India: Over 1,000 teaches with fake degrees sacked

‘(AFP, 8 Jul) – India’s Bihar state has sacked 1,100 school teachers in the last five years for faking their own education qualifications, an official said on Tuesday.

Bihar’s government has launched an investigation into the eastern state’s primary and secondary teachers to check the authenticity of their degrees, the official said….

Bihar, with a population of almost 100 million, has some of the poorest literacy rates in India….
Standards of education in rural India have declined almost every year since 2009 despite huge government investment, a survey by Indian education research group Pratham has found.’

The above full article is posted in TRE.

Singapore is so lucky that only honest Indian professionals with genuine certificates are coming here for employment. Or maybe it is our strict criteria and controls that are weeding the fakes from coming here. And we have probably a few hundred thousands of honest and genuinely qualified Indian professionals working here, some in very high positions. No problem really, all genuine talents.

Dunno who to thank for this or what lucky star to thank for. Or maybe we are just a born lucky country where the houseflies would not think this is a piece of shit, a place fit for them.

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Anonymous said...

"Singapore is so lucky that only honest Indian professionals with genuine certificates are coming here for employment......."

Wake up RB! Make sure you drink your kopi before writing any post.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You know that I can get marbok by just drinking kopi? Or I can get delirious for being deprived of kopi?

Is my counter working? No kopi this morning.

Anonymous said...

Singapore - Over 300,000 alien talents hired

Anonymous said...

And all are genuine. No fakes. Trust me.

Anonymous said...

Of course all our alien talents are real and not fakes.
They have been carefully vetted and been granted visas by our PAP government.
So can say they have received the implicit PAP seal of approval for quality.

Anonymous said...

How about our real and genuine talents unable to detect fake and phoney talents from overseas.
Not possible for our real and genuine talents to be outwitted or just too dumb to know a fake from a real one?
How about Sinkies voting for their own talents to rule them. The Rulers are truly the Best Talents in Sin? They are Rulers not because of nepotism or who they have quanxi with?

Anonymous said...

It is not easy to outwit real talents but very easy to cheat morons.

Anonymous said...

Annon 11:25. Well said.

Anonymous said...

Fake or not, it's up to their boss to decide whether they are competent in their job.

If I were the boss, I rather prefer a competent one with a fake degree than a incompetent one (Sinkie??) with a genuine degree. And better still if the fake one is cheaper.

Now u know why some Sinkies are jobless and why PM Lee (or rather the bosses) want to have so many competent foreign workers.

Anonymous said...

You are right Man.

I oso need only leaders who share the wealth and weal with us. But fucking sinkies voted for talents that care oni for money and their own glory. Soon, they will lose their country and after that they will ruin their own dignity when foreigners call the shot.
Got talents in sinkies? Got la, 2nd class to fake foreign talents, eat shit one mostly.

b said...

Only 1000? I guess that numbers are significantly played down. They are snake charmers. They can fake anything from bank accounts, experience, degrees, references etc. Only stupid gahmen and businessmen buy their fake stuff and giving them access to important information.