Only 200 think Hsien Loong not fit to be PM

The protest rally last Saturday at Hong Lim only attracted a small crowd of about 200 people. The issue was that Hsien Loong was not fit to be the PM. The keynote speaker was Goh Meng Seng who listed a number of points on why he thought Hsien Loong was not fit to be the PM.

Looking at the number of people listening to him, it was apparent that only 200 people agreed with him. Only 200 people thought Hsien Loong was not fit to be the PM. This compares very poorly to a population of nearly 4m people who did not turn up and thus did not support the motion of the protest rally. In other words, Hsien Loong is fit to be the PM.

It would be a different matter if there was a 10,000 crowd or better, 26,000 crowd like the Pink Party, then the message would be different. A 6,000 crowd at the first PWP Protest was also too small to make any difference and 6.9m target would soon be a reality. A 200 protest crowd in this rally is like saying the opposite, the majority of the people are happy with Hsien Loong’s leadership and think him fit to be the PM.

For Goh Meng Send and those who have doubts about his suitability, the poor turnout is double confirmed that Hsien Loong is doing well.

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Virgo 49 said...

Dear RB, 200 went down just to show a token gesture.

This coming GE, 2 millions will vote against him and the PAP.

Anonymous said...

RB, that day weather forecast said thunderstorm lar so how ?

b said...

Being PM in this island or anywhere is never about fit or not fit. It is about whether able to con enough people to vote for you.

Matilah_Singapura said...

HAhaha...what a bunch of silly cheebyes. I saw this I laughed my balls off lah.

All the loud mouths are actually the fucking small minority lah. Shows yu what the "brain trust" of sites like the TRE actually are...fucking losers!

Anonymous said...

I laughed until my toes cannot tahan (got gout oso), when I read what Wan Dan Liao of Straight times said: "The Singapore 2011 census counted 3,270,000 Singapore Citizens. With only a turn up of 200 at the Hong Lim Park yesterday, that is an indicator of the overwhelming support that Lee Hsien Loong has because 3,269,800 others did not turn up."

Let them continue to bury their heads in the sand - they will have a very rude awakening. There is a saying that it's not the size of the dog in a fight that matters, but the fight in the dog. Change we need.

Anonymous said...

> anon416

"Change we need."

Singapore is changing rapidly. What are you talking about?

The PAP changes faster than you can anticipate. For them Singapore die die must be Number 1, 2 or 3 in the world. The sure way to do this is to have a ruthlessly strong government with a hammer to wallop people into line.

Anonymous said...

Matilar, u sure or not laughing your balls off? Knn u only have left two tiny some more wanted to boast like that. Now you no more balls, how now leh?

Anonymous said...


And Goh Meng Seng and Tan Kin Lian were among the speakers!

One stood for election and lost, the other even lost his election deposit!

And they have the cheek to call PM Lee, who was elected with more than 60% majority, not fit to be PM and ask him to resign!

Not say I like PAP or want Lee Hsien Loong to be PM but then these 2 are real jokers lah. Make the 60% Sinkies and maybe even PM Lee laugh only.


Anonymous said...

"One stood for election and lost, the other even lost his election deposit!"
- But this does not mean that what they say is wrong.

"And they have the cheek to call PM Lee, who was elected with more than 60% majority,..."
- But this does not mean that what LHL say is always correct

100 billion flies eat shit everyday.
Does that mean that eating shit is good for you?

Anonymous said...

With such jokers in opposition, I think daft Sinkies better don't hope too much lah.

And be prepared to suffer more unless they become smart Sinkies lah. It's all up to them.

Anonymous said...

was a very last minute event;
world cup fatigue;
not a bread & butter issue.

Anonymous said...

West Germany 7 Brazil 1.
When you are over-rated, or worse if you over-rate yourself, you will have a very very hard landing! There's none so blind as those who will not see.

Anonymous said...

PM prob not so dumb. He knows that even with a small number for this kind of protest, come election time there can still be people who silently vote against him.

The really deluded and dumb ones are those who organise this kind of event and keep claiming they represent the whole of singapore like as though they are better than all PAP and opposition put together.

Anonymous said...

As another comment said before, workers party dun need to keep going hong lim park to win over the people.

The danger is not hsien loong no longer PM or not, is that people mistake good opposition that can replace hsien loong with these hong lim park goondus and goh meng seng