Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri

While the Muslims here and the rest of the world are celebrating the end of Ramadan, the killings of the Palestinians continue in Gaza. More than 1,000 Palestinians have died in this new violence after three Israeli boys were killed in West Bank. Where were the Western human right provocateurs and govt when they are needed to put a stop to this slaughtering of the civilians? Killing Palestinians is ok

The Israelis are in total control of the West Bank and Gaza and with overwhelming superiority in fire power, they would use them happily and readily with no hesitation. There is no inhibition on the part of the Israelis as no Arab country could do anything, and no Western country will lift a finger to stop the killings. And any Arab country that dares to intervene would only incur the fury of the Israelis and the West. It is a one sided sideshow that is allowed to go on unrestrained. The Western powers would simply look the other way, and the only power that could restrain the Israelis has little reason to do so.

The Palestinians, their lives and their right to live as ordinary people, were abandoned by the West the day they moved the Jews into their land. They could only cry and cry but helpless and powerless. So were the Muslim countries as the world’s Number One superpower would not allow anyone to come to the aid of the Palestinians. Obama might shed a few crocodile tears as if he bothers, to make a show of it. Most of the time the Americans would act so civilise, please talk, no military intervention like they did in Iraq, Libya, Syria and elsewhere, to do anything but forcing the Israelis to stop. They have been ‘wayanging’ for the last 70 years. And the daft Arabs and the Muslim world are still placing hope on the Americans and the Western powers to save the Palestinians. They never learn, they did not know who is the real devil behind the killings.

This must be the biggest joke of the century. Would the West spare a thought for the poor Palestinians? Oh, why should they? The Palestinians are the bad guys, the Israelis are the good guys. Didn’t they kill 3 Israelis boys? The revenge killings of more than a thousand Palestinians did not make the Israelis the bad guys. And good guys will only support the good guys.

If only the balance of military power is not one sided, the Israelis would not be so trigger happy to strike. They knew that they are in control and it is up to them to dictate, to attack or not to attack the Palestinians, to kill or nor to kill the Palestinians.

Would anyone wish to send best wishes to the Palestinians in the equivalent of Hari Raya Aidil Fitri? Power is right, might is right. If the Palestinians want to live a decent life, they have to be as strong as the Israelis, but that is not going to happen with the Americans and the Western powers on the side of the Israelis. They would not allow the Palestinians to be military strong to take on the Israelis.

More protests at Hong Lim on Gaza killings? Would there be justice for the Palestinians? Who decides? Who is behind it?

Kopi Level - Green. Thank you everyone.


Anonymous said...

Please lah, RB, it is how powerful u are, not the strength or logic of your argument.

Compare to the Palestinians, the Israelis are much more powerful, tio bo? Powerful because Israel has greater and more precise firepower mah.

Compare to the Sinkie opposition, the PAP is also very much more powerful, tio bo? Powerful because PAP is very ready to be govt so 60% support PAP mah. That's why opposition can argue and argue a lot in Parliament but no use lah.

Anonymous said...

"Powerful because Israel has greater and more precise firepower mah."
Anon 9.06 am

Tiok. The Palestinians also fired a lot of rockets into Israel but not powerful or precise mah. That's why few or no Israelis were killed.

Whereas when Israel fired rockets into Gaza, a lot of Palestinians were killed. Because their rockets were more powerful and precise in their target.

Anonymous said...

No wonder lah, PAP spend so much money on defence to acquire powerful and precise weapons, especially from Uncle Sam.

Luckily, no need to put them into action so far. Or else it will be very tragic for all. But this serves as a deterrent, a very powerful deterrent.

The best way to win a war is not to fight in the first place.

Anonymous said...

You believe the media showing only hits in Gaza and reporting the kills but no hits in Israel and no casualties?

They are trying to con the silly Arabs that the Iron Dome is invincible? Go read reports on the Dome. Even theoretical success rate of interception is less than 70%. In real situation, it would hardly achieve a 50% hit.

You want the truth? Get your own reporters to Israel to cover the damages and the death toll. See how frighten they were at the Israeli airport when the siren went? They are being hit and suffering heavy casualties as well, but not reported.

Veritas said...

