SMRT driver bashing – The other untold story

Untold may not be the right word as the story was told many times over several months, but no one wants to hear them. This untold and embarrassing story is starting to reappear to shed light on the plight of the SMRT drivers. One was jailed, 29 repatriated and 5 charged in court. The story in the media so far was all about the trouble makers, the SMRT drivers. And they were duly punished with many Sinkies throwing more vitriol at them.

Desmond Kuek has conducted an internal investigation on how the strike came about and commented that it could be avoided if the management was more “sensitive, attentive and responsive” to the problems the workers had brought up. Disciplinary action would be taken against those who allowed the drivers’ grievance to escalate to become a work stoppage. The drivers would not have been charged, jailed, repatriated and lost their jobs. The strike would not have occurred to embarrass the govt and the trade union. Relations with the Chinese Govt would not have been affected.

Since his last comment that there were many problems in the organisation, a witch hunt could be next and many skeletons are likely to be dragged out of the cupboard. But most important of all, the truth shall prevail and the drivers would be seen in a different light, that they could be victims of mismanagement and neglect.

Shine the light and brighten up the dark patches and return justice to those that had been wronged. SMRT would no longer need to say we are sorry, it should not have happen, we will make sure it will not happen again. ‘We are sorry for the inconvenience caused’.


Matilah_Singapura said...

The shareholders get the management they deserve.

The management gets the company they deserve.

The company gets the employees it deserves.

The employees get the pay and conditions they deserve.

i.e. whoever is responsible for what they get, get what they deserve.

Capitalism, like many other aspects of human existence, is a MERITOCRACY. You "get" whatever you "earn" --- be it success or failure, profit or loss.

When something goes awry in an enterprise, it is MANAGEMENT who is ultimately responsible to fix the mess, even if they didn't cause it.

SMRT is a "privatised" government monopoly, a poster-child of fascist government commercial enterprise -- an enterprise with virtually NO market competition.

Being is management in such an organization is like being a small-time feudal lord exercising dominion over pissed-off serfs, who are too "lowly" to have their grievances attended to.

Charging striking workers in court and jailing one of them for exercising their right of self-ownership (by withdrawing their labour services)...REALLY?

Fascist motherfuckers.

Anonymous said...

Ms Saw,former CEO of SMRT,brought in her gang of cronies and fxxked up the national transport system.Now this LG Kwek is empire building with his army boys.All these functionaries are politicking in the company ,and while protecting their ass,they are throwing their weight and ego around,and shouting and yelling their subordinates as in a military camp.Trust me,this is another fiasco in the making.

Anonymous said...

Matilah, I am happy that u now posted many useful comments so I will no longer said knn to u

Anonymous said...

Ms Saw probably 'saw' that a big problem with foreign drivers was erupting and quickly jump ship.

Would she return once the caretaker has taken care of those problems? Sounds familiar territory when talking about someone from Temasek.

Matilah_Singapura said...

@anon 1227

>> I will no longer said knn to u

Wat? You don't pay me compliments anymore?

You hurt my feelings. Now I have to get drunk at a blowjob bar. Lucky Soi Cowboy is open. Otherwise I might spiral into depression.

Anonymous said...

Who brought Ms Saw in?

"Ms Saw,former CEO of SMRT,brought in her gang of cronies..."

oldhorse42 said...

I have deep respect for the Chinese people especially the down trodden ones.They dare to speak up,they dare to act and they dare to die. They call it the 3 kan spirit: kan saw, kan chor and kan sze.
I really welcome them in our midst to show us how the oppressed can rise up and fight for their rights.

Anonymous said...

"Charging striking workers in court and jailing one of them for exercising their right of self-ownership (by withdrawing their labour services)...REALLY?
Fascist motherfuckers."

Matilah Singapura.
Again. Another rare instance where we agree.

The Pro Alien Traitors are nothing more than a fascist party.
There are many fascist symbols already on display in plain sight:
The white uniforms.
The lightning symbol.
Army generals in parliament and GLCs.
The one man with a monopoly on all wisdom.

Anonymous said...

If they don't do witch hunting and finger pointing.
How to bring in their own cronies?
Cannot justify additional headcount.
So heads will have to roll.
To make way for his army cronies.

Anonymous said...

Q. What is white and full of shit?
A. Pinky Lee's white PAP trousers. He shitted into his pants when he first heard about Michael Palmer.

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