Yawning Bread thinking aloud on by election candidate

Yawning Bread did a bit of introspection as to the problem facing the PAP in finding a suitable candidate for the Punggol East by election. He ruled out Ong Ye Kung and Desmond Choo as possible candidates for obvious reasons. One has left politics and one a two time loser in Hougang. It is going to drain on him emotionally and psychologically to stand up in an election with so much controversies and negativities.

But there must be many candidates in the PAP’s reserved list. One thing for sure, the new candidate is likely to be put under the finest comb to be whiter than white, and more proper than a priest or a nun. And very likely, the candidate would have to declare in public that there is no misconduct in his record, in the past or in the future. The demand for such a candidate is going to be very stringent and PAP cannot be found not to have done its job in making a thorough screening for any flaws that could surface during and after the by election.

I can imagine the PM or DPM standing on stage to guarantee the moral virtues and integrity of the chosen candidate. It must be the most perfect candidate the PAP has ever put up for an election. The voters can be assured of a very fine and flawless candidate to serve them.

The opposition must take note of this and may have to offer another equally flawless candidate this time round. They had the experience of Hougang and should find this a familiar situation.


The said...

/// One thing for sure, the new candidate is likely to be put under the finest comb to be whiter than white, and more proper than a priest or a nun. ///

You mean like those priests who are paedophiles and swinging nuns?

Anonymous said...

What were the merits of selling the software in the first place?

What additional merits and value does a $2 company bring to the operations of town councils?

Anonymous said...

I have a suggestion if LHL finally gathers his courage and holds a by-election - the PAP should not stand!!

Hard to find a candidate isn't it? Not many brave men/guys with thick skin to stand, right or not?

You say you believe in democracy yah? The country is supposed to come first, isn't it? So should encourage political participation, no? Make sure people face the hurly burly and get some political experience? Show these eager beavers it's not that easy.

Also, better to have a few damned good men rather than any old army general or civil servant, so can then say See, we're so Goot!!, right or not?

Ergo, let the opposition parties fight it out among themselves lah. Gives you a chance to also gauge what the pple think abt these various fellows, no?

Re Anon at 10.36am - yah keep up the pressure. So long and still no answers. Not even lousy answers. Blinking hell. Communication - FAIL.

Anonymous said...

PAP can always get Lee grandson to stand in and he will win by a huge majority. We all know how 'reliable' voting are here.

Anonymous said...

Well, we have seen what flawless candidates the PAP has chosen over the years as can be on the outside, but what is important is the inside.

Now the PAP is starting to admit that their system of selection is not foolproof as they seem to think, over the decades.

This time round, i do not think they dared to trumpet the fact that their selection process will provide the best candidate for the by-election. Neither will they send in someone already rejected by voters in the last GE. That will be providing ammunition for the opposition to shoot them in the foot again.

The PAP has always been using shortcomings of opposition candidates to laugh at them, but it is the opposition having the last laugh over sinister remarks that came back to haunt the PAP.