The little flutter is growing

Ever since the illegal strike or industrial action of the Chinese drivers in SMRT, more of such incidents are starting to appear. The little crack on the wall is getting bigger.

The latest illegal strike by the Indian and some Chinese workers in a construction site in Yishun is quite similar in nature to the SMRT strike. It was a sit in and work stoppages. In this case the workers were owed salaries by the sub contractor, Sime Chong Construction. The main sub contractor is now working with Sime Chong to pay the workers. MOM is also informed and in the picture.

The question is, would these workers be jailed, charged and repatriated like the SMRT drivers?


Anonymous said...

It is easier for the MIW to deal with Sinkies than foreigners.

Food for thought for them to reconsider their foreign workers policy? Whatever the outcome, they caught between the Devil and the deep blue sea.

Anonymous said...

The PAPigs have alienated the Sinkies in favour of the Foreign Talents.
And now they are alienating the Foreign Talents.


Matilah_Singapura said...

It's not illegal to stop work if you haven't been paid.

Anonymous said...

Stop work and strike.
What's the difference?

Anonymous said...

Stop work is legal cos when raining season, construction workers have to stop work for safety reason. The way the media protrayed the smrt issue is guilty of comtempt of court/justice.

Anonymous said...

What works with Singaporeans may not work with foreigners. If the Government and NTUC think otherwise, they may be in for more trouble.

Singaporeans are fearful to take action even if they are treated unfairly, because they have roots here, their children's future to consider whereas foreigners have nothing to be fearful of. They will be going back after their contracts are up, two years or so down the road. They have relatively little to loose whereas Singaporeans have everything to loose. They may be accused of more than what they do and loose everything like Tang, Francis Seow and Dr Lim Hock Siew.

So, I expect more problems cropping up as the days go by. And as I said many a time, it will be the foreigners taking the lead in this area of taking on the PAP, the NTUC and errant employers. Union.

Anonymous said...

To go on strike if there is wrong is nothing wrong .
It is democratic.
The same goes for smashing the windows of SMRT trains if one is trapped with many sweaty bodies. You mean you want me to suffocate? And saying fuck to ministers is ok if you don't like the answer. It is a demonstration of human feelings. It cannot be controlled.
These actions should be celebrated for having arrived, as a first world nation. Mediocrity instead of elitism is in.

More oppositions in Parliament 2016!

Veritas said...

In some ways, Singapore's worker condition are so bad that even the most docile Indian and PRC FT went on strike. Shame on PAP.

I give you some feedback on what has happened in engineering. When I wentin NTU many years back, those PRC and Indians scholars are top students ace-ing all exams. Today, the engineer salary here are so low that very few good students want to come here.

Most of them on scholarship cannot even make it 2 upper. Some companies are now finding difficulties hiring even 3rd grade engineers from India and China. My boss in one of my previous company, a very prestigious company in her own field, offered a to a Indian. He spurn the offer.

Worse, may top engineers are returning back to China or even India, claiming that life here sucks.

PAP got to think what really attract talents? You cannot attract talent by depressing salary, hiking property, creating a politiking environment, over empowering managers....etc.

The whole industrial policies have been disastrous over the past 20 years. Today, Malaysia has more technological activities than Singapore.

Kuan Yew's style of bias towards capital has run its full course.

Anonymous said...

LKY took over & then destroyed Mr Goh Keng Swee well thought-out long-term strategic policies, plans & institutions for Singapore.
Many people did not realized, GKS was the builder, LKY the credit claimer.

Anonymous said...

LHL messed up so he can ask his MIT son to play hero. The Lee dynasty will then smoothly transfer to the third generation. This is the utimate in thick black strategy.

patriot said...

Doubt Singaporeans will tolerate one more from the Lee Family to continue ruling Singapore.


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