Struck by lightning

Last evening on my way back, the sky was ominously dark. Lightning and thunder bolts were striking everywhere. It was like the gods in heaven were angry. Those under the shelter in the MRT stations should count themselves lucky not to have been in the open as the gods are blind and lightning can strike anywhere.

This morning I flipped through the papers thinking that the lightning could cause some damage to structures or even hitting people in the open. The golfers are particularly dangerous in such foul weather. Luckily there is no news of anyone being struck by lightning.

All peaceful under the heaven again. 天下太平.


patriot said...

People who live in Sin and not struck by Lightning, must be Friends of Gods.

Lightning is merciless to those not protected and care for by Gods.


Anonymous said...

justice philip pillay kena struck by lightning. the blue lightning with red circle. kena 'retire'.

Anonymous said...

Retiring Justice Pillai shld be happy to rest lah.
He can write his memoir and or relaxes at a place he likes.

It will be great if he can give us an insight into the Judiciary in Sin. Better if he can provide Singaporeans with his knowledge of justice as practiced in the past and now. Is justice similar during Colonial Time and Post Independence?

Wish Retiring Justice Pillai could tell us and wish him well.

Anonymous said...

If he is given a few chairmanships here and there, he would be too busy to write his memoirs.

Anonymous said...

no need to be chairman. just sit quietly with a few directiorships enough already. chiak bueh liao

Matilah_Singapura said...

Being struck by lightning is an unforgettable experience.

Singapore is one of the world's hottest spots for lightning strikes.

One particular day -- many years ago when people only used landline telephones -- I was talking my usual dirty shit with a friend. All of a sudden I found myself knocked off my feet on my ass about 2 metres away from phone, and I distinctly remember the loud clap of thunder. As I recovered myself I felt the side of my face where the phone was all red and painful -- like someone has slapped my face with a shoe.

That fucking baby jesus must have used his magical super powers to punish me for my saying horrible things about his mom. The kid has no sense of humour.

Anonymous said...

"all peaceful under the heaven again" Maybe you spoke too soon with this ending statement, then the M. palmer case came up which broke the peace, lah!!!!

Anonymous said...


I would much prefer an expose from you. But, they beat you to it. Just.


Anonymous said...

MS, you leave that kid alone or he will slap you again and again and again.

His daddy is powderful.

Anonymous said...

no wonder matilah a bit gila. the lightning must have shifted a few marbles in his head. i wonder if the marbles in his pants got affected or not.