Logical deduction by selective reasoning

Logical thinking is a highly demanded skill of an individual. But it is also possible to teach people to think stupid and still logical and sounding absolutely reasonable, and can even be mathematically proven.

Let me try, 3 children only drink tea or coffee while a fourth drinks chicken essence. Now if the result of this fourth child is better than the other 3, then it can be concluded that drinking chicken essence indeed can improve one’s grade. It can be the other way too.

Another example, most male Sinkies have done NS. And if a sample study on 3 of them and a foreign student from a university is conducted and found that the foreign student did better academically, it can be concluded that doing NS is bad for academic studies. Or some may even conclude that NS men are more stupid or less smart than those who did not do NS, ie foreigners and the local girls.

To confirm this finding, check out on the same cohort of girls against the NS men. If the girls are doing better, one more confirmation that doing NS makes the men stupid. Then look at the foreign talents and if they are appointed or employed in top positions over those who have done NS, this is second confirmation that doing NS really made our boys stupid.

With this astounding finding, the employers could go to the HR to demand recruiting people that have not done NS. NS makes men stupid. So all the top positions should rightfully go to foreigners or maybe girls who have not done NS.

See how logical the reasoning is? Nah, I don’t think this kind of thinking is being used to employ foreigners to fill up top positions in the country, both in the public and private sectors, both in govt and in the industries.

Logical deduction can be very misleading if the intention is to mislead. Ok, ok, this is academic or intellectual infidelity or dishonesty.


b said...

Of cos NS makes men stupid. Thats the reason KY jelly wants it mandatory for all the males here so no man can challenge him and he can stay in power as long as he wants until death gets to him.

Anonymous said...

All soldiers are remote controlled beings or automatons.
NS Men are train under them.

oldhorse42 said...

The pudu jelly guy is really smart following RB's logic and reasoning.
He( i mean that jelly guy) wait till he was 35 years old before he took up citizenship.

He escaped NS and became an MP. He is brainy( brain not damaged in NS) and came out with free travel in smrt for sinkie.

Our sinkie MPs and Minister who served NS could not have thought of such idea!

Anonymous said...

In my opinion it is not the NS that causes our boys to be stupid . Yes , NS train us to follow orders .... but it also taught us survivor techniques and to be confidence of ourselves in the later part of life .

Employers choose to hire foreigners ( PME ) over Singaporeans for several reasons and our failed policies :-

- Cost. Let's compare fresh graduates , FTs are cheaper.
Even the more experience FTs are also relatively cheaper than our graduate managers or engineers .
No CPF contribution , that is 20% saving . FTs are more willing to accept lower salary than Singaporeans .
- Easier to control. They cannot quit or resign or job-hop . The employers can pressure them to work and stay behind much later .
- No disruption on the job due to reservist training as compared to Singaporean professionals .
- No maternity leave for 3 or 4 months . For most employers , if they can afford to release the expectant mothers for this period ; they can actually do without the employee.
- Not like S-Pass holders with quotas , this EP-Pass for foreigner talents has no quotas to follows .
- Especially so for companies with foreign HR managers , they are millions to choose from their own country men . Agency that supply these HRs with FTs can gain some commissions from FTs . Sometimes , one or two months of their salaries across the board.

This is big business that comes into millions by just looking at the numbers . As compare to hiring Singaporeans , not much money to be made .
Hence , with the MOM increases in the EP ( PME ) salary to $3,300 a month , the calculation formula will change . Hopefully , Singaporeans (PME) can stand a better chance . And with this jobs bank run by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency , it should put a bit of pressure to the HRs to hire Singaporeans first . Having said that , these company HRs can also call up some Singaporeans for interviews and fail them . Then they will wayang , wayang and show MOM some proof of interviews . Hence , it still depends on how serious MOM officials implement the check and balance with these companies . They is is loop-hole , when comes to money $$$ talk ; these agencies are pro .

b said...

'but it also taught us survivor techniques and to be confidence of ourselves in the later part of life.'

