Hsien Loong – Spore to learn from China

China has been learning from Singapore for the last few decades and has surpassed the master to go on to become the world’s second largest economy with modern cities cropping up all over, each one bigger than Singapore. It is time the master learns from the disciple that learnt his lesson well.

But there is one thing that China had failed to learn, would not learn and would learn only to its detriment, that is the Instant Tree strategy or Money can buy anything to solve problems. Singapore has excelled in the application of this strategy to solve all its problems. It was even suggested to bring the World Cup home by using money to buy a team of world class footballers. Anything that can be solved by money, can be bought by money, is not a problem.

We bought the best talents from all over the world to fill up the vacancies in top jobs that we could not fill. We brought in academics from the best universities in the US to fill up a university and more universities. We fill up all the vacancies with people from across the world. It is like planting trees, instant trees. Any barren stretch of land, parcel of land, can be turned into a garden or tropical jungle within a matter of days by filling up with instant trees of choice. It is a matter of time when we buy a PM from overseas if we can’t find anyone better here.

Just cannot imagine China adopting this policy of Instant Trees with money. If China would to do it, China could have bought up all the super talents in the whole world with its war chest. But China would have a problem with its more than 1 billion people and would not be able to turn them into billionaires and top scientists and engineers. Their citizens will have to return to farming, be poor peasants once again,

Conversely, can we learn this Instant Tree strategy from China? We may have all the money, but not everything can be bought or should be bought. China knew about this great strategy of ours but refused to adapt it. China could have solved its corruption problem if it applies this theory of money can buy anything, including civil servants and political leaders that would not be corrupt. There will be no corrupt leaders and civil servants in China, as clean as us, corruption free. But China would not be as rich and prosperous as it is today if it simply learns and copies everything we do. It would not have enough money to pay their officials and leaders to be not corrupt. It will be a China with foreigners running all the businesses, as CEOs, and Chinese as workers everywhere.

Would Singapore learn from China, to use its indigenous citizens and not be dependent on foreigners? Probably not. There are just no local talents except in politics.

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Matilah_Singapura said...

I will humbly admit as a Singaporean, I am constantly learning from the China Chinese. To me it's a mixed bag: there's both bad and good about the way they do things.

One thing I do notice, and like about the China business folks, is that they THINK BIG, and contrast that to your typical Singapore SME operator -- too small in the thinking.

So yah, there are things Singaporeans can learn form China -- how to profit from "problems", how to be skeptical of "conventional wisdom" and do what others think are impossible -- perhaps succeed, perhaps fail.

China business folk never say "die". If they fall down, they get the fuck up and come back swinging. In Singapore, the fuckers' first reaction is to find someone to blame for their failure. (Fucking victim-minded losers)

Got big ideas and winning attitude?

Anonymous said...

/// Got big ideas and winning attitude? ///

The biggest idea most Singaporeans have today is to vote Opposition and change government.

Baby steps. baby steps.
Today Alujnied GRC
Tomorrow .... another 4 more GRCs.

Anonymous said...

Got big ideas?

Have lor for matilar to write his books and become billionaire!

oldhorse42 said...

Our little dragon is getting smarter to say things that pleases China an make it forget all the unpleasant comments he made about China.
China will then send more of its people from Northern China to teach Singapore.
Just met a China girl from Jilin Province in North China where Tamasek has a substantial investment in Agri farms. She is working in a North Indian Restaurant in Westgate. Does not speak english and has just arrived 6 days ago.

Matilah_Singapura said...

@ really-deluded-small-thinking 1258:

>> The biggest idea most Singaporeans have today is to vote Opposition and change government.

Really? That's the best you can do? No wonder you guys are fucked up :-))


@ no-money-down 131:

>> Have lor for matilar to write his books and become billionaire!

You are either a loser-useless-broke case or stingy motherfucker. Either way if I don't see the money, I don't write. ;-)

This is Singapore. Towkays here carry, 10-20-30k and MORE in their pockets in CASH. No money? Then shut the fuck up! You don't even qualify to be invited into the discussion lah.

Anonymous said...

Matilar, I thought some time back one poster offered u $20 to write a teaser first for one of your favorite books mah. Knn got money what

Anonymous said...

Hsien Loong and his entire cabinet.
- their entire life is spent looking for mentors.
- obviously LKY cannot be their mentor anymore
- so now looking to China to mentor them

That's the problem with all these elite people
- when they were toddlers, their servants probably held their dicks while they pissed
- so now grown men
- still looking for somebody to hold their dicks while they pissed

Anonymous said...

This MS talking big time talking to towkays with $20k or $30k in the pocket. He big time now.

How many believe him?

b said...

All along China has been smarter than Sg, however, being smart is not the only inputs for success. There are a few inputs before success can take place. Just like growing a plant - need proper soil, sun, water, air etc. Unfortunately, our gahmen think success only depends on one factor.

Anonymous said...

Aiya with s$ 10,000 denomination, 20 k only two pieces of paper. I was at the private hospital checking my relative and saw this young Indonesian girl settling her father expenses. She was holding the 1k denomination and at lease 100 k cash with her. The bill came to 40 plus k so she still has a lot of spare change after payment.

This matilar dude just mixing with some small fry but want to talk big lar as he does not really mix with very rich people. Some more look down on the $20 offer.

In poorer country $20 bucks enough for his one screw ok so don't play play.

Anonymous said...

It is highly debatable that the World and especially China learnt or have to learn from Singapore. However, the most doubtful point must be the prognosis that no one capable of replacing Lee Hsien Loong as Prime Minister. Is the Author implying that the Incumbent PM has no peer? Or that his capability is so good that no one else can replace?

Anonymous said...

4pm. I think it's true that in the existing cabinet, no one can replace him but it does not mean outside the cabinet, there are no sinkies that can replace him lar. In fact should be many

Anonymous said...

No one in PAP or the PAP cabinet dare to replace LHL.
- but that does not mean that LHL is a good leader.
- it just means that LHL is PAP's best available leader

There are many capable Singaporean leaders who are not PAP.
- in addition, we can afford to hire any number of experts from the United Nations and etc to advise our chosen non-PAP Prime Minister if need be.

Anonymous said...

Matilar mixing with big shot towkays? hahahahahahah! rich people where got time to go visit blog and write rubbish 24/7. Matilar is one of the ah peks sitting in the coffeeshop lah. Probably in Queenstown or Toa Payoh or Ang Mo Kio.

Anonymous said...

What? Chee by kia, hsien loong implying he teaching his father HOW TO FUCK?

Anonymous said...

What is there to learn? Singapore is a democracy in name only and control of Sinkies is as tight as the commies.

Or is he thinking of even adopting the commie tactics on those who cannot agree with him? Just a thought about what he really means by learning from China.