Singaporeans should go the dodo way

I am starting to question myself as to who really built this city. One thing for sure, it cannot be Singaporeans. Singaporeans are simply daft and got no talent. If there are any Singaporeans with some talent, they can only be found in the govt, earning millions happily paid by the daft to control them.

There was this great city paradise once called Singapore that was handed to the Singaporeans. Now it is turning into a 3rd World slum, or soon it will be one. The Singaporeans are so ungracious, they are so unkind, they are so wicked, this part is true if you know how some of them abused their maids, and they are xenophobic also.

And the island, once the cleanest city state in the world, is now getting so dirty with litters and rubbish everywhere, it is going to become a slum. It must be the fault of the daft Singaporeans. And despite years and years of education and no littering campaigns, they still cannot cut this bad habit and keep on littering. Look at the beer bottles and plastic bags all over the place, in public parks, in open fields, everywhere.
The Singaporeans are incorrigible, cannot be taught to be gracious, to look after a clean city handed to them for safe keeping. And they can all boast about being 1et World citizens, being very well educated, but they could not keep their little island clean.

No wonder the govt is replacing them with foreigners from the 3rd World that are better in all ways, even in cleanliness. The foreigners came to sweep the grounds and keep the grounds clean. The foreigners are very nice people, very kind, very gracious, and do not litter.

As for the Singaporeans, they don’t even treat this island as their country and feel very happy to litter everywhere, dirty everywhere, because it does not belong to them. It is good to have the foreigners here to teach the Singaporeans how to live well and live clean, keep their city clean.
True or not? Do the Singaporeans deserve to go the dodo way?

PS. Every silly bugger, local and foreign, is pointing the finger at the Singaporeans. This must be the right thing to do, so I just join the bandwagon, in Singaporean bashing.

Kopi Level - Green


Anonymous said...

"Look at the beer bottles and plastic bags all over the place, in public parks, in open fields, everywhere."

Hahahahaha. I know who u mean lah.

But without them, who will build our high value HDB, condos and other properties?

Even for HDB pigeonholes, they are so valuable and highly sought after. It can cost few hundreds of thousands Sinkie dollars, a price which can even get a bungalow in Matland.

And to sustain the high value to make Sinkies who bought it feel "asset rich", PAP need to get even more foreigners! And they did! And will continue to do so until 6.9 million is reached or even more if Sinkies go the dodo way.

Hence PAP govt is indeed competent (even the strongest opposition leader agree too) and far sighted because they know what's happening and what they should do.

Only daft Sinkies, instead of making more money out of all this, suffer and only know how to kpkb at PAP and vote opposition.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:07, How much money are you making? $1,500 pm?

Anonymous said...

Be thankful for the FTs from foreign countries. Without them Singaporeans will have to sweep the streets themselves, clean foodcourt tables, wash their own cars, take care of their old folks and children, clean house and all other menial work. Try to be more charitable and gracious.

Yr 2080: 50 Jubilee Sinkies Dodo Day said...

Rb, somebody mentioned about 6 Chinese songs last year during National Day Sunday evening sermon.

This year how many and what song do YEW think he might bring up?

6 Ah Neh songs?

Ha ha ha

To seal the coffins of sinkies with the final nails and drive home the point once and for all that sinkies will be HISTORY just like the dodo?

How about the following songs:

Stand up stand up for foreigners?

Count on me 3rd World?

We build a nation for 3rd world talents?

We have make this nation back to the 3rd world?

We made this nation a home for 3rd world talents.

We build this nation strong and free for 3rd world talents?

Together we can make this place into a 3rd world?

CPF is your money but YEW cannot use it for anything from 55 to 65, not even for food on the table?

Stand up stand up for more CPF Suka Suka?

Happy 3rd World Day!

Happy Foreign Talents Day!

Happy Sinkies Dodo Day!

Anonymous said...

$1,500 pm?
Anon 9:29 am

Please lah, the median monthly income of Sinkies (excluding employer CPF) is already $3000 pm in 2011. Meaning half (50%) of working Sinkies earn $3000 or more per month. Presumably these are the happier and more satisfied Sinkies who will vote PAP lah.

So any Sinkie earning $1500 pm or less will sure kpkb PAP what, and most likely will vote opposition. But luckily they are the minority, maybe 40% or less.

Because if they vote PAP, PAP will not get only 60% votes, definitely more, maybe even 70 or 80% votes!

Anonymous said...

From IRAS, PAP already know how many Sinkies earn big salary lah, hence high cost of living and property in Sinkieland and voting for PAP is no issue.

If not enough real Sinkies, then convert those willing rich foreigners or those with high pay into instant Sinkies lah. And that's what the 6.9 million target is for.

So who cares if real Sinkies, rich or poor, go the dodo way?

Anonymous said...

Sinkies are doomed unless they take drastic action in 2016. That's the only hope for not following the Dodo birds!!

