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The SMRT Bus Drivers Affair

One has to sit out in prison, 4 or 5 were charged in court and 29 were deported. And there was a public outcry against the presence of these drivers and their unruly behavior, breaking our laws to go on strikes, and breaking our 26 years of industrial peace, without a strike.

Many of you may know the whole story, some know only parts of the story, some know nothing at all. For those who know the full story, know what was going, touch your heart and say, yes we have been fair, or unfair, to these workers.

For those who do not know, please go and read the whole affair, get the facts and then retake your position on this issue. You have the right to form any conclusion, as long as your heart is there, as long as you can touch your heart and say honestly to yourself, that you can sleep well.


Anonymous said...

The Saddest fact is Singaporeans have not much rights to begin with..

The smallest minority is oneself, if i cannot get rights for myself ... how can i help my fellow men or our guest workers ?

but I hope to start with myself and change my mind set and not stand for this oppression anymore ...


agongkia said...

Just wonder whether can we classify local Sinkese who are taking MCs together on the same day,be considered as on strike.I believe other than SMRT, our local employers had been kind and take it easily and handle well.
I think becos sinkies are so happy to see such incident and claim its a strike,the PRC indirectly got into hot soup.
We need to understand PRC culture and their way of handling issues before we bring them here.I have sympathy on those who are charged .I secretly cried 1 day 1 night.

Anonymous said...

I think those who supported the strike and think PRCs contract staff should get what they demanded must also touch their hearts and ask themselves whether they have reviewed all the facts, been biased and overly enthuiastic in blaming the government. Both ways.

Anonymous said...

The most ridiculous thing is that you couldn't even go on a strike.

Any grievances that workers have must go through proper channels, so we were told. Hello are you even listening? If proper channels are effective there won't be strikes, isn't it?

I am looking forward to the day when one of these workers would go berserk and do one the darnest things like, for example, slamming the vehicle hard onto a pillar. Remember Foxconn.

Matilah_Singapura said...

They should count their lucky stars they weren't given the rotan ;-)

Do you think their own cuntree would have treated them with open due process?

I doubt it.

Obey the laws of the cuntree you are a GUEST in. Even if you don't agree with such laws.

And fuck this touchy-feely "heart" stuff. Use your BRAIN, properly.

Anonymous said...

What is the real problem here?
- the prc drivers OR
- the smrt management?

Veritas said...

I think we should go arrest LKY, who is one of the big shot instigator of strike in Singapore.

LKY shoot into fame when he provoke the postal workers into strike.

The Hock Lee bus riot that cause 4 dead was provoke by PAP, whose boss then was LKY. LKY push the entire responsibility to the PAP left wing .

Veritas said...

Today, PAP tries to convince us strike is bad. But without organizing strike they will be no PAP. In fact all PAP first generation boss are trouble makers instigating workers to walk out especially Rajaratnam, LKY and Devan Nair.

Without strike, we wont have independence and PAP wont come to power. LKY is a God damned hypocrite. He prosper base on strike. All these PRC could have the potential and talent to become the next LKY since they started their career on organizing strike.

And look at Korea, with so many strike, the economy are still going, the society are vibrant. What is the harm about strike? We are brainwash by LKY.

Veritas is only interested in the absolute truth.

Anonymous said...

PAP is unable to tolerate dissent.

But dissent is nothing more than disruptive creativity.
Without the strike, there would be no pressure on SMRT management to improve their management skills & standards.
Since SMRT is a monopoly.
No pressure on SMRT management, then how to improve?
No spurs on their sides.

reddotsg said...

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all? The mirror is cracking, its just a matter of time before it totally falls apart.

Anonymous said...

Veritas spotted it again. HairyLee is just a big time hypocrite. He loves and enjoys pushing his propaganda around. He is secretly laughing away like Satan each time his propaganda successfully misleaded the minds of ordinary locals. We only need another 10.1%to be able to see the wolf behind the sheep skin and resist his propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Sad to say, even our leaders are saying that this strike is a 'wake up call'.

For who? Certainly not for those who visited blogs and forums originating from Singapore. I think this is a 'wake up call' meant for no one else but our millionaire leaders. They have been caught sleeping. But the will not admit that.

Anonymous said...

Give 14 days notice before you strike. Pink slips, and no more an employee.
How ridiculous our Labor law & NTUC leaders can be?
Exploitation of workers will get worse not better, while self-serving elites double-talked.

Anonymous said...

First they used the ISA to get rid of those militant Union leaders. Then they control the Unions by placing a PAP minister on top, which in turn controls the workers. Then they change the law and have an iron clad hold on the labour movement. Workers cannot even fart freely, not to say giving 14 days notice.

But nothing can remain forever, not even dynasties, empires, dictatorships and least of all human made attempts at controling mankind.

virgo49 said...

Bro, their famous quotations:

"we should have handle it/them better" meaning actually what we are going is good enough but you peasants keep harping on them so to close subject and let me go back and count my millions has to say this.

"it's an honest mistake, let's move on"meaning let us have peace to go back and count our millions

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I would like to state that views expressed in this blog are the opinions of individuals. Anyone who feels offended of any post can notify me and I will have it removed immediately.

I also respect freedom of expression but bloggers are advised not to post things that may lead them to libel suits.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Taking away the right to withdraw your labour (i.e. preservation of your very own PRIVATE PROPERTY and SELF OWNERSHIP) is akin to forcing people to be slaves.

In Singapore, the idea of "individualism" which is based entirely on Self-Ownership has been subdued. In Singapore, your ass, your soul and the lives of your children, the wombs and vaginas of the womenfolk -- are all at the mercy of The State.

The State can do anything for any reason. And you, the "individual" have Hobson's Choice.

Got fascism?

oldbread said...

in my younger days(17years old onwards? ), working in dead end jobs in singapore.

the usual reaction is to just walk off.
when working in a production line. one guy decided the pay's too low and it's too tough so he decided to quit... and 6 others, me included left with him.

rather then strike, I rather have a better economy where you can walk off anytime you felt poor treatment from the employer.

Matilah_Singapura said...


"Striking" in the true sense is exactly walking off the job, except it is usually done by more than one employee, and it tends to be "organised".

Also, strikers do not QUIT their job. They still keep their job, but refuse to work.

However I do agree: a free and open economy where you can "fire" the employer is much better. Firing your boss does come with an extraordinary (though short-lived) feeling of freedom.

Firing the boss is an important idea if entrepreneurship is to be fostered and encouraged. Every entrepreneur starts out in a life of private enterprise by firing his previous boss ;-)

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