The Sinkies have arrived!

For 46 years of nation building and wealth creation, Sin City has reached the peak of its destiny as the richest people in the world. Many are well educated and rich beyond anyone’s imagination. The workers are rich, the cleaners are rich, even the beggars are rich. In the high places, the top honchos have this craze to want to employ the angmohs to work for them, to call them boss and to order them around. They walked around with the angmohs hanging all over them like an accessory statement of having made it.

In the shopping centres and other working environments, foreigners were employed in great numbers to work at lesser pay. In the home front, maids from other Asean countries and even those from China and India could be found working for the aunties and uncles in the HDB. The lower middle class uncles and aunties are living in half a million dollar public apartments and served by maids. Some of these flat dwellers even have more than one maid. The affluence is widespread and flattering.

The table is about to turn with masters becoming servants. The employers of foreigners are getting a taste of their own medicine when the foreigners are starting to usurp their roles to boss around with the locals. A Pinoy, Carlos R. Pestano III alias Kaye Pestano, who claims to be a Process Engineer with “Seagate Technology International” has posted in his blog claiming that the locals are just rotten and working under him, that he is bossing all over them. And he proudly pronounced that they are here to stay, and the locals can lump it. The veiled contempt is now in the open.

This is shocking to many Sinkies. How could a Pinoy be so arrogant and said he is here to stay without the permission of the Sinkies? And horrors, Sinkies are working under him! There is outrage in the internet with many Sinkies crying for his blood. Some even complained to Seagate and Seagate has obliged by saying that the matter is being attended to immediately. Seagate has now made an apology to Sinkies and promised disciplinary action.

This cannot hide the fact that many Sinkies are now working under foreigners, under foreign talents, even if they acquired a brand new IC. What is stunning to the Sinkies is the fact that a Pinoy could spite them and talk about them with scorn, right here in Singapore. In his postings he bragged about Sinkies working for him not in the Philippines but in Sin City, the home of Sinkies.

What else can Sinkies do? Some may want to suggest to the Sinkies to reflect on themselves like when they were called doggies. Sinkies must by now realise that the fake and meek expression and demeanor of the foreigners here harbour a strong dissent and dislike for them. No matter how they tried to appease the foreigners and inviting them to free lunch and parties, the foreigners will never like the Sinkies. They are here only for the jobs and the money. Period. There are exceptions.

When the Pinoy find it up to it to look down on Sinkies in Sin City, I must say, the Sinkies have arrived, at the lowest rung of the people of Southeast Asia, below the Pinoys. This is the real spur that is needed on their hide. Ouch, it is painful huh.


Anonymous said...

We can thank the Pro Alien Traitors.
And the daft 60%.
It's time to make Tagalog our official language.
MRT announcement in Tagalog anyone?

oldhorse42 said...

Truly a sad day for sinkie! Spite and scorned in your own country by some one from third world country.If it is by an ang moh the insult may be palatable. After all we were once colonised by the ang moh and accepted that they were superior being.But by a pinoy?
I would put the blame squarely on our elected leader who allow such situation to develop. But there again, how many of our elected leaders are born here? I know of some who are FTs and their hearts may not be with the people.Do they put in place policies that benefit the people or the bottom lines. Just imagine a DPM went on records to say that employing more sinkie would hurt bus operators's bottom line. To him, it appears that it is alight to pay more to the ministers but not to local workers.

Anonymous said...

When many sinkies failed to turn up for work, failed to turn up for interview, with nary a call, they have done themselves in.

Anonymous said...

"Just imagine a DPM went on records to say that employing more sinkie would hurt bus operators's bottom line."

I'm a new voter. I want to vote intelligently in GE 2016.
Is this why this political party is called the Pro Alien Traitors?

Veritas said...

This Pinoy is being backed by PAP. No one dares to do such thing middle east. Dubai has 75% FT India, and 3% Pinoy (IndoPak-bangla), you can only see them trembles before the proud and racist Arab Islamist.

If they dares to misbehave, soon the local patriotic Mullahs will call for Jihad. They next day, the FT trouble maker will be swimming in their own blood.

