MH17 – The wisdom of hindsight

Many questions are being asked about why MAS continued to fly the route taken by MH17 when there is a war going on. Until it was shot down, no one was clever enough to ask such questions. And everyone, including ICAO, thought it was safe to fly that route.  Today paper reported, ‘“We’ve flown this route for many years; it’s safe and that’s the reason we are taking this route,” said Mr Liow Tiong Lai at a news conference in which reporters questioned why the airline had chosen to fly over a war zone.’ What else could he say?

Liow Tiong Lai is not going to get away from this explanation. So would the MAS when the mood is to find a scapegoat, when all the clever fingers were pointing at everyone that could possibly take the blame. I would not blame anyone of them.

Everyone was just following the conventional wisdom. If one monkey can do it, so can all the monkeys. No all the monkeys are scattering for safety. This kind of group think can justify murders in broad daylight as well. You often heard of govts justifying their actions because one monkey was found to be eating shit, so they made use of that solitary example to make their people eat shit as well. What’s wrong, so and so had done it. We are not the first one to do it.

It is not often that a maverick would stand out to say something different. When the chief monkey said so, all the monkeys would join in to sing the same song. Look at all the clowns involved in the search for MH370, they still believe that a crazy pilot or an aircraft on autopilot would fly it to the Antarctic. Can you believe it? And the second theory is that it must be done by the mad pilot. Why would he want to fly to that God forsaken place? Oh, to bury the aircraft so that no one could find it? Is that a reasonable explanation? And how could a single pilot managed to control an aircraft full of passengers and crew and even prevented them from making a single call out? Can a single pilot do that?

Anyway, sometimes it is a blessing to have someone who could think differently, who could challenge conventional wisdom, proactive thinking, without being a genius, to avoid a crisis. Often such a person would face a lot of opposition and resistance from the conventional thinkers and may even be seen as a trouble maker with whimsical thoughts that is best to be ignored.

The blame game will go on and on and will be repeated over and over again. No one would want to think tangentially, or to think unconventionally. The MH370 party is the best example. Everyone is still listening to the chief clown. No one is willing to think different and look at alternative and more logical explanations. Yes, they will continue to waste time and precious resources playing in the Antarctic like silly boys in search of a red herring.

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Anonymous said...

“We’ve flown this route for many years; it’s safe and that’s the reason we are taking this route,” said Mr Liow Tiong Lai

Mr Liow Tiong Lai sounds just like a Sinkie.

“We’ve voted PAP for many years; it’s safe and that’s the reason we are voting PAP.” said Mr Singaporean (60%)

Matilah_Singapura said...

Alamak. Hindsight no point lah. Cock talk only lah.

What I'm looking forward to is the cheap airfares :-))

Anonymous said...

What happened to MH370 should not be lumped to MH17 shot down by either stupid or mad men. It was reported that the shooter(s) was not able to differentiate between a huge airliner and a fighter jet.
Those guys who shot down MH17 deserve to be shot in public for bringing down MH17 and its' Load.
Even a teen will be able to tell the difference between a huge commercial aircraft and a fighter jet by sight and or by sound.
It is inpardonable for the culprits to offer the Damn Excuse and if found, they should be shot and the Execution televise live for the World to see.

Justice must be seen to have been upheld.

Btw, Malaysia Airline and Malaysia had suffered a bout of misfortune and it seems that many Sinkies are blaming the Current Malaysian Regime for the Trajedies. Me would say that MH370 had indeed much mis-handling, However, in the Case of MH17, the Blame is wholly on the Mad People that fired at the Airliner. It is wrong to blame any Malaysian in this case.


Anonymous said...

SIA plane SQ351 was flying a mere 25 km behind MH17 on the same route. It was a stroke of luck that the SIA plane was not shot down, if not we will be grilling Mr Lui Tuck Yew now.


Anonymous said...

The blame game will just go on. it just depends on whose propaganda is more effective, not what is the truth.

Hell, if they can build up a case of WMD in Iraq in order to seize the oil, who knows what else they can come out with.

Just pray for the crash victims but take the cause of the crash with a pinch of salt. The truth will never come out clean and untarnish. That era is over.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious. A typical low substance useless comment trying to make an important political point but finding the most innappropriate ground for doing it.
RB is discussing a very tragic issue and you have to jump at the chance to poke fun at the 60%. Loser.

Anonymous said...

Was it behind or away from thats the thing. If away from then the SIA jet was at least a lot safer. But SIA should not be so thick skinned to quickly say "we do not fly there."

Anonymous said...

Fuck the americunt....

Look @ the bright sides. .

World less crowded.

For certain religion n xtains, they reach heaven faster.

Death is certain. Timing n how we die r the uncertainty.

Anonymous said...

German media reports SIA used the MH17 flight path 75 times the past week.


Anonymous said...

As long as SIA is not caught with it's pants down, they always, like the PAP, can claim they are a few steps ahead of the pack.

But, as they say, when the shit hits the fan....sinkies will hear the template 'you cannot expect no floods, MRT breakdowns, etc etc'.

Got the drift?

Anonymous said...

Well said 10.23am. You said it all in just 2 sentences.

Kaffein said...

Did you think this guy wrote a joke? What he wrote resounded deeply in me. Those group-think settings are a bane to progress. It is as serious as it can get.

You are joking, right?