The police force is highly short handed

A student made a police report that a teacher used the word ‘fuck’ in their discussion and felt offended. Would he go further to make a magistrate complaint that he was being threatened by the teacher? Would the next person go to make a police report that his neighbour stared at him so he can also make a magistrate report?

My earlier article on the most serious crime in Sin City was sexual offences and that that was a good thing. Now it seems that the offences or crimes in the City is about four letter words and intimidation because someone said ‘Fuck you’ or stares at you. And the poor magistrate would have to call his court into action because the complainant would engage a willing lawyer to file charges against such ‘serious’ and spurious accusations. And mind you, with enough money, lawyers will be ingenious in framing all kinds of charges for the most incredible reasons even if the complainant is a nut case. They could pay to bring the justice system to bear on you.

I think both the police force and the courts would need to ramp up their manpower and resources to entertain these ‘serious’ complaints by the people, real or unreal, as long as they claimed to be threatened, to fear, and willing to pay the legal fees. The police may need a full contingent of officers to be deployed in all the Neighbourhood Police Posts to deal with this crisis. There may be a need to build a separate magistrate court to handle such cases.

The good thing is that all the serious crimes have somehow disappeared. Or maybe the police force is so bogged down by fuck complaints that they have no time to spare for anything else. This is as good as people happily calling for emergency ambulance services for toothache or morning sickness or when they lost their pet dog. Maybe the police force is now so people friendly that everyone is feeling so comfortable to drop by to have a chat and to make a complaint of whatever sick nature.


Veritas said...

Anyone that has tasted power will tell you that, the levers of power lies on intimidating, aka "killing the chicken to frighten the monkeys".

Every dictators are the most vulnerable bullies if the people are able to see through it and start organizing themselves. In SG, LKY has intimidated us over the years so much that he is confident that our thinly stretch police force will do the jobs.

But generally people do not taste power. They will not fully understand or feel the dynamics of power.

Anonymous said...

Once, I saw not one, not two, not three but FOUR police cars in a secondary school car park in the Katong area'investigating' some incident - of course the police are overworked and understaffed!

Veritas said...

The civil service pay is way too high. I think MOE is understaff as well. If we staff it adequately, PAP will want to raise our taxes instead of cutting spending.

Also civil service has been taking too much scholars instead of putting into in to private sector doing productive work. If you want to dish out scholarship, you need to pay them crazily. Else only monkies will apply for the scholarship.

Kuan-Yew-ism has now in the terminal stage. All the nutty ideology is breaking down. Instead of rolling back nuts Kuanyewism, PAP is going to sustain his zombie idealogy. Be prepare for more pain.

Anonymous said...

You are dead wrong.The most serious crime in SIN CITY is using threatening,vulgar words or heckling SMRT and PAP officials

Matilah_Singapura said...

Singaporeans are nuts lah. The SPF are actually quite a cool headed bunch compared to their asshole cousins in western society.

And then there is the fact that Singapore is reasonably safe, with a low crime rate.

People need to relax lah. Chill out. Be friendly...what the fuck is so hard?

Anonymous said...

Redbean, don't give them an excuse to increase salary again. They will say that few Singaporeans want to be policemen, so a higher salary is the answer. You and me may have to pay more GST to compensate for the increase. That is a certainty and the obvious PAP solution.

Anonymous said...

Red bean, keep up the good work as u have so many ideas out of the box!

The said...

If the police are doing their job properly and not short-handed, Matilah would be arrested every time he posts here!!! ;)

Matilah sure mati lah.

Anonymous said...

At the rate the China workers are protesting at workplaces, I agree the police force is highly short handed.

Besides protecting white elephants and taking care of white elecphant protesters, and following Dr. Chee and his sister around in case they stage four person protest, which needed two van loads of policemen, the police cannot attend to other problems.

Now they even have to attend to complaints about people using four letter vulgarity. Red dot is so clean and pure, the whole island is now talking about who should and who should not use that four letter word.