Singaporean bashing Round 2

Singaporeans are up for bashing again by Singaporeans that think they are immigrants or anglophiles. An article in the Mypaper titled, “‘Us and them’ drag us down’, gave a no holds bar attack against Singaporeans by a group that is noted for Singaporean bashing. They share the same mindset and together they supported and reinforced each other’s view that Singaporeans are to be blamed for being ungracious to foreigners. William Wan even identified himself as immigrant to take side with the foreigners. We were immigrants and are one of them.

Do the immigrants think that they were one of us? The angmohs have been pretty cocky, vicious and arrogant in how they made fun of Singaporeans, teasing Singaporeans with racist remarks, threatening Singaporeans in broad daylight and beating up Singaporeans as a past time. Did any Singaporean do such things to the angmohs? Did any of these angmoh lovers make any vile remarks against the Singaporean beating angmohs?

And as for the very nice foreign workers, they burnt our police cars, rioted and beaten up the Singaporean drivers and bus attendant and put all the blame on them for their rioting, causing loss of properties and disturbing the peace. And now our police are even the target of attacks, for being incapable, incompetent and poor leadership in managing the riot.

Why is it the fault of the police when the rioting was committed by foreigners? Why is it the fault of Singaporeans for being angry with so many foreigners here and growing impatient and intolerant to their abrasive and boorish behavior and invading our space? Why is there no criticism of foreigners cheating on Singaporeans, sacking and replacing Singaporeans in PME jobs with their own kind? Why is it tolerated when foreigners practiced discrimination in the industries by hiring their own kinds in our very own country?

Pauline Straughan even commented, ‘when things get rough and tough in Singapore, it is easy to blame outsiders’. What this group of elite or academics is doing is exactly the opposite. When things get rough and tough, it is so easy to blame the Singaporeans. And the whole gang is whacking Singaporeans, particularly the netizens for the ‘rudest and vilest of comments’. Are these worst off than what the likes of Casey Anton did? Are these worst off than Singaporeans being threatened by foreigners, with a burly angmoh chasing a young NS man into lift and choking his neck, threatening him with bodily harm, and walking away like he owned this island? Are these worst off than those cocky and aggressive angmoh cyclists threatening to beat up Singaporeans on the road, in defiance of the law?

And there is this Christine Leong saying, ‘Just because the streets and public transport are getting more congested, people get annoyed and want to find someone to blame for this, and the first group that comes to mind are the foreigners’. Is that unexpected when the average Singaporeans would have to push their way into the trains with the foreigners and to smell their smelly armpits and tolerate their loud talking in the confines of the train? And many of our oldies and young women would have to stand while the young and tough foreigners enjoyed their ride sitting?

People living in ivory towers and a different lifestyle that hardly have to bear with the antics of the foreigners could talk cock like in the academia. If they were to encounter the foreigners day in and day out, and be victims of their nonsense, threatened or beaten by them, lost their jobs to the foreigners, would they be talking such nice cock and bull stories?

Yes, I must agree that Singaporeans should not blame the foreigners. Singaporeans should blame the policies that brought about the influx of foreigners and be victims of the foreigners. But no, it is not just the policies that made Singaporeans see red. It is the people that made the policies that the Singaporeans should be angry with. It is the people that condone the academics and elite to bash Singaporeans because of their bad policies that should be the target of Singaporeans’ anger.

For the past centuries, Singaporeans have been very kind and inviting to foreigners. And they still do except when their privacy, dignity and safety are violated. They have the right to be angry when these things happened to them. And the true blue Singaporeans are born here, not immigrants. Your forefathers may be immigrants, without a country, starting off as foreigners, not even citizens. Now we are citizens of this island, our country. We are not immigrants and we want to have a say in the number of immigrants being brought in and how they behave and how they treat Singaporeans. Bad foreigners must be kicked out of our island, be it that they are very nice angmohs and very nice foreign workers.

