CPF – Monthly protest rally at Hong Lim

Han Hui Hui and Roy Ngerng will be holding monthly protest rally at the Hong Lim Park on the CPF issues. One immediate problem that comes to mind is their ability to continue to attract the number of people to Hong Lim on a sustained basis. Last Saturday’s rally was a test case for the people’s willingness to keep going to Hong Lim to show their support for Hui Hui and Roy and the return of their CPF money. It was tentative and could have been a big disappointment if only 200 people turned up. The possibility was there given the fact that it came so close to the last protest and with so little publicity on the event. It turned out that the crowd was there to keep the fire burning.

From past experience, it has been proven that Sinkies would kpkb for a while and would soon lose interests in whatever they were unhappy about and the whole thing was forgotten with time. There was no follow up and all issues died a natural death. Would this CPF issue die a natural death like everything else? Would the people persist with greater tenacity to keep the issue and pressure on the govt to make changes to the scheme? If the support for the protest rally dies off, then all things will return to normal. And the govt will know that Hong Lim Speakers Corner had served its wonderful role, to let the people let out steam and the temperature will cool down as expected.

23 Aug for the next protest rally is just a short while away. Hui Hui and Roy are following the practice of biting and not letting go, like a rotweiller. It is like taking a bite and sinking the teeth in. Saying sorry is not enough, must also explain. Keeping rubbing in, keep repeating to put the victim under pressure. This is how to keep an issue alive. Not following through, a couple of kpkb sessions, will not achieve any results.

So, would Hui Hui and Roy’s new approach, to keep pounding the road, keep hammering on the issue, to keep it alive, work? It may if they can gather enough crowd to be at Hong Lim. It may if the people do not get tired and start to give Hong Lim a miss when the protest rally is on. How long would Hui Hui and Roy be able to keep the flame burning? It is not easy even if an issue like CPF touches everyone’s pocket where it hurts.

Would the daft Sinkies behave differently this time and would also bite in and refuse to let go, and keep coming back to Hong Lim to kpkb every month?

Kopi Level - Green


Anonymous said...

"Would the daft Sinkies behave differently this time and would also bite in and refuse to let go..."

Please lah RB, u are asking the wrong Sinkies, even if they behave differently and refuse to let go.

What's the use when the Sinkie opposition is not even united and ready to be the govt?

Assuming 60% willing to give opposition a chance, what happen if Hainan Ah Ko fight with Teochew Ah Hia to be PM? Can Sinkieland have 2 or even 3 PMs, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...


Wrong Sinkies, wrong methods and wrong actions will never win.

So don't ever bet on it.

Veritas said...

As PAP goes broke, a lot of junk fee will be imposed on CPF, and a lot of captive monopoly like transport, housing, healthcare, college, and utilities.

Right now we are at the margin. We could reach a point whereby all these fee + food, exceeded our monthly income, and then we will see an implosion of our society.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Tiok. The Sinkies were there for an afternoon of fun. Many got nothing better to do. And don't forget, taking a bus or train to be there cost a few dollars. This is money to the retirees. Why would they want to waste money?

Think next meeting not more than 200 will attend when the novelty of the protest wears off. All sian oredy. Perhaps they could make the event more exciting with the 76 year old lady on stage crying for her money back. Or maybe she has gotten her money back and her case is closed.

Anonymous said...

"Right now we are at the margin."
Veritas 9:49 am

Now only meh? I thought we were already there even before 2011 and was even worse.

Before GE 2011, President salary was $4M+ a year. Now only $1M+.

So some things have improved to make Sinkies less angry since 2011, tio bo?

So will the votes for PAP also improve?

Anonymous said...

inside pap also got black sheep what.

what if low thia khiang say dont waste money to do flooring but lee li lian say i wan to do? waste money? money go where? or maybe is low thia khiang idea? but ppl living in their area go find them, they never help. they never set up own fund. or maybe setup what fund only for show? so many wp as mp. still not enough? they dont have own company? are they rich ppl?

singapore is okay today all thanks to ang moh. america ang moh or british ang moh? i dunno. money start from where? if no them, we still fishing with tree branch. want to buy shimano rod also no have. if not why still at restaurant, ang moh like kings. and they very professional. wont wimp.

so we are control by investor. and singapore is democratic enough to let u hold talk at hong lim. so vote a few more diff oppo go in. they make ppl below messy with chinese fillipino indian and etc. we make the parliament messy with pap wp sdp nsp.

fair? hur hur hur.

