...

Sin Leaders are thinking of becoming the laoda or laolan of the World.