The people’s tolerance for the foreigners is being tested daily and they are losing their patience. The people’s tolerance for being bashed by our own kind, blindly in support of foreigners, in defending the rights of foreigners but ignoring the rights of Singaporeans, is also being tested. Singaporeans would soon turn to this group of people who think of nothing but bashing Singaporeans for all the wrong reasons except for their fond of foreigners. And they can choose to be immigrants and called themselves immigrants for all they want. The true blue Singaporeans would not tolerate their cock and bull remarks and disgraceful comments against the good nature Singaporeans in general.

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Anonymous said...

Kindness movement only to foreigners. Attacking Sinkies is fair game.

Anonymous said...

Problem with government is that there is no REAL effort to tackle this issue. Two possible reasons, they are to be blamed for bringing so many foreign workers or they are incapable of managing social issues. One thing obviously good about them is managing GDP growth.Money is the only thing in their mind.

Anonymous said...

They are in love with pinkerton.

Anonymous said...

I think they are afraid the foreign talents will take their businesses to other better countries.

There is another reason, no foreign talent wants to come and help us.

Anonymous said...

This is just to show that if all Singaporeans can think like LKY (minus the high salary, perks etc.), we can easily accomodate a 6.9 million population.

Virgo49 said...

Singaporeans must be gracious to let the foreign talents took over our, children and grandchildren jobs.

Singaporeans must be gracious to let the foreigners hammered and insult us.

Singaporeans must be gracious to have these foreign talents as without them, we be lost and must be grateful that they are here.

Singaporeans must be gracious to serve National Slavery to defend the country rich and elites and businesses.

In return, they can employed these foreign talents as we are a hindrance to their businesses going for reservists training.

All these elites and traitors to their own kind will harped on been gracious whereas when the first to be murdered, butchered, raped, robbed, sodomized would not happen to them.

Let's see Heaven will which of us would be the first victims.

Anonymous said...

Would the elite be raped first?

Virgo 49 said...

Most likely, for they are gracious people who have to be gracious for been raped and brutalised.

They will said thank god that we are been gracious to be raped

We are civilised and gracious elites that propagate that we must be gracious even been raped.

Most of these elites are runaways from IMH.

OH! How I yearned for the sixties when the chinatown low kuang brothers will bash these barbarians when they step out of place.

Anonymous said...

Would the elite be raped first?
July 10, 2014 10:53 am

I don't think you need to be worried.
They are protected by Gurkhas, police and lawyers.
You can afford a lawyer meh?

Does anybody have the response time of the police for;
landed property address versus HDB address?

Anonymous said...

Even if they are raped they would be very gracious not to complain. They may even say thank you and give the rapist a tip.

Anonymous said...

there is a sharp rise in the rats population in Spore from resident to commercial centres

as the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS foreign workers JUST like to congregate and picnic in any large fields they can find, leftover food like snacks, rice & gravy, sweet fruits mango/rambutan pips, drink cans etc are scattered over a very large areas across the island

by the time cleaners arrive the next WORKING day rats and crows already had their feasts

b said...

True, cannot blame the foreigners or the ruling party. But can blame the 60% voters who handed the mandate to a bunch of ruthless, self serving, bad policies creating politicians.

Anonymous said...

This group of elite seems to be taking the cue from someone to bash the daft sinkies.

b said...

Democracy is about setting own people up against own people aka sinkies against sinkies because the politicians job is to create a situation where uninformed voters make irrational decisions. When people have an idea who is running the world, they will then understand why democracy is being promoted.

Anonymous said...

what is most unacceptable is the total lack of 处身设想 when the influx is approved by the pap govt. The scourge of TB brought into Spore by these migrant workers is the best indication of the recklessness of the their policy.

Anonymous said...

Now who were the ones who made the hell of a riot at Litte India ?

It was the S'pore citizens enforcing the laws that were attacked right ?

These people have no regard for law and order at all.

The propaganda media don't seem to know what is the ground sentiments now, spin also must have logic what!!