The Sandy Hook School tragedy

The children died, shot many times by a young man with an assault rifle. The teachers also died, some bravely trying to save the children. The parents cried. The siblings and friends cried. The Americans in Newtown, Connecticut will never forget this dreadful day in their whole lives. Many dreams and happy relationships were savagely shattered in the most wicked way one can ever think of.

Could this tragedy be avoided? Could all the macho men who fought stubbornly to keep the rights to own firearms sleep well after Dec 14, 2012? The old wild, wild west of American history was a time of violence when law and order was difficult to maintain. Not that it is easier today, but when continuing with gun ownership the toll or tragedy could be that much more serious and widespread, is it time to rethink? Would Clint Eastwood still be the man that would shoot first and talk later still be role model of American manhood?

This is the sick ethos of the American society, that owning guns is a very respectable thing, the right to self defence, to face an aggressor squarely on the face and to an honourable face off. And shooting or going to war is an acceptable way to settle disputes.

In the wrong hands, the guns are very deadly and would show no mercy. Ask the Arabs in the Middle East, this sick American trigger happy behaviour had inflicted pains many times more than in Sandy Hook School, in bigger scale and with hundreds of thousands of unfortunate victims, young and old. And the children died, the innocents died, the olds died, and their families wept. Their cries of pain were never told in the American or western media. No one know or would understand, or would want to know or understand the pains the Americans are inflicting on the people of other countries, all because the Americans carry guns, big guns, very powerful guns, that the victims have no reply.

Would gun ownership be banned after this incident, or after many more similar ugly incidents that are going to happen, and many more children and teachers would have to die, and many parents and loved ones weeping their hearts out? Would the act of war, the belligerent policies of the Americans, be put to a stop for a world that is less violent, an American society that is safer for the children and the helpless at the mercy of crazy gunmen and crazy American politicians and soldiers?

Last week there was a lone man firing at kids. Tomorrow a crazy American Admiral could seize control of his fleet and fire at any country at his whims and fancy, drugged or insane, it is a hell that can break lose.


SG Girl said...

Yes, it's really heart breaking to hear this piece of news. The shooter had mental issues. My deepest condolences to the families of the deceased.

As for whether U.S should ban gun ownership, it's rather difficult to argue. U.S is a very big place. There ain't enough police to ensure the safety of the civilians. Imagine you couldn't feel safe in your own home. Perhaps they should start with the ban of owning heavy duty guns like rifles and retain the ownership of hand guns.

patriot said...

Guns are not the problem.

Harming children/young students happened more frequently in China and Japan than in the US. Guns however, are more lethal and do caused more fatalities.

Those that had targetted young children who have no link with them(the killers) for killings were obviously deranged and insaned. They must be extremely frustrated, sadden, disappointed or have insurmountable hatred for some matters and all people. There seemed no one for them to seek help, refuge or solace and peace. In another word, INCONSOLABLE. Only the destruction of life could show the extent of his/her dissatisfaction of being.

In societies, where wealth gap is too wide and or materilism gets flaunted everywhere, it can lead to great distresses. This then will lead to senseless and perverted deeds.

Guns and other weapons are not the causes of derangement and emotional upset. Ask the butchers in the slaughter house or meat stall. They do not use their cleavers and choppers on each other.


SG Girl said...

Hi Patriot

Then the issues are much deeper than gun control. Are those with mental issues given the right kind of help in terms of financial support and medical subsidies? These also apply in our society.

It's a tragedy indeed.

Anonymous said...


Hi RB,

Hope you wont mind me posting this doc ...

A very interesting doc on how the never ending pursuit of profits and productivity turns workers to violent behavior as a push back?

Its called How America Went Postal .... why postal workers went on spree killings after privatizations ....


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You are welcomed Bengster.

patriot said...


Indeed, it is a lot deeper than that.

Sin is on the way to many problems, due to much compliance, things are building up like a boiling pressure cooker. IMHO, if the pressure release valve is not properly set, the cooker may explode or at least crack, either way is no good.

But, if the cooker is kaputed, then there will be new one. Like a new broom that sweeps cleaner, a new cooker will take a longer time to breakdown.

It is just my personal take, do wish to hear some views from others.


Veritas said...
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Veritas said...


Gun ownership is a complicated issue that I found myself difficult to form a clear opinion on it.

The birth of USA is due to gun ownership. Then the 13 colonies was given free access to firearm by Britain, in fend off Red Indians as well as protecting against rival colonies set up by our European power such as France or Spanish.

Then Britain over-tax the colonies. The elites in 13 colonies are well armed. The bunch into militias and was successful in defeating the Brits. As we can see, gun ownership in USA lead to freedom against TYRANNY and exploitation.

The problem of so much killing spree in USA got not so much to do with gun ownership, but more due to capitalism.

Switzerland also have high gun density, yet Switzerland is one of the safest country in the world.

See gun ownership


homicide rate


The fact of USA problem entirely lies in their elites regarding how they educate their citizens and income inequality.

Switzerland educates its citizen properly. Their citizens are highly educated. In fact, in the field humanity, the swiss are better than Singaporeans.

The USA elites never really want to educate their citizens. USA schools are dyfunctional. USA elites never really want to give its citizen good university education. Students are loaded with debt.

I have met USA graduates who are not able to write in proper English.

Continental Europe though is NOT a socialist country anymore, but it is still tolerable in income equality.

USA has one of the highest income inequality in the developed whole world. Generally, there is a lot of corelation between income inequality and crime. When the poor get jobless or when there is a lot of pent up anger in the society, the poor are generally less intellect, they will not shoot the elites, but they will shoot their relatives and friends.

The best solution is to make USA like Switzerland.

Anonymous said...


Matilah_Singapura said...


>> Could this tragedy be avoided?

No. Even if you ban the private ownership of firearms, you won't stop a highly motivated, emotionally unstable person -- whom everyone is UNAWARE about -- from committing terrible crimes and mass murder.

For e.g. High explosives are illegal to own personally. Yet those who commit acts of terrorism obtain them. They detonate their devices (and themselves) by first blending in UNDETECTED in crowded public areas.

To these demented animals, committing the act of mass murder is not a problem. Obtaining the materials -- banned or controlled -- is a VERY SMALL PROBLEM.

PROHIBITION doesn't work

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

i have refrained from praising Matilah for his decent postings for fear that he will reply with more obscenities. He is one such weird guy that cannot tahan praises. He cannot handle praise.

Anyway, I still need to thank him for observing the protocol here. I better not say any more....: )

Matilah_Singapura said...

You tekan me with veiled hostily like that, and expect me to be nice?

Go suck off a dog lah. ;-)

Anonymous said...

People has awaken.

Gun is not a problem.

Depression Drugs, Criminals and oppressors/bullies are the problem.

Good citizen should have a right to protect their families and loved ones against these psychos.

Trust me, I am a chinese Indonesian. During 1998 riots, we all wish that we have guns in our hands to defend ourself. Total sitting duck.

Instead of targeting guns, we shall target criminals instead.

Matilah_Singapura said...

@anon 1100:

Totally spot on.

Bad guys can have guns to wreak havoc on everyone. They don't give a shit about government or its laws.

Good law-abiding guys not allowed to have guns to defend themselves from bad guys who don't give a shit about laws or hurting/ killing/ robbing/ raping people.

I like guns. I think all responsible, mentally competent and law-abiding citizens (especially women) should be able to own them,

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