Hi RB, do not be fool too much by crocodile tears of some sect. While Israel is no good, but the entire Muslims world redirect their hate on Israel not because Israel is bad, but to poison their own people's mind in order to conceal tyranny and corruption in Muslims' world.

There is no reason why the entire Malay community must hate Israel like mad. The hatred extend to Jews. The Christians do not hate Muslims even if ISIS in Iraq are murdering Christian, driving Christians out of their house, ethnic cleansing Christian.

Also the Muslims study too little and they cannot differentiate between Palestinian and Israeli Arabs.

The Israeli Arabs love Israel. The Druze, a Muslim people especially force ISrael to conscript their sons in order to kill Muslims for Israel.

You may ask why?

The reason is Druze unlike all Muslim, see themselves Israel first before Muslims. Druze also rightly figure out that they will get more shit from Sunni than Jews.

Veritas said...

The commander of the crack unit of this Gaza invasion, Golani Brigade, is Col. Rasan Alian, a Druze Muslims. Golani is the most elite conventional IDF infantry. Col Rasan Alian is seriously wounded in this Gaza assault. His entire life is dedicated to Jewish cause.

A few months back, there is a survey whether on whether Israeli Arabs is willing to be transferred to PA. 83% oppose and they are to be Israeli.

The Muslims who keep cursing Israeli and hating Jews are the no brain type, I would say they are very stupid.

The Malaysian Malay especially are doing USA and Israel a favor, harming Muslims until the point I wonder if Malays are CIA agents.

Everyone knows the Muslims who have balls against Israel are, Gamel Nasser and Hafez Assad. They are all secular guys who support support no-tudung-ism. Under Assad, Muslims can apostasy. The do not talk about Jihad, but they work to modernize the countries.

Modern Jihad is created by -- USA.

The essence of modern Jihad is gangsterism, and oppose modernization. The Jihad hit Syria, the biggest enemy of Israel but never attack Israel.

Groups like Hamas are not from the modern Jihad movement but from Muslim republican movement whom the JIhad type hate.

This is a long story and I think I will stop here. Many people due to the obfuscation of media do not know the truth of middle east.

Anonymous said...


You are a dunce. You write without researching and with just one purpose, hatred for the US.

Go learn from Veritas.

If one day, you are staring at a WMD in your living room because of extremism you'll probably be yelping a different tune.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Veritas, you are right in many ways. I am looking at the Gaza killings purely from the humanitarian ground. No country should be allowed to go on killing another tribe.

The Israelis and the Palestinians could go to the table and talk peace. But stay away from the Americans. They talked peace but are not for peace, but for world domination. Wherever they are, there will be conflicts and wars, incited by them. But they will come around like peace makers.

The geopolitical forces at work are more serious and many of the daft muslims and Arabs are being exploited by the West to kill each other. They are doomed if they do not want to think and understand what is happening to them.

They are led to war, to kill and be killed while the rest of the world continues to progress and live a life of peace and plenty.

Yes, Modern Jihad is likely to be an American invention planted in dull heads to kill and to give justification for the world to condemn and to kill them.

If both sides can come to peace, the Jews/Israelis, being a highly intelligent people, could be the catalyst to uplift the lives of all the muslims and Arabs in the Middle East.

Any tribe that preaches hatred, killings and wars, needs to be put down. The Americans preach peace like the American Pivot to Asia, not war! The dull Asians believe that the Pivot is an instrument for peace, like war games and military pacts. The Americans told them so and they believed the Americans.

Let there be peace and progress for all peace loving people.

Anonymous said...

The USA believes in one kind of peace, where the whole world is under its control, The Empire. Any state that does not want to kneel is enemy, Axis of Evil.

The Empire is fighting back.

Veritas said...

The Muslims including Malaysia Malay are big supporter of USA to hurt the Muslim world.

Malay always busybody on Israel, but eventually they volunteer to go Syria and kill a lot of Muslims. Malay are really good USA poodle.

To fight Israel, Muslims must modernize. You can only be a strong people if your division is able to face off IDF division in conventional warfare.

