Respecting Parliament and the trust of the people

The embarrassing revelation of Parliament having not enough MPs present to make a quorum for the passing of bills is not funny. It is not a small matter.

Our MPs maybe part time, some full time, but they are paid extremely well for being part timers. The people can understand that they are busy people with many hats to wear, many directorships and meetings to attend. But to skip Parliament is unacceptable.

The Parliament is the highest office of the land. It is not only an honour to be sitting in Parliament, it carries a lot of responsibility and prestige as law makers. It carries the hope and aspirations of the people. MPs are elected by the people to represent their interests in Parliament. And Parliament does not sit everyday.

When Parliament is in session, it must be the top priority of MPs to be in attendance. Any MP that thinks being present in Parliament is secondary to his other money making activities should not offer himself as a representative of the people. They are not only disregarding the interest of the people but showing disrespect to the highest institution of the land.

The Prime Minister and the Speaker of Parliament must impress upon the MPs that this is the highest duty, to be representatives of the people in Parliament. The MPs and MPs to be must commit to serve the people and be present in every Parliamentary sitting except for extenuating circumstances that they could not be present. How can anything be more important than a Parliament in session? How can MPs feel so comfortable and convenient to be absent from Parliament?

Maybe I am wrong. Parliament is not important. Being present in Parliament is a waste of time. Law making is not important, voting and passing of bills in Parliament are not important. If that is the case, by all means, no need to attend Parliament, or no need to have Parliamentary sessions to discuss national issues and make laws. What is the status of Parliament? A rubber stamping institution, be present or absent is not material?
How can there be less than 25% of MPs present in a Parliament session and how long have these been going on? $16,000 a month is a lot of money, teeny weeny peanuts to some, to at least make a show of face or sleep in Parliament. Anyone who thinks that $16,000 a month is not big enough and not justifiable to make a presence in all Parliamentary sittings must not stand for election as an MP. It is an insult to the Office of Parliament. It is not doing justice to the people that elected them to be in Parliament.

What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

"Sleep in Parliament", I like this phrase. Lol

Anonymous said...

We have a senior to set example. No need to attend lah. All deals are made backdoor. Parliament is only for wayang.

Anonymous said...

If they have a 93% chance of being a MP and getting $16K per month, and a 100% chance of no by election to ask them to step down, why would they be motivated to attend Parliament, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

If I were them, I would also not attend Parliament.

In fact I would not even want to attend MPS also.

Unless I had an affair made public, I am sure PM Lee will never call for a by-election to ask those "never-do-job" MPs to step down.

Anonymous said...

$5,000 = $1 Derisory
$600,000 = $1 Peanut

So $16,000 = $3.2 Derisory or $0.027 Peanut
So redbean.
$$16,000/month is not much money in PAP denominated currency.

Anonymous said...

Parliament is like their country club. Feel shiok or good then attend. Don't feel shiok, no need to attend. They have more important things to do than to attend parliament, like board meetings, business meetings, and what else. Oh can report sick oso.

Anonymous said...

Dear PM Lee
As an MP ... if I don't attend parliament ... must produce a medical certificate or not ah?

Anonymous said...

That is a rubber stamp parliament just like the presidency, it is only for symbolic purpose or what many call 'wayang only ' because Spore is as good as a one-party State where many things suggest the party is equal to the State

Every fundamental policy already decided by their cec isnt it?

like many other institutions eg cpf board or election commission where it just takes instructions from pap. lack of independence.

Anonymous said...

rubber-stamp parliament meaning,

VERB : 1 When someone in authority rubber-stamps a decision, plan, or law, they agree to it without thinking about it much.
2 Parliament's job is to rubber-stamp his decisions...

Anonymous said...

Any MP who does not attend parliament when it is in session should be barred from standing for electoral election permanently even if he or she fails to attend one session unless with a valid reason. Any MP who fails to attend even one parliamentary session without a valid reason should have his or her monthly $16,000.00 allowances forfeited for the remaining period of their tenure as MPs. The allowance so forfeited should be given to charities.

Anonymous said...

The only way to change the status quo is to VOTE in more Members of Parliament from the opposition parties. It is time for change.

Anonymous said...

We need change badly. We need more good and credible candidates from parties to be voted in to push for the change we seek.

Aren't you not sick and tired for their seemingly endless demands for higher and higher cpf minimum sums?

Now they call it statutory savings
meaning we must acquiesce to their demand because they are our master or what?

aren't you not outraged by the minister endless calls for fares hikes who is forever concerned first and foremost about the profitablity of the transport conglomerate owned by Temasek Hldg ?

who are they serving ?

Anonymous said...

Are we not all sickened and disgusted by the bombardment of pro-pap propaganda on TV for more than 30 years ?

Anonymous said...

They are so used to their excesses that they did not even notice it. It is their new normal.

Anonymous said...

Since Sinkies are daft,
it means they are easily
conned and if not, bought
over. They are easily sold or
pawned as well. They need man
like Matilah to screw them to wake

Anonymous said...

Ya, like the CPF, keep changing and increasing minimum sums and keep holding back like a habit leow. No scare what people get angry.

Anonymous said...

To all you angry people out here.
When PAP gives out the pre-election goodies.
Please remember to spit in the toilet as a sign of silent protest.

Anonymous said...

Can charge them with valid reason for AWOL

Anonymous said...

>>As an MP ... if I don't attend parliament ... must produce a medical certificate or not ah?

