The final assault on PAP

PAP has been a very successful political party for nearly 50 years. Through this period, it was the dominant and unchallenged ruling party and well supported by the majority of people of all races and political affiliations. It has chalked up an impressive track record from successful policies that brought wealth and material comfort to the average citizens and all. And this track record has been the PAP’s first layer of defence. It always, without fail, waved this track record to the voters in every election. This is what we have done and achieved, and challenged the people whether their lives are getting better than before. Its two other armours are super talent MPs and Ministers and impeccable and selfless men and women in leadership roles.

This first ring of defence is starting to crumble. The people are having doubts of their well beings. The elite have no problem identifying with the great material success as everyone of them is a symbol of success.. Even then, some elite are also starting to question things that are not as right as before. Those further down the pecking order, needless to say, are clearer as to whether their lives are getting better or going to get worst.

The second level of defence the PAP has built around it is the quality of its leadership. They are able and talented men and women of great abilities. They are the best of the best, the crème ala crème of the country. This is now ringing hollow. Many policies have failed. Many ministries and ministers are found wanting in their areas of responsibility. And the new recruits at the lower level are viewed with so much scepticism and cynicism that it is not a laughing matter. It was like scraping the bottom of the barrel. The aura of greatness, of infallible men and women with great talents and ideas somehow is drawing a blank. Many are being ridiculed publicly in the social media, in public conversation and private gossip mills.

The third and final ring of defence, the integrity of the leadership, is now exposed to attacks. These include honesty, incorruptibility, moral righteousness, compassion, sincerity, selflessness and other goodness that are expected of benevolent rulers. Now the criticism and challenge are targeted at very personal level, very close to the heart and the persona of each and every leader in the party. This is not just about the ability to deliver anymore, though many are seen as not delivering. The people have gone past the stage of material well being. It is about the softwares, the ideas, the feelings, the hearts and the intangible goodness of being national leaders, to inspire and to lead, for the people and for the country.

When the characters of the leaders are being challenged, and if they cannot hold, there is nothing left to keep the party afloat anymore. Many good and charismatic rulers could survive and rule for years in spite of bad policies and bad administrations. No leaders can survive if they cannot win the support and trust of the people. The last chip to play by unpopular leaders that have lost the support of the people is to usurp power by ruling with an iron fist, authoritarianism, dictatorship, military junta etc etc.

Is the ruling party facing this final stage of assault on their rights and legitimacy to rule the country and people? If this is so, then it would not be long before the final curtain falls.


oldhorse42 said...

I agree that our rulers are losing in credibility and popularity and focus,too.But who are leading the assault on the self-serving rulers?A disparate group in the social media or the disorganised opposition?

Gintai_昇泰 said...

It reminds me of the invincible Western powers esp Great Britain where once upon a time they ruled nearly the whole world at the height of their powerful empire in the 19th to 20th century. There is a saying that "the sun never sets in the Britsh Empire!" Since the year AD 1600 - more than 400 years ago when the East India Company (similar to a stat board) was given the charter by the royal crown to trade and exploit in the Far East, they had nearly conquered and annexed the whole world eg Australia, New Zealand, China, India, SEA, dark Africa, Canada and even US at one time!
They were so powerful and great that they called themselves the Great Britainical! All that myth falls apart when an Asian power ie Japan defeated them in Asia. Those natives then woke up and exclaimed that those white men were not invincible after all! Thus, the beginning of its downfall. After WWII, all the nations under colonial British empire then started to revolt one by one starting with India. Their greed and avarice were exposed by the Indians eg the largest ruby or diamond and many riches and resources were looted from India and its people.
History will always repeat itself and come full cycle. If the heaven decides to withdraw its mandate, who are they to object? Even the sons (Chinese emperors) of heaven can't go against the will of heaven! This has proven throughout ancient history. No argument about that historical fact. Question is - Is the will of heaven pitted against our current rulers? Have they lost it's favour?
My dear RB, only time will tell!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Gintai, how have you been doing?

This is a great analogy and a bigger picture of what the fate of the ruling party here can be.

Anonymous said...

In the acient times, subjects will bless their emperor by calling addressing him as "ten thousand years" but how many lasted that long? None!

patriot said...

Chin Leng:

Personally, me does not think anyone dare make any assault or even be disrespectful to PAP. Instead, some rever it especially to the Old Man that leads it.

Many Sinkies are doing their very best to contribute to the works of the Regime. Do You not agree that most bloggers in the Social, Political Sphere are tirelessly contributing constructive ideas and giving gentle reminders of omission and bad policies. You are one such blogger with many others.

HOWEVER, my observation and experience tell me that all that contributions were liked casting pearls to swines. There was absolutely no appreciation, conversely, me am left with the impression that all the efforts were treated liked subversives.

What is clear to the Citizenry now is that the Rulers have failed to deliver much of their promises. Worse is that there are more and more cock-ups happening on and above unsolved ones.

If and when the people decide they have enough of PAP, me will not be the least surprised. THEY HAVE TAKEN THE PEOPLE FOR GRANTED FOR TOO LONG.


Anonymous said...

Come 2016 vote for Workers Party ! My favourite Party!

The party is full of promises, full of talents, young and energetic. They are humble real people, like you and me, not full of airs. They listen to you, and give you what your heart desire, even before you need to say it.

They will treat citizens will 100% respect that we all so dearly deserve. Why pay millions for their salary when you can get more for much LESS ? With LTK, I am sure policies will be put right, Citizens first and Profits second. Who cares about whether the public institutions has money anyway ?? Trains will suddenly run smoothly with no breakdowns, Temasek will not lose money on any investment, 100% success rate, (you just need to follow thier investment, no brainer required) stock market will come alive again like in the 80s and 90s. Income shoot up. Cost drop.

What are you waiting for ? Come, join me to herald a new beginning to a brave new world !!

Anonymous said...

I like the sound of the words PM Low.
It has a nice ring to it.

Anybody but PAP.

Anonymous said...

When the people voted for the same party year after year, quality of that party will deteriorate. When the same party ruled the country year after year, quality of that party will deteriorate. The monarchs in europe are quite smart to realise this and took a step back by giving the operation control to others but still control the country from behind. I do not think the Lee family will lose control of the country even if PAP fails. They have their chips planted somewhere.

Anonymous said...

"I do not think the Lee family will lose control of the country even if PAP fails."

Factions within PAP are emerging.
When the old fart goes, factions within his family will also emerge.

Anonymous said...

In India talked like an Indian. People elect govt in GE. Now govt elected, no need by election even if MP no more.

Anonymous said...

Hi RB,

If what you wrote were true, PAP certainly doesn't agree - they just INCREASED the MediSave Minimum Sum by more than 20% today! Yeah, it is now $38.5k.

Any comments, anyone?

Anonymous said...

A clear sign that the investments are losing a lot of money. A desperate move to patch the big hole.

Anonymous said...

Their success and domination over the last four decades is not solely due just to their leadership qualities, but to their ingenuity in changing the laws to prevent more capable people, but with differing views, from taking them on, and using other changes to the laws to prevent any recourse by Singaporeans on unfair and inhuman policies.

Their ideology of destroying capable opposition people financially, morally and politically plays a critical part in their success.

Singapore had been ruled more like a dictatorship the past four and a half decades, with democracy just in name. And most Singaporeans have much to blame for thinking that only the PAP can bring economic growth to Singapore. We are just realising the price we have paid for such a mistaken ideal.

Anonymous said...

Well said, all along, it is the naively kiasi sinkies that voted the greedy regime only to have themselves screwed harder as time goes.