Instead of confronting IDF properly, Muslims today choose to kill a lot of Muslims in Syria, to the rejoice of Israel. Then they resort of gangsterism in Gaza and West Bank, that do not hurt Israel an iota.

Next Muslims impose gangsterism on their minorities, especially in Malaysia, without apostasy law, racial slur, insults (cina babi), then Muslims turn around and tell the whole world they are victims.

Only Israel and USA will be happy, because Muslims are now trying to modernize using gangsterism.

I wonder whether Singapore must be thankful to Israel. Muslims need a enemy to conceal their dysfunctional society.

Every single Malay hate Israel even though Israel never harm Malay. The Christian never hate Muslims just because ISIS is cleansing Christian in Mosul.

The Malay need just one voodoo man maybe 2. Israel is one of them. If Israel fall, what happen? Find the next voodoo.

Singaporean Chinese is good target and we are being seen as Israel of Asia for long time.

Next folks here will cry discrimination when LV/Prada shop fired them for tudunging.

Because Muslims are so discriminated here, kaboon kaboon, bombs go off in the midst of Allah hu Akbar.

The JI already plan to bomb Singapore and kill a lot of us, for reason they cook up after mind masturbation.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Anon 10:30, maybe you are right. I am a dunce. But I do not subscribe to people using the WMD red herring to invade a country and killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people. That act alone is worse than release a few hundred WMDs on them.

The best part, they possessed the biggest arsenal of WMD in the whole world. Who should I fear, the one that did not have WMD but accused of having it, or the one having all the WMD and always threatening to use them? Actually the Americans used them on Japan and in Vietnam.

Now you know why the Japanese and Vietnamese love the Americans so much.

I shall live in fear of WMD in my bedroom. Sure.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Oh Veritas, don't get carried away with your comments. Please be sensitive.

Veritas said...

Oh Veritas, don't get carried away with your comments. Please be sensitive.

Hi RB, I am telling inconvenient truth that Muslims do not want to hear. I can always say something like death to Israel, USA satan, Uyghur genocide, Islam is big victim.

That is not the truth, but nevertheless, all muslims relishes such self-victimization.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thanks Veritas. The world is a complex mix of people who don't think or like the same thing.

Anonymous said...


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

So, weapons found in Gaza? The two people are at war. Why is it that the Hamas can't have weapons but Israel can have weapons? The same reasoning why Saddam cannot have WMD, or anyone else not on the side of the Americans cannot have WMD, only the Americans can have.

The main issue is for the two people to want peace or else this war will go on and on. The Israelis think it is ok to live in a state of war forever, as long as they can have overwhelming power and if the other kill one of them, they will kill a thousand of them to make a point.

Is this the desired solution, the desired status quo, a state of endless war?

Veritas said...

While Palestinian spirit of resistance is recommendable, one must ask, is there better alternative?

The Israeli Arabs provide a good example. The Israeli Arabs are same material as Palestinian. Instead of relying on gangsterism, many serve the IDF, vote, study hard and obey the law.

Many thought that Israel want west bank and Gaza, the reverse is true. Israel does not want the entire of these places.

Palestinian birthrate is far greater than Jews. If Israel annex them, the consequence are Israel is going to be a Arab majority. That will force her to ditch democracy.

In this conflict, I would say both Jews and Arab at fault, maybe Jews 51%, Arabs 49%.

I am letting Arabs off leniently because I consider Israeli flooding Arab land an original sin. Without the original sin component, Arab will be 80% at wrong.

Anonymous said...

Who is right or wrong in war is moot.
If Israel goes all way out and no one intervenes, Hamas will be wiped out.

Anonymous said...

During the 1948 Palestine War, around 85% (720,000 people) of the Palestinian Arab population of what has become Israel left their homes, either driven by force, by fear, or by instruction of Arab leadership. They fled to the West Bank and Gaza, and to the contiguous countries of Lebanon, Syria and Jordan.

In 2012, the number of registered patrilineal descendants of the original Palestine refugees, based on the UNRWA registration requirements, is estimated to be 4,950,000. wiki

3-4 generations of Palestinians grew up in the refugees camps !

Veritas said...

The problem of Palestinian refugee problem is another naughty trick by Arabs. Few Arabs other than Jordan is willing to give them citizenship. But these PA want to kill King Hussein of Jordan.

