An American experience

This is an often quoted story of why the white Americans would move out of their neighbourhood once a black family moved in. It is stereotyping to a certain extent but it is a general rule other than the exceptions. The value of the properties in the neighbourhood suffered an immediate fall. No white Americans would want to live in a smelly slum, crime infested, and different social behavior or way of life.

The value of a neighbourhood is affected by the people living there. The value of properties in Bukit Timah and Tanglin will plunge if it is turn into a smelly slum akin to the US. The value of all properties in Sin City will fall if 3rd World people flooded the island and make this their home. The Singaporeans will just move out.
And you cannot expect the 3rd World people to retain the character of the island when they are in the majority. When they are small in numbers, they would comply with the current social norms and behavior. Notice the increasing litters, empty beer bottles all over the island? What happened to the clean garden city?
When they take over, their norms and behavior will be the new normal. Go visit their favourite haunts in the islands and feel that you are in their country and ask yourself is this what you want for your Sin City?

Your HDB flats would not be the same when the foreigners and foreign workers moved in. They lived under different norms, different comfort levels, different cleanliness and hygiene standards. The value of the flats in the block will be affected once the foreigners become a majority tenants. It will be like the American neighbourhoods. But they could move out. In Sin City, many could not afford to move out and would have to bear with the new normal brought about by the new comers.

From 3rd World to First World and back. Can we really remain as a 1st World city if half of the people here are from the 3rd World, with 3rd World social habits, cultures, norms and standards? We are even losing our clean and green image and the daft asses are blaming the Singaporeans for it. Progress?

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Anonymous said...

Soon we will be like Luton, Leeds and Bradford where the white Brits are in the minority.

Anonymous said...

What happened to their integration programmes? Have they seen the error of their ways? What about their talk of the core Singaporean identity? No more such talk? To let in the hordes without proper planning or seeing the ill-effects is gross negligence. Someone has to pay for this mess.

Anonymous said...

They only think of numbers. Don't they have political scientists and sociology scientists to advise them? Or they are only interested in arithmatics?

Anonymous said...

/// What happened to their integration programmes? ////
July 31, 2014 9:13 am

Our PAPigs can't even integrate with Singaporeans
- ivory towers too high
- e.g. mee siam mai hum

And you expect PAPigs to be able to help aliens integrate with Singaporeans?

Anonymous said...

@ July 31, 2014 9:30 am

But to be fair.
I think PAPig MP Michael Palmer did make an attempt to integrate with the grassroots.
But we all know how successful that attempt was.

Anonymous said...

visited my friend new HDB 5-RM
unit last weekend....

there are five units on the same

he told me TWO of his neighbours
are NEW citizens from overseas...


Anonymous said...

We had changed from a CLEAN city
tooooooooooooooo a "CLEANED" city.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Wah, if property prices drop in S'pore (for whatever reason) it'll be a dream cum true lah.

One thing goos about the market: it is fair and just.

If something is for sale, then it is only money that is relevant. Colour of skin, level of education, place of birth, who the fuck your father is/ was...all don't matter.

If you really don't want foreigners to buy, then do the obvious thing (duh!!) : DON'T SELL.

Prices fluctuate, they go up, and go down. People, naturally greedy and selfish, have this idea in their mind, that if they buy a property (or any asset/ investment) it MUST SURELY go up in market value.

Where got such thing lah? Sometimes price drop...for reasons you don't know about, because if you did you wouldn't have bought in the first place!

Anyway, like it or not, the Singapore gene pool is changing.

agongkia said...

Dun think too highly of ourselves and keep bluffing we are 1st world citizen.Remember we are grandchildren of farmers,trishaw riders ,coolee etc,who will panjio everywhere in the past.

Having those whom you call 3rd world here can let me enjoy the type of life that my Ah Kong generation once enjoyed.Can panjio anywhere,no need to fear kena fine for throwing cigarette or need to flush,can run about in underwear or maybe nude freely .
Who care about value of Bt Timah or Tanglin.Those land are originally taken from our 3rd world poor ah Kongs,in the name of resettlement ,built into houses and they now think they are 1st world people.Erm Chai Bai.
I hope to have more simple minded,harmless and innocent 3rd world people as my neighbor..

Anonymous said...

MS, what are you smoking today, weed or grass, or pubic hair?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi agongkia, the human race progresses with education and knowledge. They will keep evolving to be better animals. The westerners, your sophisticated 1st World people were pirates and invaders, going about killing the natives and robbing their land. They too progressed and today talk about human rights and goodness.

The human race does not remain stagnant or they will all be living in caves and mudlands. We may be from poor stocks before, many westerners too. But we have learned and educated ourselves, even in simple personal hygiene. We brush our teeth and bath several times a day.

