Medical appointments in world class health service

We have a world class health service, both private and public, and equivalent to the best in the developed countries. This is something we should be proud of and good for those who need medical care. This morning there is a letter in the media by a Ms Tay Soh Hoon complaining about a more than one year medical appointment for her husband with a renal specialist in a public hospital, the Singapore General Hospital, run like a private hospital as it has been privatized to be as efficient as private hospitals.

Now, what is it like for someone with a medical condition that is deemed serious enough to need to see a specialist, in this case is something related to the kidney? Many would be worried to death and would want an immediate appointment with the specialist. A one month appointment would be deemed too long. A one year appointment is definitely unacceptable. How many with a condition could actually get into more serious trouble or may not survive a one year wait.

Waiting for one year in public privatized hospitals is becoming pretty common especially for non life threatening cases like fixing a set of braces. The waiting time could be 2 or 3 years. By then the urge or itch to have a set of braces may be gone. How many cases that were reasonably serious in nature and still need to wait for months or more for an appointment? Is this something acceptable from the professional opinion of the medical practitioners? Definitely it is not desirable and unacceptable for a world class medical health care service.

Heard that if one is willing to pay, go to the real private hospitals and appointments could be had immediately or within a few days depending on how much or desperate one is willing to pay. Heard also that in urgent cases, the waiting period could be shortened in public privatized hospitals as well. In this particular case, after many complaints for urgency, a 16 months wait was finally shorten to a year. Should Ms Tay rejoice for the victory? Should we celebrate that we have a world class healthcare system? Or maybe world class for those who can afford to pay in hard cash in the private hospitals?

What is going on? What world class? Have you heard of die waiting?


Anonymous said...

I think this is not the only case....why...why.....

Our dear PM must investigate especially after last night tv appearance.......

Anonymous said...

Maybe because most doctors don't want to be renal specialists what. Or even if want to, prefer to work in private hospitals what.

And lagi worse, cannot even find foreign talent renal specialists also.

So like that what you expect PAP govt to do? Train the ministers to be renal specialist?

Even if WP become govt, what can they do, you tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

I think renal specialist is not a popular specialty with doctors.

Just like construction site engineer is not a popular specialty with Sinkie engineers.

But luckily it is very easy to get FT as construction site engineers, but not as renal specialists.

Anonymous said...

anon 10.13 .......

Resources planning can be helpful....

Must plan ahead....before increasing population get healthcare ready first .....


Anonymous said...

Do you want a shorter waiting period to see a specialist in a public hospital?

You know should know what to do by now lah!
Just vote Opposition.
An Opposition MP in parliament is the only way to ensure a shorter waiting period for an appointment with a specialist.

Anonymous said...

Walau eh many go to heaven because their makers want to see them. How come the system and others get involved?

Anonymous said...

why lidat?

must be the fucking faults of the papies

so ... what cunt i say?

knnccb to kuan yew, hsien loong and their running dogs n bitches for destroying the life of daft singaporean

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

redbean, please lah. Public health systems all over the world put non-life threatening cases on waiting lists. It is the rational thing to do. If they don't do this, then those serious cases of life or death will be threatened and more people will die, or have their conditions become chronic.

Resources are limited, and it is morally wrong for non-life threatening cases to hog resources. Many non life cases are also cheaper to fix, so the waiting period is there to "encourage" people to seek treatment in the private system. You used the example of braces: fuck lah, you won't die if you don't get braces. Just go private and pay the fucking dentist.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah my dear asshole. One, who is to judge that the case is not life threatening? Anyone needing to see a specialist has a serious condition that can become worst. A stomachache that looks normal can be deadly.
Two, one year or two year wait even for braces are acceptable? Please lah. Why not wait forever since it is not life threatening? Or would ten year be unreasonable?

Anonymous said...

What can we expect Pappy Mati lah Singapura to say?
Mati lah Singapura is worse than Lee Kuan Yew and Hitler. To him only the fittest deserves to live. The Rest deserve to be eliminated.
Well, he will grow old and weak too, by then he WILL and SHALL change his tune. And that is a gurantee.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

redbean, dumb cunt who can't see the obvious:

Doctors sometimes nurses are the ones who perform this form of socialised-medical-triage.

