Sinkie IQ highest in the world

This is no joke. I have my doubt that our IQ is the highest in the world, but I think it is quite high up there. This is what Chok Tong said, “This is a shame really, considering we are ranked 1st in IQ, high in maths and science tests globally, competitiveness and other ‘hard’ areas.”

And IQ is not the only factor that we are good in. Science, Maths and other ‘hard areas’. This confirms what Veritas has always been saying here, that our IQ is many times higher than the FTs who are here to help us and be our bosses. Many average FTs, with questionable qualifications from questionable institutions, are now considered better than the locals with better IQs and genuine qualifications from world class universities.

How could this silly state of affair become a norm here, particularly in job opportunities for the locals that found themselves losing out to low quality and maybe even faked FTs, and ended up as taxi drivers or low paying jobs or worst, jobless?

Something is very sick in this Sin City where the brightest are sidelined, booted out, to be replaced by snake oil peddlers whose ability is absolutely doubtful and questionable but thought otherwise by the authorities and employers. This plague will not be noticeable yet but will take its toll down the road.


Anonymous said...

rb has hilited the problem.
Here is the solution:

Vote them out.
Vote them out.
Vote them out.

agongkia said...

Be humble.Daft is daft,even your leader say so.Dun anyhow claim highest IQ in the world.
Daft Sinkie can only drive taxi and do low paying jobs.. and remain jobless if they are lazy and choosy.Not any Robert,James or Cecilia can be snake oil peddler.These are job of real talent and the ability to produce fake certificate to get a job here shows they are talented.
Authorities and Sinkie employers have higher or highest IQ.They not blind.

Veritas said...

I have a story to tell, while not using real names. I have 2 colleague, a Singaporean Ah Beng, who get a 1st class honour in NTU, trumping many so-call FT. For 4 years in NTU, he got no scholarship, while the most of the FT got lousy result got scholarship. The 2nd colleague is called Suresh, an FT Indian, also from NTU but his academic result is much poorer. Both of them engineers in the same team.

Ah Beng was extremely hardworking, often perfectionist in his work. Suresh did a poor job, but was promoted to Team Lead instead.

The technical manager John has ZERO technical knowledge. He was promoted because he is the friend of upper management.

Manager John are clearly wary of Ah Beng. Ah Beng clearly despises his manager. One of manager John nightmare was that good Singaporean engineers embarrass him in the meeting. He like Suresh, because Suresh is good in PR and never show any contempt for manager John.

Many good engineers fought Suresh, accusing his work being sloppy. All these good engineers were removed by Manager John. Anyone who go against Suresh was given a lousy grade, for not being a "team worker".

Suresh was a diligent student in NTU. He was hardworking in school and can be hardworking in work. He choose not to work hard in work. He seems to be less naive than many of the Singaporean colleagues. He found Singaporeans extremely stupid even if they have good grades or do good work. He is extremely succinct about the Singaporeans managers.

This is his survival strategy which make him prosper.

1) Make Singaporeans do all the hardwork, so that they are exposed to mistakes. Then screw them hard, whenever they make any mistake.

2) Whenever possible, hire all FT Indians.

3) Always support the manager. Attack any Singaporeans who dares to screw the managers.

4) Keep all the work to himself and do as little documentation as possible.

Ah Beng's working strategy obviously failed big time. His strategy is

1) Work hard, work OT, never submit work late, and submit good work.

But as Ah Beng work harder, Manager John felt even more threatened. Ah Beng started to suggest alternative in meeting chaired by manager John. Manager John found himself loose face when his proposal was questioned by Ah Beng. His supporter is Suresh, which he felt comfortable.

Eventually Ah Beng left and his headcount is replaced by FT. After removing all responsible Singaporeans, manager John found that even though Suresh is lousy, he cannot be replaced. After all senior Singaporeans left, he has kept all the know-all and would not divulge it to anyone else.

He tends to share his knowhow if the newly hired is FT Indian. Others are promptly kick out. The FT Indian soon form a gang and no one seems to be willing to document or share anything to any non-Indians or even Singaporean Indians. Eventually, the team become 100% FT Indians. Their work is as sloppy. But now, manager John is afraid. The FT Indians started to show their contempt towards him openly. He can do nothing.

Manager John despite his obvious incompetent cannot be removed. He is the friend of someone above.

I would say PRC and even Malaysian exhibit such behavior. Today, it is more serious than many years back when I start working. I have seen PRC teams who kicked out all Singaporeans and even FT Indians. I have also seen a 99% Malaysian team whereby the single PRC engineer does not receive a pay rise for 10 years.

