F35 fleet grounded

A fire on the engine of a F35 has led to the complete grounding of all F35s in service. The US Defence Department has announced that a complete inspection of all the engines will be conducted, and for safety reasons, they will not let the F35s off the ground until they know what is the cause of the problem. A decision to put all 97 aircraft on hold must mean something serious is going on.

The F35 is by far the most expensive multi role fighter aircraft ever produced and will cost about $200m a piece. Singapore was reported to have committed to buy the F35s but the decision has been kept under wrapped given the series of problems facing the aircraft and the many concerns expressed over its ability to perform to specifications. The cost is also a very prohibitive factor and only countries that are very rich and have a lot of money to throw would be able to afford it. Singapore is the only exception as it would be small change to our big coffer.

An American general has publicity announced that Singapore has already made the buy decision. Would this be true and Singapore be acquiring this untested aircraft that is extremely costly and plagued with a host of problems? Under the old thinking, especially the leadership of Goh Keng Swee, Singapore will not touch any aircraft with a 10 foot pole unless the aircraft has been operational and proven in service. Has there been a new thinking, a new adventurism to plough billions of dollars on such an expensive piece of untested equipment that is infamous for all kinds of problems and have not been ruled fit and operational, let alone seen service in the battle field? It is like buying a dinosaur egg with a lot of promises and surprises that we would definitely get the dinosaur we paid for.

Maybe a decision has already been made and all the reservations are of no use. Just name the price and we will pay for it as long as it looks good on paper and the marketing brochures. This will be another great new toy to boot should it ever land on our shore. And with the price tag, it must be really good. It must be value for money. Good stuff doesn’t come cheap except when it is a con job like the few banks that we bought and nearly lost our pants.

Kopi Level - Green


Anonymous said...

An expensive and useless plane.
Just like our expensive and useless PAP ministers.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when the govt spends the most on defence for a country not at war, as a percentage of govt budget. When we hv too many ex soldiers in the cabinet, what can expect. They just splurge on the most expensive military toys.

It is just ridiculous. One F35 costs as much as ten F16s and it is not proven tt one F35 can take down ten F16s. These guys hv lost their sense of what is impt anymore. Healthcare - no money but defence can afford to pay for the most expensive toys,

Anonymous said...

But will the "F35 fleet grounded", cost about $200m a piece, and Singapore was reported to have committed to buy the F35s made the Sinkie opposition more ready or even ready to be govt?

And if opposition is not ready, will 60% vote opposition and hence vote PAP out?

I think these are the type of questions PAP and PM Lee will be asking, not aloud of course lah.

And not those questions RB is asking, and for those who know RB, RB is also indirectly asking for kopi.

So kopi for RB. And definitely much, much cheaper and more affordable than F35 for Sinkies, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Yes, 60% can vote for opposition even if opposition is not ready. It is called a freak result & is one of lky most feared election outcome.

But u know what - if we do get a freak outcome, it is entirely due to the efforts of the ruling party because they hv managed the country badly over the last decade.

Anonymous said...


With 60% support, PAP can afford to buy those F35s.

In fact, anything PAP want to buy.

U want more health care funds, reduce medical costs, lower cost of living and Sinkie first? Better ask the 60% Sinkies who voted PAP. They are the real boss of PAP. Not LKY. Not LHL.

Anonymous said...

Times are changing. In those days of Goh KS, we were not that rich, so much count the dollars and sense.

Today we are so rich, no need to mind the dollars and sense. Just spend when you have it. What is a couple of billions?

Anonymous said...

...if we do get a freak outcome..."
Anon 10:15 am

Then why no freak outcome in 2011? And in 2011, things were already very bad, even worse than now.

And since 2011, at least PAP made some improvements for Sinkies. So although still bad for Sinkies, things are slightly better now than in 2011.

Anonymous said...

A freak outcome would be if PAP wins the GE 2016 elections.

Anonymous said...

And since 2011, a lot of new Sinkies made by PAP some more! Which means they can vote!

And some real suffering Sinkies, maybe a lot, also left Sinkieland for greener pastures elsewhere.

So logically speaking, things should be better for PAP in 2015/2016 than in 2011, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Just before GE 2011, President salary was even increased to $4M!

After GE 2011, President salary is now $1M or so tio bo? And ministers also all reduced.

So for Sinkies angry with those obscene pay, at least this has improved lah! LOL

Matilah_Singapura said...

Useless plane, a total waste of money.

But why ground them?

I prefer them to fly them...so they will crash, and we can watch video on youtube and at least be entertained.

Spend how-many-billions on this piece of high tech crap...please fly the fuckers lah...money already burnt, you might as well give us some spectacular shows!

Anonymous said...

Ya, a freak election is when PAP wins this time. Good one! Getting harder to disagree with u

b said...

Maybe now can ask for discounts and the cpf monies return back to the people.

The said...

Looks like we don't need the JMMS after all. So, no need to pretend that it is for humanitarian purpose like Super Haiyan - unless of course Filipino lives are so important that Singaporean tax monies are used to rescue and provide for them.

Anonymous said...

Our mission is to save the world. If tomorrow Africa or Latin America got disaster, we will send our boys and money to help. We are so rich. We must think big, like big powers.

patriot said...


Cant say it better!

The earlier we kick them out, the lesser we sinkies get exploited and enslaved. Those selfish elites must not be protected by us keeping them in power. Strip them of their power and it is time to examine if they have indeed been serving the people and the country.
Personally, me am not too sure our rulers have taken care of our(the people) wellbeings. Would be grateful if others here can sincerely share with me Your feeling.


Anonymous said...

"Ya, a freak election is when PAP wins this time."
Anon 11:46 am

Freak ya, but 93% chance it will happen.

Anonymous said...

"The earlier we kick them out, the lesser we sinkies get exploited and enslaved."
patriot 3:46 pm

But how? Ask WP to be ready to be govt? Ask Teochew Ah Hia to be ready to be PM?

Anonymous said...

Assuming they were all elected, and their parties together have majority seats, can Teochew Ah Hia, Hainan Ah Kor or even Aung Juan Soon Chee (read in reverse) all work together as a team?

What happen if all want to become PM? Can Sinkieland have 3 PMs instead of one?

Anonymous said...

What happen if all want to become PM?
Anon 7:50 am

That's what some of the 60% fear most. And cause them not to vote the opposition, even though they hate PAP a lot.

Anonymous said...

Patriot, charity begins at home. So they will know how to take good care of themselves first.

patriot said...

Hi Anon 8:54 am.

You are right. It is exactly because they are looking after thenselves and exploiting the People. That is why they should not be tolerated anymore.
The People have pampered and spoilt the Rulers for 50 years. Any longer they will take us for granted.
It time to stand up against the Bullies.

Thank You for Your response.