- even if this is true, ns is not the only way to accomplish that. it will be the most ridiculous way. what is the point of ns and defending a country when almost everything worthy belongs to the elites and rich foreigners? no country in this world makes people do compulsory ns and in return give people a temporary, lousy housing solution, shabby transport, stressful education, unaffordable medical etc.

Matilah_Singapura said...

In the scientific method -- the main toolbox for critical/ skeptical thinking -- you don't do observations then use selective reasoning to arrive at a conclusion. That is guranteed to be fraught with error.

Make an observation, then you have to form hypotheses, if possible falsifiable ones. You also have to some idea on HOW you can be WRONG.

Then you have to gather data, usually by experiment. Then crunch the numbers and see if your hypothesis is still valid or busted.

You have to share your findings for others to critique, AND your results have to be REPRODUCED by others INDEPENDENTLY.

The big error in validating claims is CONFIRMATION BIAS. The crux of the scientific method is to remove, as much as possible the effects of confirmation bias. As humans we have in-built biases which we crave to be "confirmed", because everyone wants to be RIGHT about what they think.

What you have illustrated in your post is the problem of confirmation bias, and the "motivated reasoning" -- which is a natural human process -- since we all want to be "right". ;-)

Anonymous said...

RB, think u can suggest one great idea to save all our boys from doing NS. If enemies come, just send this loud talking know all guy and at the rate he goes at everything and on and on, the enemies all cannot tahan just scamper and run away as fast as their legs can carry them ........ good idea?

Anonymous said...

I didn't learn a thing from the army, skiving, smoking and how to take cover, come to think about it, isn't that what the ministers are doing nowadays.

Shooting is mainly bo bo king, all my shots but some hit the targets, just like the ministers, throwing but never hitting, their COE's, ERP's, CPF's even their MRT's.

My commander always say, "do anything but don't get caught", is that what is called intergrity, nowadays.....could they actually see us through their condo's, property and cash, i wonder why there are corruption, being dug out more and more......must be they are not well paid enough, maybe the more money we give them the more intergrity they will show.......could be?

Anonymous said...

Plse stop talking nonsense abt ns making man out of boy.
The early immigrants, boys n girls risked their lives with little or no money to come here. No need ns, those folks were able to survive and produce us despite triads n other challenges.

NS men today cant even offer seats to old folks and pregnant ladies. Most r 'nien kar peng', cannot even stand for a while.

Anonymous said...

>>10:36 and 10:43 <<

Are you sure of what you had written ?? NS during my time 40+ years ago is not what you had mentioned . How can NS men degraded into such a level . Cannot believe lah !

Anonymous said...

fuck lee hsien loong .... he must had enjoyed every moments in his military; heavily decorated too, career

Anonymous said...

Parents sending their boys right to the entrances of camps and maids are make to carry the soldier boy's backpacks are proof.
And the language turns foul soon after the boys got into ns.

patriot said...

Me ROD in 1972.
Underwent those silly trainings and got paid pittance that were hardly enough to survive.
Everyone learnt to skive, tolak balak and 'keng' as much as possible.
With whatever little, spent on beer, cigarette or go Geylang after watching those movies screened for soldiers.
Luckily, got my civilian driving licence on ROD by virtue of my good driving record. Otherwise, two years and more of my life went to waste.


Anonymous said...

I'm 10.36 pm, i rod also somewhere in the early 70's, paid peanuts and everyday kanna f, mother kenna f and father kanna f, and you expect us to what, be model soldier?, there was also a school for boys back then, think it was somewhere in the late 70's that i heard when i was in reservists that the 1st batch of them was attach to a bmt unit, they were in charge of recruits.
They demanded that recruits do oral sex on them as punishment.....hooray for the army....they were caught and strip of their rank but the damaged they did.......of course now the army is different, more choices, their nco's are selected base on merits not like last time, a levels....2 strip after nco training, now is very very much better.
Pay bettter, more structure etc, wa sai; last time always kanna stand by bed in parade square with no3 uniform and the bed, and the iron cupboard......and still up to now don't know what for.