Halimah Yacob has spoken – more drastic measures if…

 Halimah is the next most senior politician after Chuan Jin to have spoken about the need to hire Singaporeans instead of replacing them with rubbish foreigners. She is coaxing the employers to take note of the govt’s intent towards this new policy and to act or face more drastic measures coming their way. She also asked the NTUC to be the watchdog, to monitor the situation and to squeal on the recalcitrant employers.

These are the right things to say given the unforgiving mood of hurt Sinkies and their hurt pocket and pride. The anger is bursting and the noise of discontent is getting louder, thanks to the internet. You don’t hear such things in the main media. Maybe the other half of Sinkies of the main media genre are very happy and comfortable with the situation and thus do not know what the fuzz is all about. The people are all very happy getting rich. No problem at all.

Halimah is not exactly a minister to step into this fiasco to highlight the flaws in this foreign talent nonsense, at least she carries some weight. Are the rest of the ministers in agreement with Chuan Jin and Halimah to want to support this change? Relatively we have a new and junior minister in Chuan Jin and a Speaker of the House talking about the issue. What signal is the govt sending to the employers, that this is a serious or not really that serious issue? Is this just a wayang to appease the Sinkies and not to ruffle the feathers of the employers?

Halimah has missed out one big employer that she has all the muscle to exert some pressure to do the right thing. She can tell the civil service, stats board and of course the GLCs to make the first move. Reading the comments in TRE, she may want to start off with DBS. The govt can issue directives to support this policy. Failing to do so will be seen as NATO.

When is the govt going to do something concrete and not just talk only? Or would the govt really act on this?


Anonymous said...

it is very nice to note that our politicians start to sing the same song to employ Singaporeans first............

but pls make sure that the new policy translates to real results on the ground, not just easy talks .........

agongkia said...

These talks by whoever are just to appease daft Sinkies.My towkay is a daft for not getting any FT and depend only on local employee.
Not only he is exploited and threaten by local koolee ,me oso affected seeing those lazy local employee earning the same pay as me.

Employers know best and we should not interfere who they wish to employ
else Sinkies employee will keep exploiting employers.

agongkia said...

However I agree with you that the biggest employer should show example by offering jobs in civil service and stat. Board to local.

oldhorse42 said...

There is a Chinese saying that: cry only at the sight of coffin. This is exactly happening to MIWs now. Putting in some remedial policies after electoral defeats with the prospect of more setbacks in coming election.
In The Straits Times today, there is even a picture of a Filipino IT specialist returning home with his wife and two children when his work permit was not renewed, to show that Govt is really getting tough.

agongkia said...

Agongkia,why civil service and stat board?
Becos ah kong money,tax payer money mah.Somemore Sinkie unlikely to play play with the biggest towkay,only exploit the kuching kurap one,and cry mom pro employer when they lose a case.

Anonymous said...

If govt not going to lead by examples, why should pte and foreign companies comply?

Anonymous said...

Do we have too many foreign tv presenters on national tv programs?

If so, is it really we cannot get singaporeans to do the jobs?

Do these presenters really have special skills?

I don't know....what say you?

Anonymous said...

There is lots of things government need to address. Not just employment. Recently more people are complaining that to see a specialist, Poly clinic ask patient to wait for at least one year. The shortage of doctors is very serious. Why can't our universities increase the intake? Why must we push so many suitable medical students away but bring in so many foreign doctors?

Anonymous said...

the actual problem is not shortage of doctors or related staff....

the real problem is that we have increase our population too fast without first expanding our infrastructures first ......

Anonymous said...

Redbean pau, talk is just talk. Hot air and sound. Disappears in a second or two. S'pore politicians are learning from across the Causeway. Everyday Malaysian politicians and ministers and police chief, etc, just talk, talk, talk. NATO is bad but worse is they tell you something but behind your back they do another thing.

Anonymous said...

"Is this just a wayang to appease the Sinkies and not to ruffle the feathers of the employers?"

If I were PAP, doesn't matter wayang or not, what really matters is whether the strongest opposition party is ready to be govt.

If they are ready, that's when PAP will have a 93% chance of being voted out. And if this happens, it is really no joke, no wayang for PAP.

Anonymous said...

Gahmen this, gahmen that.
Diu Nah Seng!
Us fucking Sinkies got no fucking shame and pride.
No wonder Singapore's Limpeh called us daft!

Redbean should write his headlines as:
"Sinkies have spoken - more drastic measures in GE 2016 if .... "

Anonymous said...

But why is the opposition, which is Sinkies themselves of course, not ready to be govt?

Why Sinkies like that? If like that, they deserve the PAP as govt lah, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

@ September 30, 2013 10:17 am

Sinkies have spoken.
The talking is over.
It's now time for action all the way to GE 2016.

Anonymous said...

Correct me if I'm wrong. Isn't she of the 77 traitors who vote AYA for the White toilet Population paper for foreigners ?

