SIA was just so lucky

According to all the information floating around, an SIA plane, ‘SQ 351 was 25km or just 1min 40sec behind MH 17 at 777′s cruise speed of 905km/h’. Whew! I doubt the rebels were monitoring the IFF or transponders codes the aircraft was sending out. Why did they shoot at MH17 and not other aircraft? One theory, they were aiming at Putin’s aircraft that was expected to be there about the same time. If that was the case, it could not be the works of the rebels as they are pro Russians. Here’s the Freudian Slip.

If it was the work of the rebels, and if they have IFF equipment, it is unlikely for them to want to shoot down a Malaysian aircraft. Malaysia is on friendly terms with the Russians. Any agency with IFF capability would know what they were shooting at and could decide otherwise. For any agency knowing that it was MH17, and to shoot it down, it must be done on purpose.

The other scenario that they just shoot at anything that was moving without knowing what it was could be a possibility. But would the culprits, whichever party, be so reckless to shoot at anything that moved and risked shooting down a friendly aircraft? It all points to the possibility that the culprit knew who they were shooting at.

If it was pure chance, trigger happy reckless rebels that did not care what they were shooting, what the hell was going on, then SIA was just sooooo lucky and MAS was just soooo unlucky. This is not a mindless and purposeless war, anarchy, with everyone was just shooting for the sake of shooting. No, do not think the people involved are stupid, did not know what they were doing. Give them some respect and credit for knowing what they were doing.

Could such a decision to shoot down an aircraft, possibly a civilian aircraft on a know flight corridor be made without thinking, without knowing what aircraft it was? The people with an agenda would want the world to believe what they want to make out of it.

Like the sinking of the Choenan, who would be blame for the downing and who would gain from it? These may give some idea as who could be behind it.

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Anonymous said...

There are subtle differences between IFF and SSR or secondary surveillance radar/air traffic control transponder [transmitter responder]. Both work on the same channel i.e. ground transmit/interrogate at 1030 MHz while the aircraft respond or reply at 1090 MHz.

Every military aircraft has a Mode 2 ID set on the ground. Civil airliners have one ID each and is published to follow its flight number and use this number as ID.

In Desert Storm, 2,000 airborne assets were flying over Iraq and in radio silence that night until the bombing started. There was no mid-air collision.

An anti-aircraft missile squad does not have the ability to challenge an aircraft and it is not its job to do so. Air defence controllers issue those instructions. The squad merely tracks and on order, shoot.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

When a SAM unit is deployed, it has a crew that normally works under some form of command and control system. To fire a SAM would require several personel to say go ahead, and normally comes from a commander or chief who has the authority to clear it.

They don't fire a SAM autonomously even in a situation like in Ukraine. The SAM unit is likely to work under a surveillance radar that has the ability to interrogate the aircraft transponders or IFF.

FL said...

A civilian aircraft,as we all see it, in the sky appears like a slow moving object as compares with a military aircraft with a great speed. In my thinking, the guy/s who want to shoot it down has more time to track the target and think to confirm whether it is an enemy aircraft before shooting it down ! Also, a civilian aircraft is much bigger than fighter aircraft, right ?

Matilah_Singapura said...


>> what the hell was going on, then SIA was just sooooo lucky and MAS was just soooo unlucky.

Yup. That's it. Pure fucking LUCK -- or to be more scientific the probability of a tragic even occuring occurred in MAS's case but did not express in SIA's case.

No conspiracy lah. A big cock-up, pure and simple. Human beings make mistakes all the time, and sometimes the consequences are horrible.

Plenty of politicking going on now though. US and EU want to score points. Putin wants to score political advantage. Malaysia want the whole damn thing to go away. The families of the dead want their loved ones remains and answers. Lots of self interest going on.

Unfortunately it's all government from here on out. And not just one govt. Many governments all with the potential to make things worse and cock things up.

Gone case lah.

Matilah_Singapura said...

@ RB:

>> To fire a SAM would require several personel to say go ahead, and normally comes from a commander or chief who has the authority to clear it.

These are rebels lah. Their command structure and esprit d'corps are probably champalang, not like super-by-the-book RSAF.

What's more, vodka is consumed throughout the day. Russians, especially the men, drink all the time.. (In the context of vodka consumption, I make no distinction between Ukraine and Russia).

Remember Boris Yelstin? How many times has he been portrayed sober? Almost NEVER!

Yam seng!

b said...

Malaysia will definitely implement the vehicle entry permit on sg cars to recoup the losses and costs will escalate to another high. No one is a winner. All are losers.

Anonymous said...

so what?

any problem?

even if the flew along side the mh17 .... so what the BIG FUCK?

it din gotten shot down ...that what matter

praise the papigs ... n the divine being in charge

remeber vote papigs ... huat ah

Anonymous said...

It's not only MH17 and the SIA flight, we have to look at all the other flights before and after these two flights. At cruise speed, any particular plane would pass through that airspace within a couple of minutes, that is too short a time for anyone to target a particular flight. It takes more than that time to prepare and aim the missiles. It would be unwise to accept that the rebels have the information to target any particular flight.

The situation is entirely different if the missile is prepared to fire at any flight that passes through. That is entirely believable. So if we do not simply concentrate on one or two flights but look for all the flights that are directed to fly through that corridor, we can then examine the odds that one of them would be shot down.

There are two possible smoking guns that we can look out for:

1. Is it true that Ukraine soldiers immediately took over the control tower after MH17 went down?

2. Is it proven that the phone conversation intercepted by Ukraine authorities are fake?

If just one of the above is proven, then it would tell us that the Ukraine authorities have been waiting all prepared for any plane in that corridor to be shot down, it is just unlucky that it's MH17.