We learn to keep our place clean as we have moved from sleeping on mud floors. You can go back and do the same if that is what you cherished. Even the professional ladies have upgraded and moved upmarket from your Geylang type of mei meis, if you can afford them.

When you have moved out of the longkangs, do you still want to go back there? Why do you think the whole 3rd World is descending on this island and not to any piece of 3rd World? Why are the rich and famous coming here and treat this place as their playground and not some dirt holes in some corners of the 3rd World?

Anonymous said...

Agongkia will upgrade to the higher class ladies of the night if he could afford to do so. He would also move to Bukit Timah or Tanglin instead of where he is now.

This is only natural. Now he pretends to be comfortable with his surroundings. He is trying hard to make you believe in him and his cheap taste.

Matilah_Singapura said...
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Matilah_Singapura said...


>> I hope to have more simple minded,harmless and innocent 3rd world people as my neighbor..

Me too. Here is Kampong Perth my neighbour LHS: Somali. RHS: China, Shenzen. Across the road: Samoan Islander married to Malaysian baba....

There is only one race: The human race. EVerybody come and go...no borders...you like, you stay, dun like, then just go elsewhere!


>> MS, what are you smoking today, weed or grass, or pubic hair?

Eh, blur kotek, grass and weed sama sama. No one smokes anymore lah. People scared cancer lah. Now stoners use electronic devices -- no smoke, no smell, no ash....hopefully no cancer.

Me? I'm straight lah. Sudah tua lah. Even drinking cut down.

Matilah_Singapura said...


>> The westerners, your sophisticated 1st World people were pirates and invaders, going about killing the natives and robbing their land. They too progressed and today talk about human rights and goodness.

Please lah uncle. The western world is in decline. They hutang money cannot pay, lazy fuckers all with entitlement mentality and welfare welfare welfare, over taxed, no savings, educationally losing to Asians, families all dysfunctional, culturally nihilistic, unproductive, over-consuming....please lah again uncle, I've live in western society more than half my life (by now), I've charted the decline...and I'm contributing to it the best I can :-))

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

So your only hope is the last bright light on earth, Singapore. But soon it will not be sparkling anymore. So, Shanghai or Mumbai?

Matilah_Singapura said...


No, that's not what I'm saying. The western world might be in decline, but its big cities are still awesome and smokin'. Shanghai and Mumbai have their charms too -- my preference of course is Shanghai. Singapore? well, that's just rockin'

Very soon the western cities will have non westerners as the majorities -- enjoying all the historical build-up of all the culture, infrastructure, technology etc. of 600 years or so of industrialised society, and around 150 years (give or take) of liberal democracy. These solid institutions, plus military might and conquest spurred western society to its pinnacle of human achievement.

Too bad they fucked it up :-) In the next chapter westernised Asians, Africans, Latinos, Middle Easterns will be rocking the house in London, New York, Paris -- it's already begun and will continue. Whites are fast becoming not only a minority but also economically disadvantaged...but hey, their cities and cuntrees are still awesome, and if their economies collapse, all this shit is going to be available CHEAP CHEAP which of course value-seeking, cashed-up Asians will buy and fucking OWN.

Fuck lah redbean, who would have thought that Africans would be speaking Mandarin? And well too! My grandfather would have fallen off his chair laughing if anyone dared suggest that back in his day. Even to us oldies today, this is a surprise!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Let's hope those Asians buying over Europe are not Singaporeans or think like Singaporeans. They would tear down all the old buildings and everything and build glass towers to maximise profits. The called it SERS.

Anonymous said...

'Tokyo should no longer be inhabited,' Japanese doctor warns residents regarding radiation


The PAPigs wanted nuclear power in Singapore.
Luckily - Fukushima happened before the PAPigs could build a nuclear reactor in Singapore.
- PAP are world class talents my foot.
- PIGS have no common sense


Anonymous said...

They thought they were so clever and so sure about nuclear power that they sold the power stations quickly. Now how to buy back?

Anonymous said...

RB is spreading xenophobia again. Why are you so against FWs coming to Singapore? FTs are here to help develop the country and help build a more prosperous city state. Without the FWs Singapore will become almost unliveable. Who would clean your street, drive your buses, wait at tables, work as maids, build your condos and HDB flats? You Singaporeans are to pampered to do these type of jobs. All Singaporeans are good at bitching, expect the government to hand them goodies on a silver platter, work in air-con environment, many days off with plenty of holidays. Singaporeans are too pampered, and having been nannied for the last 50 years, have become a weak and useless lot. Without the FTs and FWs you Singaporeans will sure die a natural death.

Anonymous said...