While Pinoy can be sometimes pesky, FT Indian is a really big problem. I do not hate Japs here just because they murdered a lot of Singaporeans in WW2. I like Japanese except their leaders Neither do I hate Malay just because I see Chinese got cut up and raped in Malaysia and Indonesia during government sponsored pogroms. I like Malay race but not their leaders. I do not hate Iranian just because USA villified them, if fact I like Iranian other than their leaders.

I do not resent local Indians. FT Indians are a totally different league. We need to resist them.

Trust me, I am a non racist. I do not hate people because of skin color. One day FT Indian can give up their shit racism, I will be the first to embrace them. Else I only see them as a big poison to our society. Soon we are going to become Dalits, hereditary shit collector and our daughters are going to become hereditary prostitute if FT Indians have their ways.

Anonymous said...

December 12, 2012 9:04 AM
"When many sinkies failed to turn up for work, failed to turn up for interview, with nary a call, they have done themselves in."

Sure or not?
Anyhow bluff just to limit damage to the Pro Alien Policies.

I think Sinkies did ourselves in when we agree to National Service.
Let's level the playing field.
Abolish National Service.

patriot said...

Just like to share what me heard last evening from the CNA Progranme The Vote.

There were two women that called into the Programme amongst the majority of male callers.

One, a 56 year old calling herself Jasmine was telling the audience that with proper financial planning, she now retires with tons of money. Hopefully, she is not using that tons of her money to crush on others.

Another was a mid thirties auntie who expressed similar view minus using the Phrase tons of money. However, she basically showed that she has plenty to retire on.

Though me was not struck by Lightning, the shocking boast of the two women did make me feel worse than struck by Lightning. Nevertheless, wish them live well and long.


patriot said...

Like to add that The Vote ended last night with about 95% of the Poll indicating CPF is not sufficient and will not be sufficient for retirement.

A male panelist was talking much liked the two women me mentioned in the Earlier Comment. And the way he dished out his advice and answered queries was liked talking cock.

The Host was impressive as usual, kudos to him.


Anonymous said...

Case of snake oil salesman and his two female companions.

agongkia said...

Sinkies should have more confidence in themselves.One simple remark by a Pinoy FT can make them so restless.
This is just an isolated case.I use to deal with Pinoys almost every day and no Pinoy had been unfriendly to me so far.They treat me better than how Sinkies treated me.
Blame ourselves for not having the ability to handle the Pinoys instead.

Step out of your coconut shell this weekend ,go Orchard ,allow them to befriend you .You can easily make those Pinoys calling you korkor like a cat every night and keep looking forward to meet and make you happy,if you have the time.Dun feel inferior.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Let me post something about whether CPF is sufficient. Sinkies if they want to have sufficient CPF or savings can only afford to spend 1/5 or 1/6 of their incomes. If one is earning $3k, he can only spend not more than $600 or else he will be in big trouble.

patriot said...

Agreed, me worked at sites where there were few locals.
It was always the Locals bossing around whereas almost all the foreigners were courteous and respectful.

I have no qualm in saying Sinkies are the biggest bullies of other Sinkies. Cannot agree?

Have You ever feel loved by your Rulers, neighbours and colleagues? Or do You feel bullied, oppressed, back stabbed and betrayed?

Keep the answers in your hearts.


virgo49 said...

Hi Patriot! This two women are just lucky that in their time brought HDB flats for 9800(3rms) 24500(4 rms) and 46K (5 rms) that they now sell for 200K (3rm) 500K (4 rm) and 800K (5 rm) that they claimed with proper planning they have lots of monies.

These are the evils deeds by Mabok Tan and comapny that made these devils socalled rich.

Now the younger generations had to depend on their children to complete payment of the mortages.

Huh talk CB? If they are now in 20s, then they be cursing at the PAPies.

oldbread said...

I've never worked in an MNC nor in positions of hierarchy at any companies?

as such haven't really met with bullying from other singaporeans like what you said. there are some horrible people but generally the bosses I've worked for are quite "traditionally benevolent"

even refusing to sack staff who refuse to perform unless they've commited crimes.
not really much bullying.

if anything, quite a bit of the operational problems come from foreign staff.

