Lawlessness in Singapore

An angry driver cut into the path of a public bus in the middle of the road to block the bus. The driver came out to challenge the bus driver but in vain as the latter remained in the bus. Oops, he was trying to sweet talk the bus driver to come down to have a friendly chat in the middle of the road. He must be influenced by the kindness movement. Failing in his attempt to woo the bus driver, the angry driver then stood there, made a phone call, left the car stranded, and waiting for the sun to set.

Later the police came and told both parties ‘not to breach the peace’. It was reported that ‘No further police action was required’. So, what did that mean? The angry driver was told to move off and all back to normal? Our police officers are so civil and polite, another sign that the kindness movement is getting its message to the people, including the police. This is the new way of handling angry people in a first world country when kindness is the order of the day. Be very nice. Little India? Nice rioters? Police cars burnt, kenna bokok bokok nevermind.

Can a driver simply park his car in the middle of the road? Can a driver block the path of a public bus at his own fancy? No offence? The police that came did not see anything wrong? They did not bother to inform the traffic police of any offence, or they did? If anyone thinks there is an offence they should take the initiative to report to the traffic police. It is not the duty of the normal police officers to deal with a traffic offence or violation or disrupting traffic, only if threatening peace? I stand corrected as the police officer present could have taken down the particulars of the angry driver and passed it to the traffic police to follow up.

Maybe the police is right. There is nothing to it. Just like the angmoh cyclist stopping in the middle of the road to threaten a woman driver. This is the new kindness movement. There are all trying to communicate to one another in a better way. No offence, no one is hurt. No traffic offence also. This is the new normal. Everything is fine. Everything is so nice, everyone is so nice.

This is the new paradise. Who is complaining about lawlessness?

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Anonymous said...

Lawlessness is anything that is opposing the PIGS.

Anonymous said...

Knn now in sinkie land u need to protect yourself and can no longer rely on them

Anonymous said...

RB, please stop making a fuss over this trivial incident. What is this compared to Chee Soon Juan walking with 4 or 5 protesters on a public road? We need 4 or 5 police personnel to follow them and arrest them if necessary (despite being 1000 policemen short) to show we do not tolerate lawlessness.

Anonymous said...

The lawlessness will not make the opposition more ready to be govt, and so 60% will not vote for opposition.

Lawlessness? So let it be.

Anonymous said...

This sink hole is descending into a cowboy town.

When the MM was in charge, who dared to do such an asinine stunt with their vehicles on the road? Which Ang Moh dared to abuse another road user unfettered?

This all reflects on how much respect the population has for the current administration.

They are duds. Plenty of stupid laws and rules but no enforcement.

There is this ban on smoking in some public spaces. The morons in the NEA expects establishments to enforce the rules instead of they making their daily rounds to book the culprits. Which commercial establishment would jeopardize their sales revenue by chasing away customers who smoke?

That eye doctor who is in charge should himself get a good pair of spectacles to see the insanity of his underlings.

What a sink hole this dot has sunk into.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Anon 10:07, this may be a small matter but I fear for my safety. Next time another joker or angmoh cyclist cut into my path and invites me out of my car for a 'friendly' chit chat how?

Anonymous said...

/// Next time another joker or angmoh cyclist cut into my path and invites me out of my car for a 'friendly' chit chat how? ///

Then vote Opposition lor.
If you want law and order ... you have to vote Opposition.


Anon 10.58am // They are duds. Plenty of stupid laws and rules but no enforcement. //

Ha ha ha

True true.

How many respect the no smoking law after donkey years being implemented?

No smoking near lift lobby, main entrances etc etc?

It's a JOKE!

Old man said these SUPER TALENTS need to be compensated millions to coax them to take the job?

But are they doing their jobs after taking millions?

@ AnonymousJuly 17, 2014 10:51 am.
// That eye doctor who is in charge should himself get a good pair of spectacles to see the insanity of his underlings. //

Pinky joked about free smoking in Beijing with having to just open the windows and free pork soup by turning the tap.

Now eye surgeon, like all wayangs and sycophants try to do one better and turn the jokes on sinkies lah!