Veritas said...

I have discuss about our unhealthy management culture to one of my uncle who is a senior management himself.

I saw him getting hostile and even defensive after few minutes of conversation. He told me that many young people "do not know" human relationship is important. (He is implying good work is secondary to carrying balls)

My uncle got himself promoted because he was closed to some big shot early in his career.

He got himself into debt big time by buying a big condo, changing cars every 2 years, and sending his kids to expensive tuition and expensive piano lesson. He will do whatever thing to prevent himself from unemployment, even if it means destroying other people.

The moment he is replaced, he got to foreclose his home. This is the reasons we cannot develop indigenous technology. In all Silicon Valley companies, the wage differential between managers and engineers are narrow.

The managers go nothing to lose by stepping down. The engineers do not think of usurping the managers. There are peace. Everyone do their jobs well.

In SG, Kuan Yew-ism calls for a large wage gap between management and soldiers. It give managers too much power.

Eventually, this translate to an extremelt dyfunctional work culture.

oldbread said...

at veritas

your story to me listed sinkies as daft.

towards the end of the day

I've known sinkies who did what the FT did.

if you want to come out and work. you're intergrating with society. there are social norms to observe. one thing is respecting your uppers.

even my brother who works in a european multi national company knows when to keep his mouth shut during a meeting when the regional head said dumb suicidal stuff.
no point antagonizing the regional head and bring trouble to his managing director. anything that needs to be said can be brought through proper channels.
if the top don't want to listen. move on.

will dealing with someone who has either a face and a name to you
one of the worse things is trying to bend the other person to your will using rules and regulations.
that's for those above you to use.

for the same level and upwards, it's disrespect to do so
you create friction, and make things harder for yourself in the future.

oldbread said...

just by going to a restaurant, the chances of getting some extra "ingredients" in your food increases with your insistence of who's right.

any shop which offer services, may give you better or extra services if you "carry their balls" a little.

this is a component in corporate life
in human life
all your technical expertise is uselss if you cannot think clearly enough to avoid disaster

Veritas said...

Dear oldbread

I agree with what you say that many Sinkies did the same thing. But Sinkies are generally much naive than cunning PRC or FT Indians.

The current system of respecting ranks and files do not work well. We knew this is prevalent in Indian culture as well as PRC, they are better than us. But do you want to born in shit Indian society or do you want to work in PRC society without all your special connections?

Even FT Indians and PRC cannot take their own shit in their own society.

Everyone wants to work in Google or many other silicon valley companies. Because they has the culture of soldiers shooting down managers.

Their employees has enjoyed much democracy in a non hierachical organization.

Their managers are promoted based on real meritocracy instead of personal relationship. I have worked in Israel.

One day, I have an unsolvable problem. I saw one Ah Peh, and ask him to help me. He is very hands on and friendly, and he knew his stuff. I ask him for name-card. You guess what? He is the director.

In Singapore, a manager will very often forget about technicals and "focus" on managing (play politics).

I found that local managers often destroy young honest fresh graduates. On one hand, they shout that you get promoted base on "performance". But actually, you get promoted because of many X factor.

And very often, you get kicked out because managers felt threatened by your good work. And before managers kick out honest people, they would try whatever ways to disillusion and poison the workers.

I saw many colleague got destroyed. Many more colleague become another poison and toxic workers.

Our elites got to repent, not the young honest Singaporeans that was destroyed.

Veritas said...

One problem why there are so many FT is because of our poison culture. Many managers knew their FT workers are lousy, or even downright political. But managers themselves has too much to loose, too much on stake if they let a smart Singaporeans get recognized.

To sum up, our culture is more about self-presevation rather than doing good work. And this often got much to do with the unreasonable wage differential between workers and management.

oldbread said...


I myself do not like the same environment which is why I say, don't like it? move on

I was fiercely loyal to my manager but extremely rude to my operations and general managers.
actually thinking about it I was pretty much rude to all those I perceive as "politicians"
including the new boss who took over his father's place.

that being said I moved on. selfemployed now. If I have to carry balls balls I might as well cut off the middle man.

I still do get the heir-achy thing among others in the trade. the more powerful and influential tend to try to bully and ask you to contribute to advertising to lessen their burden. but the chances of avoiding such bullshit is higher now.

this is a situation that will not change unless the engineers come out to start their own companies.

if you insist on getting a job then be prepared to carry.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Soon the skill sets of Sinkies will be so low that FTs are indispensable. And like it or drug, they will become like drugs, cannot do without.

