SMRT was so perfect

SMRT was so perfect, so efficient and so profitable. And they rewarded themselves with huge bonuses and big pay packages. Then overnight the nightmare begun, starting from the clips falling off and stoppages every other day.

Now a new man is at the helm. 8 key managers were recruited to tackle the problems in the organisation. What problems? It was the perfect company a few months ago with its CEO earning praises for a very profitable and well run public transport company. How could there be problems and needing an infusion of top managers? And are they recruited to boost up the top management team that were doing so well or doing so badly? Or were they recruited to replace some of the top managers that were doing so well and still must be replaced?

No organisation has seen its fortune and image went legs up within such a short interval of time, from being so good to being so bad. What happened if the clips did not keep falling off? Would SMRT be still the darling of a well run and managed organisation, and its top management still receiving the laurels of success and efficiency and huge bonuses?

Are there other organisations that are looking so good, like a polished juicy red apple from the outside, but a rotten core that is waiting to be exposed? Is this the beginning of more disclosures, that all that is not well will not last long and cannot be hidden from the public for too long?


oldhorse42 said...

The bad days for SMRT are finally over. The Wonder Woman was kicked out and now we have a rear admirer who will soon put the company in ship-shape in no time. He will bring in the colonels who would then bring in the majors and captains NS men and so on.Soon working in SMRT would by counted as a tour of duty.There will be sgts and cpls shouting commands and order at the commuters who will meekly follow orders to wait paiently for the turn to board the trains and give up their seats for the elderly and pregnant etc.Those who do not obey orders and commands will be put in a train cabin with 6 hand grenades thrown in.What work for SMRT will soon be replicated in SBS and other govt agencies.The MIW has done it again. They solve another thorny problem!

Anonymous said...

Sorry oldhorse42, are you telling us that we are now under military rule already? So fast?

Anonymous said...

Then very soon...

Any commuter who cheated money will send to court-martial and judge under military law. Either hang or gun shot.

This is to ensure commuter pay enough fare or pay more fare and to guarantee the company earning big bucks.

No questions are allowed to asked if any train delay or break down.

- NoHorseRun -

Anonymous said...

I told you the old man will be sending in the army.
If there is a freak elections results.

Anonymous said...

Hey, a junta will ensure peace and security for Sinkies.

The ground is murmuring, time to ensure no rocking of the boat. Othewise, it will capsize in no time.

agongkia said...

Yes.That is the way to go.I even hope that we are under military rules like ROC some times back.
And all entrances to MRT and other premises should be guarded by our smart looking military policemen,NS or regular.
Can save on spending on those sookoority guard and they can help ease the shortage to guard warehouse and condominium.
Train should be operated by NS and regular military personnel and anyone found malingering should be chuck in KDB cells.
During the PRC strike I oredi foresee and say it will give them a chance to increase fare.
I am proud when I see more task and power given to the military.
Sinkies will be more happy to serve as train drivers than digging trenches.Can reduce kpkb on serving NS.Fare can be reduce to make Sinkies more happy and thus can secure more votes.
Others are happy when they see their CPF statements.
Me is more happy to see Mindef letters calling me to go back for reserve service.Must make it more perfect.

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