President Jokowi

I always find him a lighter version of Obama. Don’t you people think he looks like Obama? Now we have two presidents with Indonesian connections.

The election of Jokowi as the new President of Indonesia is the continuation of a winning streak for the country since Gus Dur. Indonesia has enjoyed the blessing of the last few presidents who were more progressive, economy driven and honourable. Yudhoyono has done very well to keep the Indonesia polity and economy on an even keel and growing in peace and stability. This election would be very different without Yudhoyono’s calming and firm hands to ensure that no dirty business was allowed to spoil the party. This is Yudhoyono’s greatest legacy in an election that started with a big dark cloud hanger in the air. Many bad and ugly things could happen and Jokowi would be in no position to do anything but to face defeat.

As I said earlier, when a country is blessed to do well, good men and women would step forward to lead the country. If Jokowi had lost, Indonesia would be in for a tough time, and so would be the stability of the region. Indonesia could see any term of progressive govt and policies instead of politicking and frauds.

Look at China and the USA. China too is blessed with a continuous string of good men and women at the helm and is growing richer by the days. China would be in deep shit if Bo Xi Lai and his gang would to be in charge today instead of Xi Jinping. On the other hand the USA is blessed with some clowns in the Presidency and teams of evil men and women till today. And the USA is going down, unstoppable. And looks like it is going to get worse with Hillary Clinton flirting to be the next President and the Americans love her. The USA deserves Hillary to bring an end to Pax Americana. That is the fate of the Americans.

When countries are to do well, good men and women would appear. On the contrary, when a country is on the decline, average men and women and rascals will take over the rein to hasten the fall.

Indonesia is lucky to have President Jokowi and a new team in charge, a clean slate not tarnish or implicated by historical baggages.

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SINKIELAND Jing Ho Mia! Very Blessed! Good Fengsui, Good Leeder, Even BESTEST ministers who can steal toothpicks and brag about it publicly, what more to ask for? said...

SINKIELAND also very blessed.

Old man already said in 1984 that the heir apparent was so outstanding Lao Goh and his gang would be blind not to have chosen him.

Fast forward 30 years, old man is proven right.

SINKIELAND have such an enlightened ruler who can crack good diplomatic jokes to let other nations see us up up, so humble queuing 10 hours to buy bak kwa under the hot sun, eat bak chor mee mai oyster and abalone, ........

Where to find such good LEEDER?

Anonymous said...

Indonesia will return to the Suharto era if Prabowo wins. Now he wants to produce witnesses to claim the election was fraud. Fabricating witnesses is so easy in Indonesia.

Anonymous said...

Good for Indonesia and good for Singapore. Chinese in Indonesia escape another witch hunt.

Anonymous said...

Prabowo has an uncontrollable temper and is said to have whipped out swords and pistols when pushed too far by reporters or political rivals. Our Pinky just slap only.

b said...

Only time can tell. Most men when showered with power became corrupted.

Anonymous said...

alamak ... u veBy the like lee dai sor n ong tor

every things also cUnt spin a storee

oops ... maybe u have indian DNA?
why so the lohso?

Anonymous said...

If the Asian Leaders keep to their Oriental Values of Virtue and Propriety, Asia and S E Asia will be Blessed Land.
As for Sin, the Sinkies are feeling greatly let down by the leadership.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Too early to tell lah. When Obama first won, many people jesus had come back to save their sorry asses.

However, he didn't quite live up to expectation. Plus for 4 years the Republicans have given him "fuck you's"...and recently this jaw-dropper from Joan Rivers. WHahahahahaha....

So with Jokowi it is still early days. Who knows? Perhaps a scandal? Or a tragedy? Or trouble for the religious fuck-nuts? Or the factions of the "old guard"?

Indonesia. Complicated place. Filled with complicated people.

Anonymous said...

With the exception of the incumbent, those after Sukarno were a joke. Some corrupt, some blind, some too chubby, some not even qualified as seat warmers.

Yes, it is still to early to say.

Anonymous said...

I say Yudhoyono has been a great president of Indonesia. He deserves great respect.

Well done Mr Yudhoyono!