Complimentary roles of the USA and China

China and the USA have been working hand in hand to restructure and redevelop the countries of the world towards a new future that no one is saying and expecting. The mission of the Americans is destruction, like mother nature, to bring down govts and infrastructure wherever they go, akin to clearing the tables. Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, and earlier, the African states are the latest examples of countries needing reconstruction. Wherever the Americans visited, there are bound to be wars and destruction. Countries are torn apart and turned into waste land and the economy runs aground. It makes reconstruction and rebuilding easier and absolutely necessary. Thank you Americans.

The work of China is cut out for it. China has all the necessary skills and expertise to rebuild these broken countries. China also has the money to do it. There is nothing about politics but restoring economies in a mess, rebuilding the infrastructure and recreating the lives of the people in desperation. The experiment in modern China with all the brand new cities built over the ancient cities that were crumbling by the ravages of time is the model to look forward to. Every new and sparkling China city is a new hope that China could transplant to the broken states in Africa and the Middle East and anywhere in the world that the Americans have laid to waste.

Wherever and whenever the Americans moved out after their mission of destruction, China would move in to rebuild and to repair the damages left behind. China has a lot of work to do to help the destroyed and failed states to rise again, like China did for itself in the last 40 years, if they can do away with the politics of war and destruction.

China is the new hope for these countries, to rebuild a new world for them. One came to destroy and the other to rebuild. One destroys the lives of the people, the other to give hope for a new and better life. The world is changing in an unusual, unplanned and unprecedented way. Or is it part of the bigger scheme of things of the invisible hand?

It is unbelieveable! China is in Africa and moving into the Middle East, and Iraq in particular, while the Americans are moving out. The Americans and the Europeans could not be the contractors as they were together in flattening those countries and would be killed by the natives. The Chinese were a non interested party to their destruction, a neutral contractor that comes with no political strings attached. They have the money and the technology, and a competitive offer to match.

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Veritas said...
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Veritas said...

Unfortunately many of Singaporeans, even Chinese think China is a sabotager everywhere. They think China exploit Africa, dam Mekong...etc.

Our fucking peranakan banana propaganda is quite successful up to this days -- but China herself need to take some of the blame.

In the past, China's activities in overseas, especially South East Asia has resulted to millions of death, such as support Pot in Cambodia.

However, USA killings in Vietnam War and instigation of Indonesian anti communist massacre has more than even out.

Nevertheless no one is aware of USA dirty secret. But China's bad things are being exaggerated and broadcast.

Anonymous said...

American mission of destruction is a continual process , a mission carried over from its European forebears especially from England, France, Spain, Portuguese and Holland and also Russia. USA, the Evil Empire has never ceased to rob, kill and massacre . It started with the complete genocide of the native Americans and the total conquest of all native lands. Its disease of mission of destruction and conquest then spread on to the conquest of one million six hundred and fifty thousand square miles of Mexican lands comprising the present states of Florida, Texas, Utah, New Mexico , Nevada and California. It proceeded to conquer Hawaii after killing hundreds of thousands of native Hawaiians. The Evil Empire doctrine of perpectual warfare and conquest is geared to world domination and hegemony. However, no matter how strong it is and how evil it is , USA the Evil Empire will meet its doom in the not too distant future as it is the natural order of things that follow the Ying - Yang Chinese philosophy.


Matilah_Singapura said...

China eventually is going to end up owning most of the planet.

And they will have achieved that by BUYING and PAYING -- i.e. fair exchange, peaceful trade. They'll also pump in investment money to ensure their assets perform, thus making more money. All peaceful, BTW.

The Imperialist cuntrees however prefer destruction and conquest, and then occupation and essentially installing puppets which cause class warfare between the governors and the governed.

At last the China Chinese do it fair and square, using the universal language, and proof of meritocracy: MONEY.

African cultures are essentially FUCKED when it comes to economics and productivity. At least the Chinese moving in there will teach those goons how to make money by investment, planning and fucking hard work.

The only things keeping the USA in front -- for the moment -- is its vast brain trust of innovative minds. Also it still prints the world's reserve currency.

However, many of those innovative minds are considering moving to other cuntrees -- i.e. brain drain.

Once the US loses its competitive edge -- which is innovation and creativity/ crookery -- it will no longer be a world -dominating power, especially when the USD loses its reserve currency status

Anonymous said...

Most of us read the western media and are fed with western views and agendas. Our views are thus skewed to make us think like westerners and what is good for them is right and what is bad for the rest of the world is also good to the west.

The bananas would have to start thinking as Asians and not westerners. Till today, the God of Destruction is good and the God of construction is bad. The western media said so.

And why is China blamed for the genocide by Pol Pot?

Anonymous said...

The western media have been selling the poisonous idea to the Africans that the Chinese are there to cheat them in all the deals. And some stupid Africans believed so. And the bananas would buy this too.

They forgot that when the European colonialists went to Africa to rob their land, they went with a gun and forced the natives to sign deals that were one sided, no negotiations allowed.

Today, every deal and project the Chinese signed with the African states was done through negotiations on an equal basis, without pointing a gun at their heads. The African leaders signed the deals with their eyes opened and after careful considerations on the benefits they are getting.

They only signed a deal that is good to them. They may be stupid and easily manipulated by the West, but not that stupid to sign away their interests when there is no gun pointing at their heads. Their leaders are assisted by their own talents who are mostly western educated.

Matilah_Singapura said...


>> And why is China blamed for the genocide by Pol Pot?

Pol Pot aligned himself politically with China in the hope of receiving aid/ help from a "big gun". Of course, there is more to this story than my one-sentence sound byte.

However in human history, every cuntree is guilty of mass murder at some point in their time line. In antiquity, the only way to increase your power and wealth was to conquer, occupy and expropriate other peoples' property.

"Anti China" sentiment is common because it comes from both sides of the political divide: the left -- who are always bitching about "human rights" and "the Chinese cheap labour stole my job" (western labour unions hate China), and the paranoid right wingers -- "Chinese atheists have no moral compass", "China is a serious military threat", "China steals intellectual property" "China manipulates its currency to make exports cheap" ...and so on.

Of course there are some truths to the
claims. My response is: "so fucking what"? There is no such thing as "fair" in global capitalism lah. You need to get advantage and make fucking money any which way you can, then use your profits to strategize more to diminish your opponent; or cooperate with him -- whichever yields the best outcome for YOU.

b said...

"Chinese cheap labour stole my job"

- thats a myth. have u seen white people manufacturing toys or white people doing programming? it is the ahneh/pinoys that stole the jobs of white people due to IT/BPO/services outsourcing. chinese are manufacturing cheap toys and clothing for the world that white people are no longer interested in such industry. white people are competing with anhneh/pinoys in service industry. white people are so confused by their incompetent leaders that they do not know who is their real foes.

b said...

Most media out there are owned by big business owners. They will sell whatever in their favour whether true or not. They should try to engage in real competition, improve their products and prices instead of useless wayang.