A foreign professor telling us that we are walking naked

In his article in the Today paper on 3 Jul 14, ‘Spore universities’ foreign talent policies need to change’, Professor Philip Holden, revisited the issue of disappearing Singaporean faculty members in the local universities raised by Seah Kian Peng earlier in Parliament. His observation, ‘While more than half of current tenured faculty in the university system are Singaporean, Singaporeans now constitute only a quarter of early career academics on the tenure track at NUS and NTU.’ Is this planned and the desired goal?

What is Philip Holden trying to say? There are too few Singaporeans in the university faculties and going to get bad in the future? To him this is a problem. To Singapore, is it a problem? Maybe lah. Maybe just enough to ‘talk talk’ and nothing more to it. It was discussed in Parliament, yes, but everything is forgotten. To Holden, this is not a little problem that is good enough for after dinner talk but serious enough to demand action. He said, ‘My experience as a visiting scholar in Canada over the past years suggests that discussions may not be enough and should be supplemented by concrete policy changes.’

Funny that a foreigner could see problems in our foreign talent policies and a problem serious enough to require actions while our chaps didn’t see anything wrong and a few talking cock sessions will do, nothing needs to be done? In a survey done, it ‘found that more than 80 per cent of Singaporean graduate students, whether abroad or in the Republic, answered “yes” or “maybe” when asked if they felt local universities prefer to hire non Singaporeans.’ Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Dunno leh, probably not important. The whole faculty can go to foreigner should be no issue too what? After all this is getting to become a non country or a non nation. Anything wrong with foreigners teaching us about our history, culture and literature?

There were rumours and murmurs that the selection committees of our local universities were dominated by foreigners who have the final say in who to hire. I can’t believe that this is the case. Next time our political appointees could also be decided by a panel of foreigners and no one will bat an eyelid. What’s wrong with it? Anyone who says foreigners taking over the recruitment of faculty members is unacceptable and must be xenophobic. And anyone saying bad things about the industries being dominated by foreigners and foreigners hiring their own kinds are also xenophobic and deserves to be whacked. We are a free economy and we welcome talents from the whole world. This island belongs to everyone here.

What the ….?

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Matilah_Singapura said...

Please lah uncle, this fucker is an english lit prof -- a completely useless qualification with near-zero market value.

So he needs tenure to live, or he'll be eating instant noodles and selling tissue at MRT.

Universities are in competition with each other. Therefore the "smartest" policy is to hire the best staff -- not on quotas or ratios of foreigner vs locals -- that is completely fucked...it is something the bhumi-pantat Malaysian unis would do lah.

Hey redbean, in case you forget: meritocracy lah...let the BEST person get the job.

Anonymous said...

The day The Pledge becomes only an inspiration ......hati sudah mati

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, don't be silly lah. We have reached a silly state when we sacked our citizens for having a basic degree just to hire a Phd to teach in the nursery. That is how stupid we have become. Not sure in your state of mind you can grasp what I am saying.

To top it all, the PhD is likely to be fake or from Sungei Rd.

Anonymous said...

Ha...haa...haaaa. RB, you want to talk country and nation with a stateless bum?

This bum will even sell his father and mother for a puff.

Anonymous said...

talk no use lah.
Just vote them out in GE 2016.

Anonymous said...

"The whole faculty can go to foreigner should be no issue too what?"

Tiok. Because even when the whole faculty go to foreigner, WP will still not be ready to contest 100% seats and to be govt, tio bo?

Neither will Hainan Ah Ko party be ready.

Nor will 60% be ready to vote out PAP.

So it's OK the whole faculty can go to foreigner. No issue.

b said...

"This island belongs to everyone here. "

- unfortunately, one old man here thinks that this island belongs to him. he is very afraid of losing power to local smart people and his plan for getting rid of smart people, by 1) making or sending them go overseas 2) twisting the edu system to make people not smart , have yielded good results. Once there are not many smart locals here, he will stay powerful.

Anonymous said...

that not true. he spend a lot money going overseas to poach ppl back.

Anonymous said...

look like vote pap is correct.

tr emeritus not being very fair.

always anti-pap. never see pap create anti-wp website.

diff ppl give birth, diff stuff report tr emeritus. dunno tr emeritus say how much lied.

pap mps more ppl or wp mps more ppl. let just be fair.

look like red bean blog more truth. donate red bean better. chua chin leng. sound local. your pink or blue? wp is blue. so supporter all blue? may pink ic ppl who vote wp is blinded by so many of his blue supporter. beware. what fair and what not. u wan ur child to live in slumb and no playground to play while junior lee take leave queue chicken wing? think think think. constructive polictics.

wp spend money do void deck floor when it is still ok. do until so ugly and easily dirty. where the money go to. the tiles give by pap at cooridoor so nice, they go cover up also. let just be fair.

and they always post banner to go malaysia. pink or blue?

b said...


ministers like to go overseas for holidays on taxpayers expenses. their motives is to enjoy free holidays, first class air tickets, superior class hotels. go and ask those sinkies who are overseas, how many have been poached? they are competent in selling this kind of wayangs to spend taxpayers monies anyhow. but the people voted for this kind of gov.

b said...

In additional, they also like to go overseas for flings with pa staff.

In this world, what they do not tell you is usually more important than what they tell you. Get real.

b said...

Your ignorance is their power.

Anonymous said...

Matilar, knn go write your books lar u motherfucker

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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