3rd World saving 1st World jokes

A retired German engineer told me last month that he could not believe that a first world infrastructure is being serviced and maintained by cheap third world workers. They do not have the necessary skills or standards of diligence, he said. Can’t but keep laughing these days as these apologists are scrapping the bottom of the barrel by comparing us to third world standards in their pathetic attempts to hold up the government’s well-remunerated posteriors.

The above joke was posted by Chris K in TRE. Let me reword the above quotes to apply to the 1st World Singapore. Some super talented politicians here said this 1st World city must import 3rd World talents to run its 1st World banking and finance and IT industries. And they have the necessary skills and standards of diligence to take over from the 1st World Singaporeans.

And some also said, the 3rd World talents are here to help the 1st World talents and to create jobs for them.

And some 3rd World recruiting agencies were quoted to have said they could not find the talents needed for this 1st World city from its 1st World talent pool, graduated from its world class 1st World universities, but could find all the talents from 3rd World countries with the skill sets and experience to fill the 1st World jobs in this 1st World city. And none of the first world super talents would stand up to object to this silly thought. Maybe they agee and believe that it is not silly.

Now tell me which is the better joke? 

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Anonymous said...

Now tell me which is the better joke?

Please lah, the best or greatest joke, is about Sinkies. Or rather the Sinkie opposition.

Now tell me, where in the world do u have the strongest opposition leader publicly admitting his party is not ready (or is it don't want?) to be govt?

And as if that is not enough of a joke, he even praised the ruling party as a competent govt!

If this is not the greatest joke, or rather the mother of all jokes, I don't know what is. And all other jokes about Sinkies pale in comparison to this. Or in fact no longer even a joke. Because cannot laugh anymore.

Anonymous said...

"And as if that is not enough of a joke, he even praised the ruling party as a competent govt!"
Anon 8:59 am

I think PAP and PM Lee, just by looking at this joker, can still laugh, or afford to laugh lah. And laugh even more with Hainan Ah Ko and his Sinkie first party. And even laugh after 2016!


Anonymous said...

"And laugh even more with Hainan Ah Ko and his Sinkie first party."
Anon 9:06 am


With Hainan Ah Ko party in, it could be PAP first. I mean PAP come in first(number of votes)in the next GE lah.

Why? Because Hainan Ah Ko party will defintely split Teochew Ah Hia party's votes, tio bo? And PAP, just like "KFC Tan", will emerge first lor. And I think also will be definitely better than KFC's 35% lah.

Possible or not, u say lah?

Anonymous said...

All one can say is that living in this little red dot is no joke if you do not have the money or the connections. That is why every photo of the incumbents and their cronies has them laughing or grinning. Who gets invited to Nathan's birthday bash or the re-opening of Victoria Memorial Hall and Theatre and enjoying the music and the goodies?

Anonymous said...

It's pretty obvious that PAP does not have faith in the Singaporeans they have been elected to lead and represent.

Please consider my suggestion.
Never work for bosses who don't trust or respect you.
Never vote for political leaders who don't trust or respect you.

Nothing good will come from maintaining such a relationship.

Anonymous said...

Never work for bosses who don't trust or respect you.
Anon 10:45 am

Why is he your boss?

Why your boss never trust or respect u?

Why u cannot be your own boss?

Can u find a better boss?

Can u don't need a boss?

Matilah_Singapura said...

The Turd Whirled Cuntree Bumpkins won't have an edge of "labour price arbitrage" for much longer.

At the moment, if anyone can do your job, the labour price of that job will fall, so it makes sense to employ a hungry and motivated Turd Whirled Coolie instead of an over qualified expensive and probably lazy, shit-attitude, entitlement-mentality local asshole.

Robotics is moving at an ever increasing pace. As they become more developed and cheaper thanks to India and China being active in the robotics space, labour prices will eventually CRASH, and the "cheap cheap" advantage of Turd Whirled labour will diminish.

It won't happen over night of course, but it is well on the way.

Algorithms or the software side killed many jobs and human job processes. Now the hardware is going to take over, so you will have capable cheap hardware running on spectacular algorithms.

If you are a pen pushing human yes-man automaton who earns wages by doing brain-dead work, your days are numbered. Soon you will be "liberated' from your tedium. You will ALL the FREE TIME in the world to do as you so please ;-)

Matilah_Singapura said...

Very soon the robots will be doing the maintenance --- no need for Turd Whirled Non-talents who might fuck up and the ensuing debacle of "human error" leads to thousands of people suffering power outages, broken roads, infrastructure crumbling due to slack-arse underpaid error-prone human labour.

I'd sooner trust a robot to do its programmed task, than trust a Turd Whirled economic refugee who understands English/ language of the cuntry only marginally, who will slack off and play with their phone, get high or ponteng work.

The engineer in question is correct: cannot trust Turd Whirled Fuckers.

Facts are facts lah: you want good people, then you have to pay good money.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

We pay millions to get monkeys. They are not worth that kind of salary.

oldhorse42 said...

The greatest joke is the opposition party run by a teochew ah hia is in a lovey dovey mood. One has fallen in love with a old footballer and another busy learning to be a mother.

Anonymous said...

Lee Hsien Loong Joke
Q: How does LHL make love doggy style?

A: He sits up and begs. She rolls over and plays dead.

b said...

To profit driven leaders, it does not matter whether third or first world, locals or foreigns, most importantly must get the job done cheaply.

Kaffein said...

I think your comment is a joke. I don't want to dissect your article but it has so many holes I think you need an overhaul.

Kaffein said...
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Kaffein said...

You are right, RB. It always amazes me that 3rd world talents were led to think they can replace 1st world talents. I'm not saying they are not good, I'm saying they were LED to think so by a certain government. Truth is if they are so good, their country would be in a better shape. Again I'm not belittling their country. Everybody wants to have hope of a better future, even for their children.

Even funnier is the citizens can be hood-winked by the government to think 3rd world talents can replace them.

I wonder why no one is laughing now.



Kaffein said...

And the greatest joke is a certain party has members who don't even turn up in parliament seatings. And people pay for the absence.

What's wrong with falling in love? What's wrong with being a mother?

Don't be a joke yourself.