If so, what a hypocrite of Halimah. AYA for foreigners, and now pretends she is speaking for you ? Serious ?

can please enlighten us .

patriot said...

Halimah is the ECHOES of PAP Parliamentarians.


Anonymous said...

The FCF framework stands for Foreigners Comes First issit?

It must be lah. Early this year population was 5.1m.
Now after they 'slow down', population is 5.3m.
You think another 200,000 new singaporean babies have just been given birth issit? If FCF is truly in place, then shouldn't the 5.1m drop or at least stay stagnant?

Please lah, i think they are not serious. In fact, they are humouring us a lot.

Anonymous said...

" Early this year population was 5.1m.
Now after they 'slow down', population is 5.3m. "

Are you so naive ? Didn't you know the huge mass of foreigners import are brought to support PAP in coming election ? How can PAP allow it to slow down then ?

Anonymous said...

What was Halimah doing at NTUC when the Government was importing foreigners at will? Now, she is trying to play the heroine by speaking up on the issue, well after the damage has been done.

Never, never trust double headed snakes aka union chiefs.

Anonymous said...

"Crocodile tear"? May be...As one of the most power figures in our Labor Union, she should have raised the issue long ago, and not now.

When the Minister has raised the issue, which is perceived the presence of the issue is out there and it is quite serious.

The issue is raised because a political price is going to be paid if left unchecked.

b said...

Just another lousy wayang from those fake elites. In the past, the MOM would simply reject foreigners work permit application without giving any valid reasons. If they seriously want to change things, start from their very own ministries and TH/GIC owned companies first.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

When they supported the White Paper they did not know Chuan Jin would come out with this FCF. They also did not know that discrimination against Sinkies was going on.

And the White Paper would bring in more new citizens, so has nothing to do with hiring foreigners and not citizens.

Now, did I make myself clear?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Oh, today is the last day of the month for you to buy me some kopi: )

Anonymous said...

RB I bought you coffee the last two days. Coming back to the minister and speaker in the grand scheme of thing, these two are two small potatoes lar. Unless the Pm or the deputy PM say something, then I think this is wayang only lor

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thanks for the kopi. Let's see how long before the biggies open their golden mouths on this issue. Count those that kept quiet.

Anonymous said...

"They also did not know discrimination against sinkies was going on"

True or not? If that is true, I agree with somone here that all these years sinkies have been voting in all the highly paid blur fucks into Parliament, while you and I and others in cyberspace already know this discrimination issue years ago.

What I do think is that they know, act blur then and now still trying to act blur with the wayang going on in Parliament.

Asking the small potatoes to talk about the seriously important issue is the usual PAP way of starting a wayang.

Even the so-called emeritus senile minister's words carry no weight and is to be taken with a pinch of salt, judging from the number of times he had been corrected or shot down by those better connected within the PAP.

patriot said...

Rb, You are not tired of seeing them in the Official Media everyday?
The PM, DPMs, General Chan Chun Sing, General Tan Chuan Jin, Lee Bee Wah, Amy Khor and Grace Fu, all these very popular Rulers with netizens and bloggers, Rb included, are hogging the Media to sweet talk to us.
Sometimes, me suspects that the more they were been focussed by the Netizens, the more they love to show their faces to us. Wonder why.
Anyway Sinkies are unique, everyone just live on hope that the Government must do this, should do that.
Likewise, the Rulers want the people to co-operate will theAuthority and even help them to govern ourselves. Scheme here, scheme there for the benefits of the people, but they(Rulers) collect the most doles, lolx. And the Citizenry slogs like worker ants and bees, wtf!
Funny country and in many ways because of funny people.


patriot said...

'Will theAuthority' to be corrected to 'with the Authority'.

My apology.


Anonymous said...

will any papies be saying ...

if mutton too expensive .... eat beef lah; both also red meat

I say; if abalone too expensive .. goes eat some hum... but dun go mee siam seller and tell them mee siam ai hum

fuck lee hsien loong .. knnccb

Anonymous said...

why so many left behind?

many ... most, jobs are outsourced to recruitment agencies (who are the bosses behind these??)

these are modern-day blood sucking leeches.

go check how much are their cuts/commission from jobs placement

.. as high as 40% of the worker wage

fuck hsien loong

but my admiration for kuan yew

LONG LIVE KUAN YEW ... outlive your beloved son!!!!

Anonymous said...

They should encourage insiders to whistle blow on such companies that persistently favour foreigners. I can tell you that the foreign MNCs are the biggest culprits. The senior managers there are mainly foreigners and when they have a vacancy to fill, the easy way out is to give it to somebody from home whom they are familiar with. Name & shame them on the Internet !

Anonymous said...

Patriot, the leaders must be scheming for the benefits of the people lah. How can they be scheming for their own benefits? Cannot right?

And for those CEOs using recruiting agencies, would there be a cut for themselves as well for each placement?