Sluts and Slutwalk Singapore

When I called Singaporeans Sinkies, some got offended. I used this term for several reasons, sometimes negative, sometimes for convenience. It is a short two syllable word instead of the long and winding Singaporean. And often Sinkies should be called Sinkies just like some called them daft. Sinkies did not complain for being called daft but for being called Sinkies because Sinkies sound like sinking. Whatever, a rose is a rose by all names, and a piece of shit is shit no matter what you call it.

I came across this word Slutwalk in a new movement by a group of woman championing their rights to wear whatever they want, how sexily they want, and to party and drink like the men in the most fun loving places deep into the night. They are protesting that such dressing and behaviour are often branded as sluts by the male chauvinists, an invitation to be raped. So they are going to defy the chauvinists by doing what they want and showing their middle fingers to them.

Such brandishing of women’s rights is nothing different from women happily sharing dirty jokes with the men. Some did it happily even with strangers or people they knew only for a few days. To these women, it is all about being open, liberal and worldly, if not, being westernised or sophisticated. They think this is about having arrived and even mature and clever, to be able to engage the men in their saucy stories. Many men appreciate such openness in the women and always enjoy their great company.

Some ladies are more discreet and would only share with people in their close circles of friends. Letting go with strangers or people they hardly know is a no no. They are smart enough to know that the presumably merry men sharing the dirty jokes with them and flattering them could form very different opinions of them and may make unkind comments behind their backs.

I digress. The Slutwalk protagonists are very comfortable with the branding. I am not sure if they are comfortable and call themselves sluts. They must have welcomed all the spectators and guests to their events with words like welcome to the Slutwalk or Slut dinner or Slut party or something like that. But they are not sluts, definitely. It is just a choice of names they called themselves to gain attention.

So, should Sinkies be offended by the word Sinkie? If Sinkies can be just as proud as the woman for calling themselves Slutwalk or ‘Sluts’, then it should not be an issue. Be proud that you are a Sinkie and a Sinkie needs not be daft or sinking. Political parties may also adopt such eye catching and loud unforgettable names, like Prostitute Party or Pimp Party, as long as they are not prostitutes or pimps. It is very creative and going with the flow.

It is all in a name. Nothing much to it really.


oldhorse42 said...

If Hong Kong people is called Hongkie. I suppose it is alright to call Singaporean Sinkie. I for once will not address my self or respond to the tag Sinkie. It does not sound right. It gives a sense one is falling or sinkie. May be we should call ourselves Huatkie. It sounds prosperous and it is the word heard most often in dinners when every one will shout "Huat ah...." It is also the word most heard after the recent by-election. May be we will hear the word being shout again in the next BE!
As for the women in the slutwalk, I think it sounds much better and respectable and dignified if they just stick to Sarong Party Girl or SPG

Veritas said...
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Veritas said...

This slutwalk thing has the goal of making every woman slut. It carries a hidden code.

These idiots can always call their movement something like "WCDATL" (woman can dress anything they like), "I want go Naked" or "freedom to dress".

Today, there are a not insignificant amount of population who like anyhow screw. They can screw man, screw woman, screw their mother and father, screw their sons and daughter, screw animals...etc. Everything they want to screw.

These people keep on hatching evil plans to sexualize our country. I would fight against these nuts.

Today, they fight to have freedom in dress code by naming their movement "slut". So now "being slut" is all right. Those who are "anti-slut (moralist like myself)" are people who are also against "freedom of dressing".

In conclusion moralist is wicked, slut is freedom fighter....etc.

Unfortunately, it is often those LGBT and sex addict group who fight for social justice. Shame on those who go to places of worship. These prude and religious leaders either intoxicated with $$$ or focus their energy on harassing apostasy.

Religion today is hopeless. Most of our elites are Christian and yet, they have no voice out against social injustice. The Muslim or Hindus leaders are probably even worse. Muslim leaders will not bad mouth the Al-Saud family but they will inculcate blow-out proportion hatred against Israel. I bet many will support capital punishment against apostasy.

