What do fake degrees mean?

Many stories have come out from Australia where unqualified doctors were practicing and some even operated on their patients. Imagine taking drugs prescribed by quacks or operated by quacks! Could it happen here, in our renowned world class hospitals? Are there any quacks treating our sick and prescribing medicines which they know nothing about?

Then in the field of engineering, we are building many high rise flats. Any faked engineers or architects employed to build them? What can be the consequences should a high rise building collapse? Or our highways, bridges etc. Could they go down with the people and vehicles on them, onto people and properties below?

Fake degrees are not just about money, about deceit, cheating. It is about lives at stake. A fake professor lecturing in a university may not cause much harm except twisting the minds of the students. But fake professionals in many fields can be very deadly. No pray pray.


Anonymous said...

Die, die lor.

You die your business mah!

Anonymous said...

Fake degrees means fake talents lor.

Anyway, any Tom, Dick and Harry that comes into Sinkieland is deemed to be a foreign talent, real or imaginery. So what is the difference between fake and real.

Real, real, fake, fake is all the same in buddhism.

Anonymous said...

When the exprienced hirer, maybe real degree holder, is not able to detect a fake, the real degree holder is not up to the stabdard of the fake ones.

Got it?

Anonymous said...

The fake degrees are selling well cos the hirers are too plain lazy to check the authencity of them. People will try all means to get ahead and fake degree is just one of the tools they used. The reason for their existance is the hirers are just too lazy just like the pussy action party manpower division who are also paid astronomica wages.

patriot said...

Fake or real, so long as they perform to the expectation of the hirer, fake is as good as real and genuine.