Before the Fukushima nuclear disaster - below was the propaganda the pro nuclear brain dead PAPigs were trying to promote:
NUCLEAR power plants need not be
built a great distance from a populated area to ensure they are
Rather, the safety of such plants is better manage
d by ensuring that measures are taken to contain
the risks of accidents, International Atomic Ener
gy Agency (IAEA) director-general Yukiya Amano
said yesterday at a public lecture at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy.


redbean is not wrong to warn about the dangers of PAP's out-of-control immigration policy.
I am just warning that PAP's brain dead scholar generals is probably the bigger threat to Singaporeans' safety.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:56, you are another foreigner coming here to kpkb. Where were you foreigners when Singaporeans were building this island? We don't need you and we have our own cleaners and construction workers building the country.

Please, you foreigners are just bullshit begging to come here for jobs. What good are you when you can't find a job in your poor 3rd world countries?

You believe that you are talents? HHAHHAHAHAHHAH!

The said...

Is this verbal diarrhea or what? You used 373 words to express an idea which can be summed up in one word - ghettos.

Anonymous said...

Senior citizens have lived happily without the problems of FTs and FWs for many decades.
Why are younger Sinkies facing problems IF WITHOUT FOREIGN IMMIGRANTS ?

Anonymous said...

you so clever ah. Write one word ghetto people know what you talking? No head no tail. Don't be a smart alec ok.

Anonymous said...

/// Why are younger Sinkies facing problems IF WITHOUT FOREIGN IMMIGRANTS ? ///

It's not the younger Sinkies that have a problem.
Pretty obvious a management CONsultant sold a stupid idea to our gullible PAPig Leeders.

Let's vote Opposition first to show LHL what we think of his population white paper.

Anonymous said...

As things stand today, Singapore cannot function without FTs and FWs ( maids included ). If all FTs and FWs were to leave today, lets face it, Singapore would cease to function. This is undeniable.

Singaporeans are feeling threatened because the PAP government has allowed the importation of FTs and FWs to come here for work and also hoping that some will stay behind to boost the Singapore population in future years.

Whether this immigration policy of the PAP is right or wrong remains to be seen. In the meantime, xenophobia seem to rule the day and it is a sad thing.

Anonymous said...

/// As things stand today, Singapore cannot function without FTs and FWs ( maids included ). If all FTs and FWs were to leave today, lets face it, Singapore would cease to function ///
July 31, 2014 4:54 pm

Our PAP government had 49 years since 1965 to get this right.
49 years and still PAP is unable to solve this problem.
What part of INDEPENDENCE is unclear to PAP is beyond me.

And now, 49 years later, our genius PM Lee tells us we need to import even more aliens .... or else he does not know how to lead Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5.36

It has come to this stage and because we cannot turn the clock back and undo what has been done, it is pointless to harp over wrong decisions of the past. What is important now is to solve the problem. How can Singapore get out of this predicament? Oppositions will not be able to solve this problem if you vote them in. It is unproductive to highlight the problems, more important to find the solution.

Anonymous said...

/// What is important now is to solve the problem. How can Singapore get out of this predicament? ///
July 31, 2014 5:51 pm

The problem is PAP in the beginning.
The problem is the PAP now.
PAP is not the solution when PAP is the problem.

The problems facing Singaporeans can only be solved when we change government.
The time is now.
What do we have to lose?
The PAP government has made voting Opposition a no brainer choice in GE 2016.

Anonymous said...

"Oppositions will not be able to solve this problem if you vote them in."
July 31, 2014 5:51 pm

Is this what they teach you in PAP training school?
Why not just say PAP has the monopoly on wisdom about what is good for Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

Vote PAP and you know you won’t get your CPF money back at 55 years old.
Vote PAP and you will also likely lose your job to an alien.
Vote PAP and watch PAP government give away money to all the foreign students.
Vote PAP and watch your children’s place in university get taken by foreign students.

What are we waiting for?
Vote Opposition!
What do we have to lose?

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans feel threaten? This must be an FT joke or an MIW joke. Singaporeans just got so pissed off by this silly policy made by idiots.

And Singaporeans are going to vote out the idiots and then kick out the foreigners. Only a small and tolerable number of foreigners would be allowed after that.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

......and the Sinkies will decide to retain the PAP......,,end of story.


One Indonesian ex-President reminded old man place just but a little dot.

Old man almost instantly retorted that it is actually a little dot but also a red one.

Obviously he is stating the hard truths to some DAFT people in case they failed to realize.

Any place in the world where prostitution is rampant, pervasive, way of life and the predominant mean used to make $$$$$$ is known as a red light.

Obviously it is quite apt to call this DAFTLAND a little red dot.

Because some $$$$$$ crazy, greedy, fanatic people keep on PROSTITUTING AND PROSTITUTING.


What else but become a RED DOT?