In USA, those who cared for the poor are perverts in hollywood, constantly giving high donations to Democratic Party. Those who voted for reactionary Republicans are banks and surprisingly pious Chrisitians who are misled by their leaders. (Generally people are not able to see through schemes of wicked elites. In USA case, the church leaders has lead their flocks in voting against their own interest)

despite the fact that I do not like deviant group, taking down PAP is still the highest priority.

Anonymous said...

Let's celebrate our pathetic Singapore existence.
Let's organize Pig Walk.

agongkia said...

My Hokkien speaking superior,when face with unexpected problem will mention Tua Kee before asking me to handle the problem.
Even Sluts like to call me Tua Kee once they see me...
I am a Sinkie aka Tua Kee.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Language must be considered in CONTEXT.

You can use "slut" or "motherfucker" "cunt" or even "Sinkies"...it depends on the CONTEXT, i.e. the INTENTION of the person using the language.

Is it used to scorn, deride or insult? Or is it used in good natured ways, like off-colour jokes or friendly banter. Or is it a literary meaningless exclamation like "FUCK!"instead of "OWW!" when you accidentally stub your toe?

Many misunderstandings during discourse are caused by people misunderstanding the CONTEXT of the language used. This is common in Singapore.

Too many people get offended and angry if you say "fuck" or "chibye" -- even when you don't direct it to them.

These insignificant small-fry have a sense of over-exaggerated self-importance that they think everyone in the world is talking about them, and that there is a global conspiracy against their existence, when in fact they are too insignificant and unimportant for other busy people to give a single shit about.

Oh yah, many SINKIES are like that. Very common. So sensitive. So easily offended.

Too bad we can't kill these motherfuckers :-) (legally of course)

Matilah_Singapura said...

Here is an example of one ASSHOLE SINKIE running like a cry-baby girly bitch to the government because he can't handle a little bit of "freedom of expression"

Boo to you. You are a disgrace to Singapore. Fuck you, fuck your whole family.

Anonymous said...

These silly women are proud to call themselves sluts. Next time they will call themselves whores. Typical brainless females who wasted the time and money spent getting an education.

Anonymous said...

Female PAP-MIW Jokes
Q: What do you call a female PAPig that has lost 95% of her intelligence?
A: Divorced.

Q: Why do most male PAPigs die before their wives?
A: They want to!

Q: Why do female PAPigs close their eyes during sex?
A: They can't stand to see a man having a good time.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies are arriving at their destiny.


Anonymous said...

Hey people in Hong Kong prefers to be called Hongkongers rather than Hongkies although they express different opinions from the government.

It does not give you the right to belittle Singaporeans and calling them names... This is bad taste and bad advertisement to attract attentions.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

People have their preference to call themselves whatever they want. People also have the freedom to call people whatever they like as long as it is not meant to be a personal attack. I called Sinkies Sinkies, I also called myself Sinkie.

I called Hongkies Hongkies without any intent to dismiss them as something no good. What is good or bad is the intent, not the word used unless it is a vulgarity.

Anonymous said...

Slut is a nice sounding word. I am going to name my store Slut Shop.

Anonymous said...

The truth is that the word 'shame' is no longer relevant. Some words like 'greed', 'affordable', 'shame', 'morality' should be excluded from Dictionaries.

Anonymous said...

So Chua chin Lemg claimed to be a political commentator but so loser he called himself sinkie.. We pity you and find you silly.

Anonymous said...

Who is 'we'? IB?

Anonymous said...

Representing who?

We would like to know the
successful Sinkies who will not
be shy or be afraid to show us their
winning formula. You All wont be selfish to share, right?
The readers here dont feel the owner of this blogsite silly nor a loser, otherwise we will not visit.

Those who come here to show success have to show some mettles and not snide comments. The short comment above showed no worthy content.

Anonymous said...

Interesting discussion here..but I would rather be known as Singaporean....daft singaporean...at least I am Singaporean and not Sinkie that sounded so derogatory...

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Perhaps we can find a better short form to call Sinkies. The Philippines got pinoy. There are many possibilities, eg singese, sindian, singer, sinker, sinoy, singay or the old coolie version, sinkeh.

Anonymous said...

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