MH17 – A new twist

In a world dominated by big power politics and competition for control and supremacy, there is a new twist to the fate of MH17. Discussing this version of a conspiracy theory is not meant to be disrespectful to the victims and their families. It is just a theory that is making its round and with Putin making it official.

This centres around the possibility that MH17 was not shot down by a SAM but by the air to air missile of a fighter jet. Do not be surprised as this is that much more realistic and credible than a pilot wanting to fly an aircraft full of dead passengers to the Antarctic, or a commercial aircraft on its way to Beijing turned and flew on auto pilot towards the Antarctic. And the whole world is made to look like fools to believe in these stories.

What are the reasonings behind this new story of MH17? One, a SAM firing from the ground would be seen by many for miles away and must have a lot of eye witnesses to testify the sighting and possibly even with video evidence from handphones. The military would also have the missile tracked.

It was a good opportunity to fly a false flag and to make the Russians be blamed for it. And who is the expert in false flag incidents? The messages that were floated of conversations by the rebel forces admitting that they had shot down the civilian aircraft that came out immediately was too good a coincidence. And it is only proper to question why would the rebels want to admit such a grave mistake on air and easily available for all to see?

Other than pointing the finger at the Russians and leading to a world condemnation, the incident was timed so well to coincide with the Israeli attack on Gaza, a tactical move to divert media attention on the massacre of the Palestinians.

And did anyone notice that no Americans were on board that ill fated aircraft? And why is MAS a convenient sacrificial lamb? If this theory turns out to be true, Malaysia must know that it has friends at the wrong places, or enemies. There are many other claims of evidences pointing that it was indeed another conspiracy but were too Hollywood like and a challenge on the logical mind, good fictional stuff.

The most basic question, why would the Russians or rebels want to shoot down a civilian aircraft and take the blame for it. There were rumours that MH17 flew off course or were diverted away from the main air corridor.

Russia is demanding a fair and open investigation on the incident. The investigators must not be from only one camp like the investigators on the sinking of the Cheonan Incident when only the Americans and their allies were party to it and promptly accusing the North Koreans as the culprit. Could MAS/Malaysia be the target of two conspiracy attacks?

Caught in between interstate rivalry, or a fight between the superpowers, the truth could be as unreal as fiction, or fiction could become the truth.

And Australian PM Abbott is again the spokesman for the western powers and seemed to know everything, just like the MH370 incident. It is scary when Abbott seems to appear in all the places, and acting like a smart alec.

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Anonymous said...

Leave those comments aside. I believe helping next of kins is more important at this moment. Priority must be given to return the bodies to the families and their love ones.

Just like MH370, speculate but its futile. The experts will be able to explain what happened.

Anonymous said...

Cui Bono ? Who benefits ?

MH370 Crash ...
who is Malaysia's main trading partner besides Singapore ?


MH17 Crash ...
who is Malaysia's main Defense Supplier ? Air and Sea

Russia n EU


Anonymous said...

It might be also pay back for the 1997 Asian financial crisis

when Mahathir Mohammad imposed strict capital controls

in 2011 the “Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal”,
found Bush and seven of his associates, including former Vice President Dick Cheney and former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld guilty of torture and war crimes.

Revenge is sweet and pay back is a bitch


agongkia said...

But Russia has past records of hitting at commercial flights that gets near them like Korean airlines .

Anonymous said...

With due respect to the victims and their families, I am suffering from fatique listening to the finger pointing arguments and chanting of 'guilty, guilty, guilty' by the top dog and poodles repeating and singing the chorus.

The evidence produced so far have to be proven to be, well, undoctored and true, and in a court of law, anyone accused of a crime must be presumed innocent until proven guilty. Where is the other side of the story? Don't the other side have the right to defend themselves?

I am also surprised that the
internet chatter captured
and videos of the truck, supposedly the one that fired the missile, and the rebel holding the black box were taped and recorded all by people there 'n the right place and at the right time', precise to the minute actually, that the truck rumbled past. That person must have been waiting patiently there for days. absolutely sure that a truck of that description will pass by.
It is incredible and difficult to explain.

I was wondering whether the other side is keeping the US and it's poodles out of the crash site simply because of the likelihood and fear of them tampering with the evidence, not the other way round as argued.

The next piece of video
evidence will probably be produced to show Putin pressing the fire button for the missile that brought down the plane.

Anonymous said...

When there is no proof they now say that Ruassia created the conditions for MH17 to be shot down. What the fuck does that mean?

The whole episode is just an opportunity to create conditions and an excuse for the US and EU to step into the conflict in Ukraine. Nothing more, nothing less.

b said...

RIP for those victims. It is definitely an act of terrorisim but pheasants will never or will take a long time to find out the real mastermind. Anyway, MH 17 on 17-7-14 so many sevens.

Anonymous said...

This is not an act of terrorism lah. Terrorism means intentional effort to wreak havoc on a targeted victim and succeeded subsequently. The missle owners targeted other aircraft, in my opinion. This is a war zone man. Just today, the rebels short down another plane, and also a number of others some months ago. MH17 was in the wrong place wrong time.

Also, mr redbean.. I don't quite support the idea it was a air to air missile. Because, if you read the body language of putin, he said :"this would not have happened if there is peace in ukraine":
THAT is a very unusual statement, it is almost like a subtle admission, subconsciously, with a remorseful heart, sorry, we had to do it it is war time. Of course in the later speeches Putin put on other clothes. But if you recall one of the first words (it was unfortunately not repeated by CNN reels) putin said were that, it wouldn't happen if there is peace. I would blame it on Putin this time. Putin 1 America 0 Ukraine 0

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

In situations like this, I am not sure either. Remember the sinking of the Choenan? Wait for a clear confirmation of who is the real culprit.