Anonymous said...

In the GE 2016, PAP WILL win. No doubt about that. Maybe with less than 60% but the number of PAP MP will be the same. Tough for the opposition voters. They will NEVER change the Singapore government. All the kpkb on blogs such as this will not change the status quo. If you cannot take the heat, then stay out of the kitchen. Go live in another country. If you wish to stay here then getting your CPF after 65 will be your fate. Tough but nothing you can do about it, and hoping that GE2016 will change your fate, dream on......

agongkia said...

Dafterest and the gongerest could be uncle.Of course its Sinkies who keep littering.
He has not notice that Sinkies have came to realized that the actual reason for foreigner to come here and later so call snatch their rice bowl is because of the word cleanliness.
Keeping the place clean is inviting trouble to them.If we have a dirty and unhygienic country,no one dare to come for fear of sickness.When they dun come,they will have no intention to stay and as such will not look for a job and snatch away job here.Daft and lazy Sinkies just came to realize after so many years that they are inviting trouble if they continue to keep the place clean.
As such Sinland is getting more dirty day after days,job of the daft Sinkies thinking they are smart.They regretted for keeping the place clean and attract talents here to snatch their rice bowls.
Just like planting flowers and attract the bees here to sting you.
Next they may even Pangsai everywhere.Put kowsai here and there ,angmo sure chow.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Agongkia, you may be right. The Sinkies trying to sabo the govt's effort to keep the place clean. No wonder all the fingers are pointing at them.

DODO SONG? said...

Rb, a song in the future that may sung in commemoration of sinkies existence:

There was a time people said it won't happen but it did.

There was a time we could not have let ir happen but we did.

We build a cuntry, clean and rich.

Reaching out together for 3rd world fake FTs.


This is 3rd world cuntry. This is foreign land.

This is aliens' future. This is Sinkies life.

This is Dodo extinction. These are the aliens.


SINKIELAND the foreign land, belongs to aliens all.

Foreigners United marching together as One.

We have come and gone, our common destiny.

SukaSukaLand forever, a cuntry for ALIENS FREE.


This is 3rd world cuntry. This is foreign land.

This is aliens' future. This is Sinkies life.

This is Dodo extinction. These are the aliens.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I take an almost completely biological view. Whether "local" Singaporeans go extinct is a matter of evolutionary competition, and cooperation.

Personally I think the genes will mix and in time the resulting (geographical) gene pool will be more diverse -- for e.g.you will see darked-skinned blue eyed children (offspring) with Chinese/ Indian features perhaps with naturally blond hair.

For those who haven't critically read Richard Dawkin's "The Selfish Gene" and/ or Robin Baker's "Sperm Wars", now would be a good time ;-)

You think you're in control? Good. Keep believing that :-)

Anonymous said...

23 December 1980 77.7 PM Lee
(no oppositon all all)

22 December 1984 64.8 PM Lee

3 September 1988 63.2 PM Lee

=========change of pm

1991 - they got 61.0% PM Goh

1997 - they got 65.0% PM Goh

2001 - they got 75.3% PM Goh

================change of PM
2006 - they got 66.6% PM Lee

2011 - they got 60.1% PM Lee

2015 - they got ????

Heaven will decide ...... said...

/// 2015 - they got ??? ///

100% ........

Many mistakes amd self serving policies, so? Many percentage points will be deducted said...

......... minus xx.xx%

May be only E or D grade .......

Subjected opposition up their games ......

The Western Front is No Longer Quiet? said...


West areas new ERP Gantries starting coming Mon 4 Aug. $2 during peak hours.

MCE 8.30-9am reduce from $3 to $2, on par with AYE new gantries from 4 Aug.

ECP, KPE current 7.30-8am $1 ERP toll charges removed from 4 Aug,

Opposition like KJ, SDP can "exploit" west areas "anger" and convert some votes in their favour.

Many other local issues to swing votes in many areas.

Tougher contest in west areas in 2015?

Does a BIG, BULGING BEER BELLY appeal to voters? said...

In order to have GOOD CHANCE, KJ should pound the ground and walk average few hours a day to know the residents and win over swing voters.

Through such relentless ground walk, likely his eight and half month one-pack beer belly might transform into batman type 6-pack, in time to appear fighting fit for next hustling.

KJ's 81/2 month pregnant-looking bulging stomach is likely to lose him some crucial marginal votes in elections. No?

Anonymous said...

chee by eh...

dun insult my papigs ... they r the holy ones who created a world class cuntry out of a british slum

so dun play play any old how take the credits of lee kuan yew

now the stinkapore holey trinity ... are helping daft to preserved their "retirement" fund for their future generations - OKAY?

askee yourself ... your father, mother, grand lau pa grand lau bu ever so caring anot???

so be grateful ... vote papigs forever, vote hsien loong ..for happiness n poorerity

proud supporker of kuan yew ... hsien loong ... ho chee