Japan marching to war

The final chapter in the remilitarizing of Japan has been written with the Abe administration denouncing its Pacifist Constitution imposed by the Americans after its barbaric and brutal invasion of Asia and South East Asia. The spate of cruelties and atrocities inflicted on the people of Asia and South East Asia were beyond description, even more vicious than what the Germans did to the Jews. These acts led to the Americans lifting all restraints to drop two atomic bombs into Japanese cities as just deserts for the abominable crimes of the Japanese Imperial Army.

In contrast, today America is backing and supporting the Japanese to rearm, which is a fallacy anyway as the Japanese have already built an armed force more powerful than any country in Asia, and deceptively called it a Self Defence Force. In the name of defending Japan against a hyped up threat of an aggressive China, by the way China was the biggest victim of Japanese invasion and atrocities in WW2, and Japan is now asserting itself to conduct wars outside Japan on the excuse that China is an aggressive nation.

Without the revisionist reinterpretation of its Pacifist Constitution, the Japanese Defence Force is all ready and provided by its Constitution to defend Japan against any attacks by external forces. There is no need to reinterpret the Constitution to allow it to be involved in wars outside Japan. The intent is simply to allow Japan to conduct wars of aggression all over again.

While Japan is raising its military posture, behaving provocatively against its immediate neighbours, the whole world watched in silence, and the Americans clapped their hands in approval. The only retribution that the Americans deserved for this wanton support granted to the most barbaric nation in modern history is to be hit by another Pearl Harbour of a bigger scale by Japan. That would be rightful justice for encouraging and supporting a wild beast and unleashing it into the international arena.

Japan has not changed a single bit in its wild and ferocious ambition to be a big colonial power. China and the Koreans are prepared to deal with this animal should it return to its evil ways. The only country that is willingly and happily to be deceived by the pretentious Japanese is the USA, a country that the Japanese have a score to settle, to return the favour of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

History will repeat itself to those that refused to learn from their historical past.

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Virgo49 said...

President Xi had publicly declared that it is not in our Chinese blood/genes in hegemony.

Japan with its counterpart Americunts will get a bloody nose when they try to bully China now.

ROK together with Russia plus hopefully the DPRK will join forces and teach them a perpetual lesson.

Force both of them to sign surrender affidavits and eat dogs' poo.

Crawl under their legs. Served tea and bowed to apologize.

Together gather all their cronies and balls carriers like NEH, LHL and others to do the same.

All the Jepun translators who covered their faces with masks and pointed to the Jepun kias who are the Patriots to be slaughtered.

Good show to see.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't need to be Japan agst USA
. The next war could be Japan n USA form an allegiance agst others too.

Matilah_Singapura said...

@ logical fallacy ridden RB:

>> History will repeat itself to those that refused to learn from their historical past.

Nonsense. Logical fallacy: Argumentum ad populum. -- appeal to popularity (in this case a silly belief that history repeats itself. Bullshit)

Cognitive bias: confirmation bias. "In 1930s-40's Japan was preparing for war. Before christmas 1941, Japan went to war. Now it looks like Japan is preparing for war by amending its constitution. So therefore Japan will go to war".

Sure it's possible. But definitely not CERTAIN as RB would have us believe.

Anyway, IMO the focus will soon move away from Asia. N Korea let go missiles, hardly any news services made an issue out of this.

The 'action' and focus is on ISIL and the civil war in Iraq. Ramadan or not, these militant Islamists are not going to let up. Now in Palestine also you have tit-for-tat over the killing of Jew and Arab teens.

I doubt Abe will last another election anyway.

Anonymous said...

MS, what the fuck are you smoking?

b said...

USA only supports USA. They are playing japan against china so that they will be the ultimate winner.

strategy: 螳螂捕蝉,黄雀在后

If japan never learns, then they better vanish. Everyone is a loser in a war.

Anonymous said...

Why u so fucking kotek??

if japenis dun do this;

how to take revenge on the americunt for the honor of receiving two atomic bombs?

how can both China n Korea have the opportunities to flatten japenis land?

how can lee hsien loong continue his papa old fart kuan yew illustrious role as a traitor of the nation?

How can u have the opportunity to be a translator to the japenis imperial family?

AND where u have opportunity to exhibit your story telling skill?

Anonymous said...

Interesting developments indeed. Japan wants to instigate US to fight China. US wants to instigate Japan to fight China. China and Koreas waiting to run over Japan to avenge their sufferings under the Japanese.

Who would have their wishes satisfied? Who would be turned into ashes?

Anonymous said...

The Japanese action is a reaction to the aggressiveness of the China's actions. Watch this video below to get some context

All new rising global powers hv a tendency to colonise other territories. The British did it n then the Germans n the Japanese. The new global power is China. They r the ones to be feared because they have the economic power now. Slowly but surely they r developing their military might. New aircraft carriers, new airplanes, etc.

Japan is just developing the capability to defend itself. It does not even hv nuclear weapons unlike china.

I wild rather somebody like japan n America keep china in check so tt stability can remain. If not, china can become a fearsome power.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:55, are you a banana or an anglophile? Do you know that you are talking cock and think you are talking reasons.

Go and read the history of China and those of Europeans and Japan about conquest. But you need to pour away all the shit you have fed into your brain first.

The Americans are sitting on conquered land, the whole of USA, and still owned a lot of colonised land. Japan is still holding onto Chinese territories.

China still has not recovered all the land it had lost to the colonial powers. The only thing aggressive about China is to reclaim its lost land. And if China is a bully, the two countries that would have bloody noses would be the Ppines and Vietnam. And they are still harassing China and China is restraining itself and not kicking their asses.

Please remove your blinkers. China could have kicked the asses of India and Vietnam but gave them a lot of face by withdrawing when the two countries attacked China in two wars. Is that what a bully or aggressive country would do?

Read the papers about what Japan is doing these few months.

Anonymous said...

@July 03, 2014 8:55 pm

u lee hsien loong proxy?

Anonymous said...

Actually, I hv read my history while yr logic is fm one born out of a false sense of loyalty to the motherland. If China has not conquered territories in the past, how did she become so big? Watch Han wu da ti n you may understand what I mean if you take the blinkers off your eyes. And how do u think Tibet become a Chinese territory since the 50s?

But what is a fact is that former conquerors seldom become conquerors again. Look at Mongolia, Greece, etc. in ancient history.

I don't think we need to fear japan because they hv one of the fastest aging population. Their best days r behind them. What we need to fear is the increasingly assertive Chinese.

We may feel some strong affiliation towards them because of our ancestry but they r different from us. That's why we get uncomfortable when too many Chinese come here. Likewise in Hong Kong n Macau.

I always wonder why Singaporean Chinese always think tt china can do no wrong. When there were some initial problems with s chips, I have friends who swear tt their invtscant go wrong because they can't believe the Chinese will screw us.

Now when I say tt the Chinese banks r bankrupt, they swear tt the Chinese govt has enough money to prevent any major collapse. Their argument - china has $3 trillion of reserves. But the shadow banking alone has $5 trillion of bad debt tt kept being rolled over. Then the local govt owes god knows how much. And we hv a corporate sector in china tt took 10 plus yrs to accumulate a debt amt tt US took 100 yrs to accumulate.

It is just amazing how Singaporean Chinese can be so blind to the faults of the motherland. Even corporate titans like liew mun Leong fm Capland suffers from it. When asked for his views abt Jim Chanos opinion tt Chinese has a huge pty bubble, he brushed it aside on the basis of the size of the population. Guess what - there is one guy tt made tons of money n it is not capland.

Anonymous said...

And u forgotten to mentioned... the son of god is not a white man too