Yes, sometimes they make mistakes, as is the case with humans.

Not satisfied? Then go private and get 2nd or 3rd opinion. Yeah, pay for it yourself.

Got 'Plan B'?

oldhorse42 said...

Ms Tay's husband must be a subsidized patient who pays low low fees and therefore has to wait long long to see doctor.
If she wanted a faster appointment she would have to forego her subsidized status and opted for paying patient.
How could she have the best of both worlds? Even if she write to the press or buy kopi kou for RB to speak up for her, Govt must stick to its rules for fairness.
Tio Bo?

Anonymous said...

Something else for sinkies to think about is the rise in cost, no, i'm not talking the overall charges;
My dad needed an ops which cost 20k, he need a tube to be place into his stomach as a blood clog had stop the blood from flowing, my millionare sister decided it was too expensive, so she drag the initial quote of 20k, a week later, i found about it and put my dad through another check to confirm, by now nearly one month has pass and my dad's doctor had move to a private hospital, deciding on the ops but to my shock the cost of the ops now cost nearly 30k......an increase of 10k???, in one month.

Bros, good health and best wishes but most of all don't get sick!


Anonymous said...

oldhorse42 at 1.11pm

you are right...but 12 months wait to just to see a specialist is far toooooooooooooooooooo long even as a subsidised patient.....

we are still not talking about starting future treatments, if any.......

I think there is something seriously wrong somewhere in the whole healthcare system in Singapore.....

our dear PM must investigate......

Anonymous said...

In Matilah's view this is perfectly normal. No money, wait long long. But Matilah did point out a deep seeded conspiracy. An attempt to send the patient to Holland, go round in circles, like a monopoly game, and pay and pay along the way.

This is far more serious and hideous than no money, subsidised patients have no choice but wait. But this could also be another scam, like earlier dates are available but not given, either reserves for full paying patients or to pressurise patients to voluntarily ask to pay. How much if I want an earlier appointment?

If this is the case, then all subsidised patients would automatically be given an appointment at least one year ahead. Evil if true.

See, nicely done. These are only possibilities. May not be true, just layman guessing.

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt that all things being equal, paying more money will get you scheduled for an earlier appointment. And you can even choose your doctors! And in govt hospitals.

Of course even better if go private hospital lah.

This one cannot blame the PAP lah. Even if WP, SDP or what not P take over as govt, money still talks lah, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Even if opposition takes over as govt, private hospitals will still be more expensive than govt hospitals what.

And those who got money will still be better off than those with no money what.

That's why smart Sinkies only want to make money and more money, not change govt.

Anonymous said...

People who talk like Matilah , I can only presume belongs to the 60% pro-PAP type .
He has been agreeing to most of all pertaining issues as regards to our affected unfortunate Singaporeans as their own doing . Let me quote just some of it .

* The open door policy of our government in bringing in millions of so-called foreign talents as exciting and awesome for the Singapore economy . I cannot understand why Matilah feel that this policy that is causing hardship to Singaporeans as inspiring an overwhelming feeling of reverence , admiration and very impressive .
* The unfortunate (PME) Singaporeans being discriminated and replaced by companies in favor of FTs as due to their own faults . Matilah said that our Singaporean professionals are unable to build up their value and or not up to par from the foreigners in the eyes of the employers . So again , it is their fault .
* After working for 10, 20 or 30 years in the industries and at age 40 or 50 years old getting the marching orders are also their fault ... nobody owe you a living . They should downgrade , drive taxi ; become security guard . Don't blame the government policy .. blame yourselves for not preparing for this day .
* The 6.9 millions population increase according to the white paper as also exciting and awesome .
* The 1 or 2 years of waiting time from our public health authority as something reasonable ... or if cannot wait , go private .

>> 12:47 PM To him only the fittest deserves to live . The rest deserves to be eliminated <<
Luckily, you are not in politic holding high post .. with your weird thinking , yes you could be worst than Hitler .