Correct me if i remembered wrongly.. someone did ask PM if he had applied for leave during one of the Court proceeding

Anonymous said...

>>Can charge them with valid reason for AWOL

Ooops .. i meant withOUT

b said...

Should make it compulsory just like NS or judiciary duties. Inactive MPs should be removed from office asap.

Anonymous said...

i got so many board meetings to attend. If I don't attend they don't pay me my director's fees how?

b said...

They must disclose the attendance of MPs to the people and award the most lazy one with a spanking.

Anonymous said...

SINGAPOREANS are you game for change?
Speak up today! Speak up for change !

Anonymous said...

Speak no use.

You must vote Opposition.
60% of your friends and family voted PAP.
You must convert them to vote Opposition.

Anonymous said...

Please lah would a PAP mp/minister do anything that would jeopardise the profits of the temasek owned company ?

Transport minister requested S$1.1 billions dollars, paid out by finance ministry to buy buses for whom??

we are not talking about rupiahs ok
Who is the beneficiary of the money ? Is it a temasek co again ??
Temasek Hdgs bought how many bus companies over the years YET got no more money to buy bus for Spore meh?

Must get money from our BUDGET? They are very profitable indeed, Spore is pulic transport market monopoly, so profit ensured over the last how many decade already ?


S$1,100,000,000-00 from the State coffer just disbursed without much deliberation?

May we ask if Temasek Holdings using our budget money to pay off the so called "transport assistance" ?

Anonymous said...

We need more MPs from the opposition parties because MPs from miw might think twice probably hesitate if he wants to ├žonfront the management of those companies owned by the powerful Temasek holdings afterall it is controlled by a ex-senior minister who is still pap member.

is it good idea for a pap minister from the previous cabinet be chairing the temasek holdings?

Anonymous said...

/// Transport minister requested S$1.1 billions dollars, paid out by finance ministry to buy buses for whom?? ///

Actually hor.
In almost anywhere else in the world.
If a publicly listed bus company needs more money to buy buses ... the CEO will get the money from the shareholders by doing a rights issue.

But I guess Temasek is the majority shareholder in both SBS Transit and SMRT.
And maybe Temasek may not have enough cash?

When temasek buys shares in an American bank ... temasek has to pay cash.
The American government will not give temasek money to buy the shares.

But singapore is unique lah.
Uniquely singapore.
You guys are really a bunch of dumb fucks.
You don't just need spurs on your sides.
You also need brains for your empty head.

Anonymous said...

Then is temasek becoming a liablity to Singaporeans?

Ever increasing min sums. deferment of withdrawal age, fare hikes after fare hikes, influs of ft etc are all directly or indirectly helping temasek?

Anonymous said...

Now a minister for the marina parade grc is saying cpf savings is mandatory in view of the call for our CPF blood savings to be returned.
Is he elected to the Parliamnent to tell us what is mandatory and want us to just follow order and dun us for our money back?

Anonymous said...

Singapore people do you vote in a member of parliament in order to order you around by saying this is mandatory or that is mandatory>??

Anonymous said...

Come on Dafties
You voted for Rulers.
And Rulers issue Edicts.
And Edicts means You
follow Order.

Get it?

Anonymous said...

" Now a minister for the marina parade grc is saying cpf savings is mandatory in view of the call for our CPF blood savings to be returned. "
@ July 11, 2014 8:45 pm

CPF is mandatory because we voted PAP who made it mandatory.
Continue to vote PAP - and of course CPF will continue to be mandatory.

Vote Opposition and then we see whether CPF is mandatory or not.

No law is cast in stone.
What was made mandatory, can be made um-mandatory.
If PAP is not willing to do it, we can vote in a Pro Singaporean Party to make it un-mandatory.

You cannot change PAP from within.
Just ask the quitter ... George Yeo.
Please vote Opposition for a real change.

Anonymous said...

“What’s wrong with collecting more money?”
Lee Kuan Yew

Still think you will get your CPF money back?
Vote PAP some more lah.

Anonymous said...

Old man already said in past interview, policies will not be adjusted/ changed/ adapted to pull the lower strata of society along the national progress.

He unapologetically said he is prepared to lose those votes in elections. So be it.
( YouTube: Lee Kuan Yew Interview – Hard Truths To Keep Singapore Going- Hot buttons Topics http://m.youtube.com/watch?list=PLF9ULsaqSSrpk7PkU1OcZV2OajK3Y2GaZ&v=ihiE4oGyYlQ )

Please see at 28 min 30 second EXACTLY what he said.

Why would any poor or non-elite Singaporean vote for PAP – I really don’t know.

Anonymous said...

@ redbean
"Respecting Parliament and the trust of the people"

you are a real joker.
How much peanut salary does the typical daft Sinkie have?
$16,000/month for a PAP MP + all the other directorships in other companies.

And you want PAP MP to respect the daft Sinkies?
Let me tell you this.
Typical daft Sinkie has a very high endurance to suffer while he pays and pays.
The less you respect him.
The more willingly he pays without question.

The Hard Truth hurts.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 7:58, you are very right. But I am just blogging. If I don't say these things, then there is nothing to write about, and nothing for you to enlighten the dafts.

Anonymous said...

It has been mandatory for so long BUT now many Singaporeans want their money back because you want to have control over your own money and life

the ex-army general reply reflect the problem of having a party in control for too long