Anonymous said...

like that fun right? make common ppl life better right? no need think who is good who is bad.

fair tio bo? below messy, on top also make it more messy la. haha. we like that think. our common ppl life will be happier and more fun. than let the top ppl fight to win seats.

any singapore still will be safe without sufficient police. our country feng shui damn good. no choice. better do more good deeds and dont reborn or go to hell. tio bo mr khaw? next time i go hospital, dunno can have $8 bypass a not. and dunno the first things i come here can buy landed property a not. or when can i buy landed property when i so many generations here, i still so poor. worse than expats.

internet is good. red bean blog is good. donate donate. click click here and click click there.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thank you all for the kopi.

I thought of writing more good stuff to please the IBs since they only like to hear the good stuff.

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

I think the book burning issue will gather more than 20,000 protestors at Hong Lim looking at the strong response from so many people.

This is looking like a life and death issue that affects all sporeans, more impt than the CPF.

Anonymous said...

Geez, I don't get if you are supporting the people who go or mocking them. Your 'daft sinkies' term is not very polite

Veritas said...

Frankly, I really doubt the priority and courage of Singaporeans.

Our political protest brought out 5000 max. In comparison, the Pink Dot type are able to rally 25,000 to support their cause of fucking backside, sucking cock and pussy.

And Pink Dot can only grow bigger and bigger.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

There are smart Sinkies and there are daft Sinkies. You should know what you are.

Anonymous said...

Sporeans in general DONT have staying power. Anything after 1 month is water under the bridge until the next dry spell comes along.

Anonymous said...

would suggest create the ge rally atmosphere. Put some flags on the stage, let the speaker sit on the stage, use a horn, , avoid personal attack.

Use 群众大会 wording in flyer like pre-election rally/protest

Anonymous said...

hmm which side of the IB?

btw, how do you earn money thru ads? care to share?

b said...

If the event is interesting to attend - lots of actions, dramas, singing, good looking people around flashing boobs or muscles, people will attend every week even if need to contribute a small sum.

Having said that, imo, it is easier to migrate and change your life for better than to stay and waiting for gov to change their treatment of people. the roots are too deep.

Anonymous said...

CPF issue will not go away. Parliament already talking and online sites are reporting. Come election if no change it will still be an issue. Thats why these bunch of jokers every month organize rally not sure for what. Ppl can see and read on the topic by now. If it was reaching out to large numbers still ok. Trouble is their attendance is so poor.

Anonymous said...

Veritas, sucking cock and pussy not only done by gay lar. Go ask angkonkia and matilar with their mei mei, they will tell u lor

Anonymous said...

Sinkies are camera shy and they must have heard that there are many cctvs at HLP, so they are very paiseh to be there.
There are also many who suspect that ISD Officers are among the crowd to secretly monitor them. So no way will they be there. Others will not be bothered with CPF because they are many years away from drawdown and what affected others got nothing to do with themselves. And yet there are others who treat every criticism against the Government is rocking the boat and threatening their wellbeing. To them any protester is a trouble maker.

Will there be more participants in the Next Gathering. Maybe a handful more to have coffee with Redbean lah.

Anonymous said...

Vincent Wijey was very outfront in his speech at HongLim. He welcomed the ISD officers and reminded them of their CPF as well.

wither SINKIELAND? said...

Rb: // How long would Hui Hui and Roy be able to keep the flame burning? //

Rb, the flame is burning everyday lah!

From the moment many sinkies wake up every morning till when they go to bed late at night!

Every trip in the morning and evening in mrt trains and buses is a painful reminder of u die yr biz at the bottom.

Every payment be it for food, utilities, transport, children's education is a painful reminder of money sucking high rentals passed down eventually to end consumers.

The FLAME is going to get. BIGGER and BIGGER every passing day

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

For those who are planning to be at Hong Lim on 23 Aug, we can have kopi there, on me. Will finalise nearer the day.

Everyday I take the train and it is like going to run to a halt. Having train faults and delays are looking like the new normal, just like the country as a whole, slowly but surely, breaking down.