What more , in his view we must all plan everything for ourselves .... including making a lot of money so that we need not have to depend on the government .
Matilah , not everybody is so smart like you . You are just one of the kind , can you please give some thought for the less well-to-do and not so smart citizens ... your own Singaporeans . I feel ashamed for you .

Anonymous said...

@September 25, 2013 2:09 pm
"Even if opposition takes over as govt, private hospitals will still be more expensive than govt hospitals what."


But with a PAP gahmen, public hospitals can be more expensive than private hospitals.

b said...

LeeConyou has made smally into a successful society based on some ruthless principles. To be successful, one has to be fundamentally ruthless. To be world class, one has to be more ruthless. A successful society is a ruthless society. No money means no cure. No money means no housing. No money means no other basic necessities. Still want to be a successful society?

b said...

But based on the last election results, more people prefer a successful and ruthless society (aka papaya principles) than a less successful but caring society. The people has made the choice.

b said...

'Mati lah Singapura is worse than Lee Kuan Yew and Hitler. '

- Among the three, KY jelly is the worse but also the smartest. Matilah has no teeth. Hitler cannot count. Maybe thats the reason smally was axed from malaysia. The UMNO wanted to contain his ambition. If he is pm of malaysia, he may start a war with indo, thai, etc. Without KY jelly, it will be better for sinkies. Most of us will live in landed houses and transport by cars instead of temporary hdb flats and crowded public transport.

Anonymous said...

@ 2.21 pm

This Matilah KEE SIAO LIAO! Poor thing! Keep talking to himself! Who ever think MS smart kee chiu? Pple just ignoring u lah! Your cheap, primitive, low class, old school, childish snake-oil salesman skill likely easily seen through by the real smart oldies here! Pple pretend don't know only!

Anonymous said...

Matilah is a learned man, he
carries google in his hands.
Better than those carrying bibles.
Unfortunately, too superficial

Anonymous said...

Matilar sole purpose in life should be to serve anyone who wanted to fuck him lar though I am not sure there is any taker for this old geezer

Anonymous said...

Nice way of putting it, shallow, superficial, learned man.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Wah piangz, redbean, the hornets are out of their nests and in stinging mood ;-)


>> Mati lah Singapura is worse than Lee Kuan Yew and Hitler.

Wah, you mean little 'ol insignificant me beat 2 famous fellas? I must remember to include your quote in my resume.

>> People who talk like Matilah , I can only presume belongs to the 60% pro-PAP type .

Actually I don't care who runs Singapore, as long as it is awesome and it remains a good place to make money, get stinking drunk and fuck chicks.

>> Let me quote just some of it . [list no shown for brevity]

Yes, you have understood my opinion well. It is my opinion, not truth. Maybe I'm right, maybe I'm wrong. But whatever the case, it doesn't affect me.

If you are in a mess, don't blame me -- I had nothing to do with it. Also don't expect my sympathy or help. For all I know, you could have sabotaged yourself, so fix your own shit ;-)

>> n his view we must all plan everything for ourselves .... including making a lot of money so that we need not have to depend on the government .

Huh? Your unstated presupposition here is that "money comes from government".

BTW, you don't need "lots of money" to be independent from govt nonsense. Everyone is different, so how much financial freedom will depend on each individuals needs and expectations.

More important is figuring out HOW to be independent of govt, so that you can live how you like, wherever you choose.

If you must know, in my case it took just over 20 years -- most of it was shit, hard and brutal in an uncaring world full of quirky, mostly irrational human beings. The urge to quit was prevalent.

In fact, life is so unpredictable and fragile that any success you think you have achieved can disappear tomorrow, instantly, without warning. That's why I don't take life too seriously. I still think it is some sort of a "joke". :-)

>> Matilah , not everybody is so smart like you .

I keep telling you: I'm just average. I'm definitely not smart.

>> please give some thought for the less well-to-do and not so smart citizens

Why? What's in it for me?

>> ... your own Singaporeans
I'm not a slave owner. I own no one.

>> I feel ashamed for you .