Matilah_Singapura said...
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Matilah_Singapura said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Matilah_Singapura said...

I'm happy to say that I agree with the Pinoy. Being a boss is license to be an asshole.

He is not the first (small-time) boss in history to gloat over his "minions" or not shy away from "tekaning" them.

And I'm apt to remember that next time I bang Filipinas.

I'm going to tear up their pussy, and jizz all over their face, and ram my baby-maker into their cute karaoke-singing mouths -- in revenge, but most importantly in the spirit of patriotism, to defend the honour of my cuntree and it's sheeple. :-)

I'm making this a racial thing. Consider it voluntary "national service".

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Are you sure you are matilah and not an impersonator?

Anonymous said...

I can relate an incident concerning someone one I know. This guy has a MBA and applied for a job but was interviewed by a Pinoy head. During the interview my friend was told that the salary he is asking too much and that he can hire his country man at 1/3 of what he is asking. So my friend got angry and told him off that he is a pinoy and what he earned here will allow him to buy houses or land in their country and his root is not here. Sinkies have their roots here and bear the cost of living in Spore which is higher than Philipines.
We should hold the government who allow them in where a Singaporean can do it and also the CEO of the company who employs FT who is cheaper than Sinkies so that he can show increase on bottom line and get fat bonuses. This is a wake up call for Sinkies who not only have to do NS but also subject themselves to humiliation by FT.Pure bred Sinkies have priviledges , heh????????

Matilah_Singapura said...

Pinoy bosses might be assholes, but Singaporeans still need to lift their game and be able to compete (play to win).

Competition is good. It has the ability to motivate people to do their best....but the people who complain and whine about "unfairness"...there is nothing you can do to help these "the-world-owes-me-a-living" cunts. They will die and fade away, as it should be.

Got your game face on?

patriot said...

Hi virgo49:
Thx for Your interaction.

You got it spot on.
Those two women and one of the Panelist were absolutely going against the feels of over 90% of opinions reflected in the Poll.

Obviously, we know of people having tons or plenty of money, especially tai
The Discussion was based on certain perimeters as premised in a research by some academics.

The Three that me mentioned in my comment were apparently showing of
their personal attainments.
And a person at 39 year old talked so confidently about sufficiency of CPF Savings? Is she for real? She has got to have another 26 years down the road to know for sure.
if she is leaving Sin soon, then lucky for her.


Anonymous said...

The article and the associated comments are simplistic at best and overtly racist at worst. Next time you are complaining that you aren't getting the job you want or think you deserve; remember that that a leopard cannot hide his spots. This juvenile thought process you display probably leaks out in your CV and interviews.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Matilah for your views posted on 12 Dec about competition is good. I fully agree with you. Sinkies must learn to survive in the job market in this new era.I read with saddness on the TREmiritus the netizens are fanning discord with the Pinoy bec a comment was made about sinkies workers. Actually, we should not hold them at fault, it is our own government
who let go the flood gate for cheaper FTs.

Matilah_Singapura said...

@anon 1120

>> Actually, we should not hold them at fault, it is our own government
who let go the flood gate for cheaper FTs. <<

A lot of the shit which happens in the world and affects us individually and collectively is "not our fault".

However, each individual is RESPONSIBLE for his own life REGARDLESS of what happens to him -- even the brutal horrific shit. The Grim Reaper makes no distinction between "innocent" and "guilty".

The randomness of existence is a fact. We delude ourselves into believing that EVERYTHING is causal. Some of it is, and the other shit is completely RANDOM -- events and occurrences by chance, out of chaos. There is NO CONTROL over this characteristic of the universe and its PHYSICAL laws.

There is no control nor is there "anyone" in-charge. Therefore everyone is responsible for his own life -- regardless of the fact that no one is omniscient, nor comes equipped with the KNOWLEDGE for long-term survival.

So what if the govt is running an "open borders" labour policy?

I am 99% for open borders, and the FREE TRADE in labour, capital, ideas, culture, data, goods and services...the REAL world mirroring and taking the lead from the BORDERLESS virtual world -- where free trade is simply a part of everyday life.

Competition? Embrace it. Go out and compete, if necessary, make your own game.

Anonymous said...

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