Also after 1948, there was a departure, flight, migration and expulsion of 800,000–1,000,000 Jews, primarily of Sephardi and Mizrahi background, from Arab and Muslim countries, mainly from 1948 until the early 1970s.

The differences between Israel and Arabs are, Israel take in the Jews and give them citizenship.

Issac Rabbin, Ehud Barrack and Ariel Sharon is willing to trade land for peace. However the road block is Arab insistence of return of refugees back to Israel, which will make the Jewish state non-existence.

Even then, a compromise solution can still be reached if Arab manage to control herself. Nevertheless, Arabs resistance has enable the Israeli hardliners like Netanyahun to emerge, and now, the trouble has no end in sight.

Anonymous said...

Having a State to return to in this case a full functioning Palestinian State, is not to be taken for granted.

Rohingyas in Myammmar have similar fate.

Hot potato Palestinian Mandate, another colonial invader British creation, was thrown to UN after 2nd world war as England became bankrupt wanted to de-colonise.

Anonymous said...

Reaffirms the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination and to independence in their State of Palestine on the Palestinian territory occupied since 1967

— United Nations General Assembly resolution 67/19, Point 1

Anonymous said...

29 November 2012
Subject :Status of Palestine in the United Nations

Voting summary
138 voted for
9 voted against
41 abstained
5 absent

Result Palestine accorded non-member observer state status.

The United States lobbied against the resolution being brought to the UNGA, while Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said that it was only exacerbating the situation and that a vote would trigger "an extreme response from us." However, following Operation Pillar of Defense, and under pressure from the United States, Israel stopped its threats of punishment to Abbas for going ahead with the move to the UN. wiki

Anonymous said...

In response to the Palestinian move at the UN, Israel authorised the construction of 3,000 more housing units in a Palestinian area of East Jerusalem and the West Bank, In addition, planning will be furthered for the area, known administratively as the E1 Plan.

Israeli Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz stated that the tax payments collected on behalf of the Palestinian Authority this month would be used to offset what he said was Palestinian debt to the Israel Electric Corporation.

In protest at Israeli settlement development Spain, the United Kingdom, France, Sweden and Denmark summoned the Israeli ambassador and Germany, Italy and Russia criticised the move; meanwhile Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel, and U.S. President Barack Obama's former chief of staff, described the behaviour of Benjamin Netanyahu as "unfathomabl"


Anonymous said...

if only the great ADOLF HITLER had eradicated those jews from the surface of the planet earth

but he failed .... god nust be protecting the jews ... do continue his evil tasks

sama sama ... the chinese jews escaped to south east asia, n look what happened, dun have to look far for an answer

Anonymous said...

You dumbfuck, the Chinese Jews did not kill. They only engaged in economic activities. And they were killed by the simple minded natives.

Anonymous said...

U really a dumbwit...

Chinese Jews kill n annihilate natives n old migrants n their offsprings

Eradicate old customs n dialects

Vote for papigs

Anonymous said...

You are really stupid. The people that did the killings were the colonialists. When were you born?

No wonder they called you backward. No brain, cannot think or lazy to think. Deserved to be colonised and called the masters, tuan, tuan, or was it sahib, sahib?

Veritas said...

Hi RB, look at these mad commenters. Now it is fortunately that we have Israel. So these brainless people masturbated themselves, not just to hate Israel, but to hate the entire Jews, and wish that every single Jews got killed.

These steam steam steam mad man forever need somebody to hate. What happen when Israel is gone. Singaporean Chinese is next target to get eradicated from planet.

When Singaporean Chinese gone, and everyone gone, then they start to hate their own Shia and Ahmadya (and they are already hating them now). After that they will hate their parents and son.

Singaporean Chinese are too accomodating and too naive to forever introspect that we are racist. There are badass who forever self victimize, worse than feminist but we believe we cause their misery.

Anonymous said...


zazin said...

Hey veritas, wat you know about syiah and ahmadiyah? U even have it spelled wrongly! So when Isreal killed an innocent child, it is a right thing to do? Who teached you that? Your mother? So your mother is allowed to kill your neighbour's child?