Don't waste your time. Better you pull your finger out of your smelly arse and fix your fucked up life ;-)


>> Nice way of putting it, shallow, superficial, learned man.

Please lah, I'm not "learned". "Shallow" and "superficial"...oh, sir, you are too kind, and have "over valued" me. Fact of the matter is : I don't give a flying fuck about you or your shitty life -- which is even of less depth and empathy than "shallow and superficial".

I hope we are clear and that you can deal with that like a mature, emotionally stable adult ;-)

Anonymous said...

@ 9.18 pm

Seems like somebody wrote @12.47pm himself and then self-answered. What a wayang! I suppose OUR UNCLE RB's eyes are too tired to roll any more.

Anonymous said...

@ 12.47 pm correction: its @ 2.21pm.

Just to add. It's so embarrassing reading such self ego self praise self answer time wasting bs. Fortunately always skip his comments. I suppose someone can continue fantasise and self-amuse.

Anonymous said...

>> 9:18 Matilah <<

So all your thoughts are about making money,getting drunk and f...k chicks . You don't care a damn about anything happening to Singapore and Singaporeans. You don't care about foreigners flooding Singapore land or even becoming a majority as long as there is money to be made .... just awesome . You don't care about policies that are detrimental to Singaporeans . FTs taking up the jobs of Singaporeans and Singapore PME loosing their jobs before retiring age .

As long as you can afford to enjoy your shitty life , you don't care a damn who is your Prime Minister or even President . He can also be any foreigner right ?
I never said money comes from the government ... I only said you had planned everything for yourself and made lots of money so that you need not depend on the government . But not everyone can be so fortunate today like you . I am not asking you to help our less well to do ; not so fortunate Singaporeans ... but at least give some thought . And see what you said , " Why ? What's in it for me ? "
My life is not fucked up , I own some properties and several cars and I am also enjoying my life like you . But I do not behave and action , action like you .

In such instances , all your comments or opinions are like nonsense with no loyalty attach to our country . My opinion in you is you don't belongs to Singapore ... you are an individualist of the first degree. You care only for yourself and only yourself . I do not ask you to help them in any ways , but please do not use words and despise our not so fortunate Singaporean brothers .

Anonymous 2:21pm , Sept 25th

Anonymous said...

Very normal to have selfish and egoistic folks.
However, it will be calamitous to have them as leaders. The Consequences are dire. There will be no love for fellow countrymen and the land. Constant rivalry, antagony and apathy are norms of the days. Such maybe the Case, there are no lack of boisterous, egoistic and living for oneself folks boasting away.
Not surprise that some citizens do behave like their leaders.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Do you folks think any minister will be bother about one year medical appointments?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> I own some properties and several cars and I am also enjoying my life like you .

Good for you!

>> But I do not behave and action , action like you .

No, you are definitely morally superior. You keep reminding me of how greatly "enlightened" you are and thus wrote the book on "how to behave". Great. I hope you sell lots of copies ;-)

>> My opinion in you is you don't belongs to Singapore

EVERYONE has an asshole, and an OPINION, and they both smell ;-)

You are definitely entitled to your opinion, and it is clear you have no qualms in making sure everyone else knows about it.

Fantastic. You should really get your own YouTube Channel. You obviously are craving for "validation".

Got kay-poh kia?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> Not surprise that some citizens do behave like their leaders.

Not surprising there are citizens behaving like the coward Sheeple they are, who are waiting for the slaughter.

Got mutton curry?

Anonymous said...

'Got mutton curry?'

It is on the state menu 24/7, just enjoy it.

Matilah is one of the chef that cooks the mutton curry.

Anonymous said...

Mati lah will cook more for you if he sees you sucking into the 'tulung'(bone).
He luvx people to like his masak(cookings)

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

If the government slaughtered more Sheeple, the price of mutton would drop...but sadly, so would the quality.

Baaaa....Baaa... Chop! Chop! Sheeple -- resistance is futile.

Of course, there is also the Halal way of slaughtering sheep. Should you have interest in this medieval ritual, please contact your preferred UMNO representative. Up north, they also enjoy slaughtering their Sheeple ;-)