Many HDB residents no need open windows every day also have free smoking from void deck downstairs. And it is 24 hours round the clock. Even in the wee hours of middle of the night, residents can smell "free cigarettes smoking " floating into their units. Often the first irritating residents get early in the morning is strong cigarettes smoking almost every where in their units. Must be karma! Pinky made fun of other countries miseries to please angmoh who did not bother to laugh at such below the belt jokes.

Now Pinky underlings trying to outdo him by passing anti smoking laws but nobody enforcing it.

Are all these pure wayang and sham?

Not only eye surgeon need a pair of good specs.

Old man should!

And take a good look at what his so called specially created succession system has become and what his multi-millionaires ministars have done to SINKIELAND on the ground as well as intrinsically.

Oh forgot that old man already said in his interviews he had done all he could and such things do not keep him awake at night.

Meaning old man also doesn't care already?

He also give up hope already?

oldhorse42 said...

This sort of thing happened not too long ago in Mandai. A FT family stopped a bus because the driver did not allowed the FT to bring up a wheel chair into the bus.
The police was called and they kindly resolved the issue by sending the FT away in a cab. The FT need not pay for the cab.
In the case quoted by RB, since no FT is involved, no need to call cab.
Just sent them on the way,lo. No need to charge any of them. No need investigation. No court appearance. No meed to waste tax payers' money unnecessary.
What lawlessness? Just paint some anti pap slogan any where and you can feel the full weight of the LAW!


Rb: // Lawlessness in Singapore. //

Rb, it is just a symptom of a dysfunctional system.

It can be seen in many aspects in SINKIELAND.

Another example is the degradation of the teaching profession in SINKIELAND.

Just ask any private GP about the number of teachers who had seen them for depression/ some sort of mental illness.........

YEW will be shocked how many tons of cases of teachers going berserk trying to cope with the system.

Is it any surprise many experienced teachers who have many more years before retirement quit from the teaching professional every year?

It is more than quitting to go into private tuition business. Private tuition business is much more than teaching. The full aspects of business come into play. Operational costs, marketing, administration, accounting etc etc. Not every teacher has the passion to run a business..... But many teachers have the passion to teach. To quit a passion is as good as giving up hope in the system...... No?

A COI should be set up independently to cross examine MOE and find out what's wrong with the system.

If many in the teaching profession are suffering from depression/ some sort of mental illnesses, what would happen to the younger generations growing up under their care and guidance ........ ?

b said...

Cannot waste gov resources to settle these kind of petty issues else police can be charged for abusing power. If anyone uses violence then the police can come in and charge. This is the SOP.


Rb: // Lawlessness in Singapore. //

Arguably the term was used to describe the situation in Geylang during the LIR COI by none other than the Commissioner of Police.

What could this imply?

Could it grow and multiply like cancer in a body system?

Before long, could it spread to neighbouring areas like Paya Lebar, Kallang, Lavender areas?

Over time, this cancer could grow bigger and engulf the entire red dot?

With casinos and many other vices running rampant in the streets, this is not impossible.

With the fertile breeding grounds of casinos, rampant vices and what have you, is it not normal for crime infestations to take place with or without the addition of a few more thousand mib?

The said...


A more interesting case of road rage across the causeway.

Anonymous said...

chinese are like that. we kill each other. for example ask red bean how he earn money thru ads, he never share. that the problem we facing today. if he is capable at writing content, everyone got ads, see who content is better.

why create more problem. the police is right. small trival. no one die right? no one injured right? like that than correct. kampong spirit. this few policemen should be promoted. i think this few policemen got EQ. little india riot come again. no problem for them. dac lu also smart. why? pull out gun? later ur boss find u as scape goat. or someone die.

unlike the policemen who create more trouble for my family domestic affair. and those ppl in hdb. zero eq. go scream at them. screaming at ppl is not an offence. the society build up tension, hotline is useless, go find some place where people dont take pride in their job.

but how come the honda guy got problem? 71 year old got problem? this few police no eq. how to solve another little india? must demote them. prison officer who kill dinesh leh? let him scream la. all go away. prison so big. give him space he want. let him scream until he happy. zero eq prison officer. come from where the prison officer? so many generation in singapore. when someone come find me and groom me and be rich. bond free scholar leh. when my turn. or groom in other aspect?

in library also like that. the patrol officer also no eq. go toilet 5 mins, give warning. ppl disappear for hours, no warning. seriously. just too free and find something to do like certain policemen. that why no integrity. uphold no values. NLB books issue. seriously singapore. like special sentence for malaysia truly asia.


