His name cannot be mentioned

It is not that his name cannot be pronounced or spoken that will incur the wrath of God. Mentioning his name will bring brickbats instantly, at least to me here in this blog or in any blogs or forum. And if I were to sing him praises, my blog will be torn apart and I may get rotten eggs thrown at me. I will be lucky if my bones are not broken. So I need to be careful when talking about Him.

He is the creator of wealth and brought good fortunes to many, and is held in high esteem, even prayed to. In His name many were blessed. Some may fall on their knees in his presence, in awe. That is how powerful he is. And all his opponents were blighted to oblivion. No one can be more powerful than Him.

He did what needs to be done, he has everything planned and executed as he wished. At the end of the day, his work is done, complete, and he rests. No one has such good fortune to be able to see everything done in his lifetime to near perfection. His son was installed. His enemies faded away, no one left standing in the name of enemy except the sly ones that passed off as friends. And he is adored by all around him, or feared by those on the dark side.

Just the ability to see through and to complete his job, nothing left undone that needs to be done, is such a blessing. He has all the time to do it, in grace and in a leisure pace. Yes He is the man. How many men have such good fortune to be able to call it a day at his own time and calling, and to see his own monuments being erected in his life time? He is untouchable even in his last breath, and surrounded by his loved ones and his admirers and beneficiaries.

God will envy Him.


Anonymous said...

Chin Ping is dead!


Anonymous said...

God will envy Him.
posted by Chua Chin Leng aka redbean at 08:42 on 17-Sep-2013


The said...

Let me see - you must be talking about Kuan Yin - the God of Mercy (for the uninitiated, Kuan Yin can be both male and female, depending on His manifestation).


Kuan Yin is the Chinese name for the bodhisattva Avalokitesvara. However, folk traditions in China and other East Asian countries have added many distinctive characteristics and legends. Most notably, while Avalokitesvara can be depicted as either male or female, Kuan Yin is usually depicted as a woman, whereas Avalokitesvara in other countries is usually depicted as a man.

oldhorse42 said...

People said in a temple at Waterloo St, there are two gods. One is known as Guan Yin - the goddess of mercy. The other black faced one is called Guan Yew- the god that has no mercy.

Anonymous said...

So happy fucking birthday.
So fuck off already.
We already paid our taxes and subsidies and COEs.
Do we still owe you a living?

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to repent.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Someone should send Hannah Montana to twerk his wrinkled Peranakan dick.

Heart attack. Death by gelek.

2 days national holiday. :-)

agongkia said...

@old horse
Dun bluff lah.I only know Guan Yin as Goddess of mercy in waterloo.Black faces God that I know are Pao Kung and Black Face General and I go all the way to Pontian to pay respect when i need guidance.
Spell properly leh.Goddess or godless .If tourist go all the way to waterloo and look for your so call black face guan yew how?Cannot play play.Even the godless will tell you to go waterloo and repent.

agongkia said...

And matilah oso dun anyhow bluff.How you know ones dic is wrinkled.As if you seen or kena.

Anonymous said...

For a moment I thought you were talking about Yahweh.

Anonymous said...

Redbean pau, why you scared talking about him? Veritas write all kind of stuff about him in his blog. Nothing happen to Veritas. Go on, just write lah. We'd like to know what you know or heard about him. We mere mortals who don't move in exalted circles would like to know. Better to say now. 90% live already I think he left less than 10% more to go. Once he vamoose already, I think we cannot write anything resembling negavite already, because he'll reach godly status already and a law will be passed in Parliament making any anti-### statements illegal, like the ant-semitic laws in US and Europe. Then if write anything bad, you will be accused of being anti-###, an accusation worse than some people already calling you a chauvinist or a racist. So better write now with what little time we have left.

Lust for Life said...

The reason that such thing can happen here is because as a country, we're too submissive, refuse to change, too kiasu !

His blessed presence and fortune is a bad reflection of our country.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You people got me wrong. I write good things about him so no need to be scared. I am scared about you people scolding and whacking me lah.

Anonymous said...

Blessed presence and bad reflection. I get that every morning looking at the mirror. Is that a clumsy attempt at irony?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

This is a man that has done everything and tightened all the loose ends and with time to spare. Many died with many unfinished businesses and regretted or fearful of the things that have to be done but not done.

How much more blessed can one be?

Anonymous said...

Redbean is afraid ISD will use our blasphemy law and lock him up and throw away the keys so as to preserve religious harmony.


Anyone praising Chin Peng risk a run in with the ISD.

patriot said...

He deserves to be remembered and should be recorded ib the History Of Sin.
For his kins and clans, it is only natural to hold loving and fond memories of the glories and fortunes he gives and leaves for them.
Those that adore, rever or are grateful to him for whatever reasons must enjoy their freedoms to do so. Similarly,
others who loathe, swear and curse him must have reasons to do so and obviously have their rights.

Personally, I will not forget some youthful neighbours that were lost or jailed during his crackdown on so called communist ideology. His closure of Nantah University and removal of Vernaculars from the School System. His STOP AT TWO, SHOULD NOT BE FORGOTTENED FOR IT IS ONE UNFORGIVABLE SIN. More repugnant and more reprehensible is his denial of responsibilty for the damages that resulted from those policies.

As he had put it himself, he prefers to be feared than be respected. And it is apparent from the many write-ups of himself, he longs to be remembered in posterity. He will be remembered, for good or for bad. Anyway, may he lives long and lucid.


Anonymous said...

I check his Chinese calendar birth date , it was blocked imagine how powerful he is

Anonymous said...

Let's wait to see how much He leaves for charity. That will speak volumn about Him.

1. 100%
2. 67%
3. 33%
4. 10%
5. <1%

b said...

No one is perfect and no one can escape death. Surrounded by arse lickers and untrue friends, I hope he enjoys the illusion he is living in. Better to remain a normal man whose walk is blameless than a ruler whose lips and heart are perverse.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Looking from a neutral and objective point of view, he will be remember in history books as the politician that our manouvred and outlived all his opponents and be the last man left standing.

Anonymous said...

Can still remember a time when all male images with long hair were white-out with correction fluid for any form of publicity, a curious kind of censorship and control. Anyone remember a local pop magazine called Fanfare? It was white-out central at their editorial department. Small thing some may say but it sure killed the creative spirit of our youths. Hence there isn't a credible indigenous arts industry till this day. Just shows, all these money cannot buy a creative spirit. It suffered an early death - unlike some.

b said...


They say weeds do not die easily. Have to use very strong chemicals against them. In contrast, the most beautiful and harmless plants always die easier.