USA, The Biggest and Most Evil Rogue State

                                                     USA  --  The Biggest Rogue State And  International Terrorist Country

It is time to carry out a regime change in USA  -  The Evil Empire which is the cause of all troubles, wars, distability and strive in all aspects of life in this world. Since the end of the Second World War, USA has wasted no time in creating endless wars and distability in various parts of the world. The biggest industry in USA is the War Industry and so The Evil Empire has always been using the medium of wars as a conduit of sustaining this industry and enriching itself by selling arms to other countries at wars incited and fomented by USA through sowing seeds of dissension , suspicion and contention among the targeted unsuspecting victimised nations. The White American concept of perpetual and permanent warfares both direct and indirect through proxy wars has been on going and institutionalised since the first year of its independence from Imperial Britain. With this insidious policy America has always used it to grab lands and resources from other countries and to hold sway and hegemony over all other countries big or small. The original USA started with thirteen states comprising a territory of about five hundred thundred thousand square miles. Then with its aggressive policy of wars of expansion it marched westward to attack, conquer and eventually annexed all the selfgoverning native American Indian states and of course after killing eighty-five million or over ninety-percent of the native American Indians. Then from 1840s to around 1890s The Evil Empire continued  its war of aggression against the Mexicans and took by force Mexican lands of about one million six hundred and fifty thousand square miles comprising the present territories of Florida, Texas, Utah,Nevada, New Mexico, Dakota and California. At present this concept of perpetual wars of aggression and expansion shows no sign of stopping. Instead it is getting hotter and more hostile as can be seen in the American fomented wars and distabilities in the Middle-East, North Africa, in East Asia, South China Sea and its surrounding countries and South Asia in India , Pakistan and South West China.

The Evil Empire has created enough trouble, wars and miseries in this world. When can all the countries wake up and unite to put a stop to this Western carnage headed by USA? It is time the countries of the world unite to carry out regime change of the USA government, failing which it will allow The Evil Empire to drag the whole world to virtual destruction.



Anonymous said...

Time for the break up of USA like the USSR. They started with no land. The North American continent belonged to the native Americans, killed to near extinction by the European invaders.

b said...


Everywhere also the same. Always the same story. Minority elites making use of majority ordinaries to achieve their goals.

“Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.” A.Einstein

virgo49 said...

Let them killed each other in their own country daily and the Muslim brotherhood bombed their asses out.

More 911 in their own land

Anonymous said...

Just out of curiousity, who do you think can man hander the world, China??, UK??, or who, in the 2nd ww, with 60 over million people dead and still counting up to even today, what do you think will happen with japan still running their shafts between our legs and choppingvour heads like grass with the nazi not far behind in killings of jews and also in China where thousands were used as experiments.
Without this barbaric country coming and fighting the population dead could easily double.

I'm not clapping my hands when they do their bombing and kill, i'm not rasing two thumbs up for what they did to the mexicans either but, they do give us some sense of stability, the question you should ask is if not them then who should it be.


Anonymous said...

The American military-industrial complex is one big bully and fed by retiring military commanders. They will maintain their greed for non-stop weapons development and when these weapons face shelf-life problems, use them for some unnecessary bombing overseas.

Each time they say PRC threatens their country with advanced weapons, they will at the same time scoff or mock back, saying that theirs is better. But where to find the money to keep the arms race going on?

USA is paying over 100 million in interest money to PRC and this amount can actually pay for the running of the PLA. What a real mockery.

Anonymous said...

100 million monthly.