@ anon 5.18pm
// so many generation in singapore. when someone come find me and groom me and be rich. bond free scholar leh. when my turn. or groom in other aspect? //

Where got such good lobang for sinkies even after 2 years ns and half a life time reservice, mobilisation, periodical ad hoc in camp briefing and what not ........??? Sinkies being TREATED worst than FOOLS? Mb someday, they also listen to all these f trash and erect some signs in some places and states: Sinkies and cockroaches are not allowed!

Dun trust this garment anymore!

What mee siam mai hum, 2 lollars pipty cents nasi padang?

Who are the real fools now?

Sinkies or Singeelars? ( SINKIELAND "scholars" )

Dun trust this garment anymore!

Rb, new suggested term for your future use: Singeelars =SINKIELAND "scholars" aka si nao "scholars" ( brain dead "scholars" )

Anon 5.18. // in library also like that. the patrol officer also no eq. go toilet 5 mins, give warning. ppl disappear for hours, no warning. seriously. just too free and find something to do like certain policemen. that why no integrity. //


So far, though NLB still quite well run but there are some people as u said very free find things to do. No consistency like the system as a whole. Also many foreign students behave like they own the libraries in SINKIELAND. U give them one feet they take one mile. Too late liao somebody legs opened TOO WIDE kena penetrated DEEP DEEP into SINKIELAND every available private lobang liao. Aiyo aiyo, Sakit sakit, mati lah SINKIELAND.

Also one more feedback, toilets all ok still quite new recently but all regional branches and mall libraries toilets all suddenly totally renovated. Worst still some of the newly installed toilet flushing system become malfunction and auto flush every 20 seconds when one is doing big biz there. Can YEW imagine after sitting for 2 mins the whole backside wet with the non stop auto flushing every 20 seconds or so? MB YAKULT should go and try use some of these over efficient toilet bowls...... no need wash backside after big biz. Flushing system auto wash every 20 seconds. So "efficient".

One more last last feedback for YAKULT. Bugis Lee Kong Chen library reference sections from levels 7 to 11, many listed reference books "MIA"..... dun believe go do audit, see how many reference books "MIA" ........

Ha ha ha

Singeelars stewardship. Really "WORLD (WHORE) Class "


Gintai_昇泰 said...

What about my case. A foreign barbarian smashed the windscreen and there is CCTV footage yet the police treated as if nothing happened. If I were killed then only they would investigate. This is the new normal lah. http://gintai.wordpress.com/2014/03/20/my-traumatic-encounter-with-a-foreign-barbarian/

Veritas said...

MAS shot down in Ukraine. Sad.

Anonymous said...

2nd class citizens, we have become, there's no why, how, or what....you guys should hv seen it coming 20 years ago, bringing in the ft's are a replacement. A father punishing its child that has ask too many question.
A recent bashing of a local by a new citizen (ex-PRC) at clementi, police came.....a warning????????, stupid farts, still thinking that these is our land. You guys deserve to be let out and dry.

Matilah_Singapura said...

People are just wound up so tightly, the slightest "incident" can set them off.

This is a pure case of psychological priming. If you drive, you will occasionally make mistakes which will upset other drivers. Similarly, other drivers will make errors of judgement or become impatient and do silly things like cut off the car just ahead or behind them in the same or adjacent lane. Please lah, this happens ALL THE TIME.

So just relac, and let it go lah. You are not Lewis Hamilton driving F1 lah, you are just some schmuck in an over-priced motorised steel box trying to get to the nearest whorehouse for a blow job...no big deal lah.

Singaporeans are too tense and stressed. The kicker is: there is no need to be. The city is a rocking awesome place with lots of fun things to do.

Do some meditation lah. Sit, breathe, chant: Aum shanti kani nah boo suck my dick and lick my ass ahhhhh....breathe out. Feeling better? Good.

Got stress-management techniques?

Anonymous said...

good one matilah


look. our crime rate drop. all thanks to ppl with eq, install cctv. ignore police and hdb policy say cannot install cctv that will affect what stuff. police so smart, install cctv at lift but not at stairs. ppl can climb stairs. that why mas selamat will escape. police not thinking. alot ppl things get stole, it just they dont bother to report police as we know they cant do anything. so dont waste time.