Whose fault is it?

oldbread said...

our fault really. somethings just cannot be outsourced

wanna stop thinking on governace ? vote pap and see what you get

wanna stop doing housework? hire a maid lor, if you kenna a lousy maid, gg liao
kenna sexy maid, wife gg

wanna get false security? get a job lor let someone else take care of you. when times are bad, boss no money also gg for you.

that being said I've personally worked in places where bosses took care of the staff.
others you have to work for them with both eyes open.

Veritas said...

Not every young bright graduate are that genius to start-up right after college, or succeed after drop out. Most of them would need to start in some companies. Today they are not even given a CHANCE. You put your nationality as Singaporeans, you wont even get a interview in Citibank, most of the time.

I am from R&D. I would say IT jobs are definitely easy, and even the most junk graduate from NUS/NTU are able to perform. Today most IT jobs, I would more than 90% are given to FT.

The reasons are IT are too infested by FT Indians playing racism. They even kick out PRC. The higher management, mostly Singaporeans cheers. They have no heart for our young man.

oldbread said...

personally... I do have negative sentiments for the PRC, as friends they're ok people. really friends , not the type that chop your carrot head.

but india and indian nationals.... zzz.... they refused aid to us when it's convenient(how ns was started). and bully us when they can.

I still remember a minister or ambassador who protested poor treatment of indians in Singapore, exclaiming singapore would only get lousy indians, good indians, talented indians would stay behind in India
something about good white sahibs?

....overtime, or maybe it's just me but I find that the ones I find ok tend to blend in and you'll hardly realised they're foreigners. they keep quiet, speak softly.(tend to be dark skin? south india?)

the fairer skin ones tend to be louder with less respect towards your profession though I have encountered it from dark skin indians as well, but rarer.

after non paying indian customers , these days I charge them full with no discount, you either pay in full or try somewhere else.
I hate it when you haggle the price down then pay half and try to run off without paying the balance.
even the PRCs don't do that.

SG Girl said...

Hi Oldbread

I'm not a believer of outsourcing services. It's expensive and usually slow down the productivity of other internal staff.

I had a short stay with a bank years ago. It had dissolved it's IT team and outsourced it to an Indian company ( keeping a few local IT staff in the bank). The bank was then in the midst of changing financial system. The outsourced engineers were supposed to create the system based on the requirements of the bank. But after every meeting between both parties, the bank's IT VP would come back 'sighing'. I asked him why did the management dissolved the IT team (who had more knowledge of the bank's system and understanding of financial requirements) and outsourced it to third party who knew nuts of financial requirements? He replied he didn't know what the top management was thinking.

After I left the bank, I read in the papers that it announced that the bank would be forming their internal IT team.

What a waste of money and time...

oldbread said...

nowadays when a loud one comes in , an alarm bell pops up and I'm instantly less friendly.

but I heard local women love them though. they feel they're more sophisticated

Anonymous said...

Why EQ is not ranked together with IQ is beyond me.
Are the Two not to be rated together to assess the complete person?

Anyway, does IQ alone maketh wholesone a man? What about his/her spirit and other attributes?

oldhorse42 said...

Sinkie has high IQ, no doubt about it.Educated in good schools and brought up in good and healthy environment. The smarter sinkie has risen to be our political masters. They have even higher IQs. Educated in elite schools and have obtained excellent academic qualifications. They rewarded themselves with out of this world salary and pay sinkie pittance just to survive on.Yet elections after election, our smarter leaders are returned to power by sinkie with high IQ!
They mass imported hordes of foreigners into our nation , mollycoddle them and let the foreigners continue with their old ways of life.They even allow foreigner to bring in cows into their HDB lifts and flats, let the animals piss and shit there to bring in good luck!

Veritas said...

Today, there are idiots who accuse honest young Singaporeans low EQ. They really do not know what the shit they are talking about. On one hand, PAP inculcate the merits of EQ who is another word for stooging and slavery. On the other hand, PAP lament why we do not have silicon valley style of maverick, drop out, mad scientist, Steve Jobs the drug addict and woman fxxker....etc. In short, Silicon valley people is low EQ nerd.

So which is true? High EQ good or low EQ good? The answer is both. It depends on the society. Society can be either violently aristocratic or intellectually meritocratic. Singapore society is aristocratic.

In aristocratic society, wealth are gain through conquest, through bully people, though putting people down, and to stooge when necessary. In SG and in financial sector, those who move up are type A alpha personality. They are ruthless and have high EQ. These people can see through vulnerabilities of others and will not hesitate to exploit them.

Silicon valley is meritocratic. They are type B nerd. They ascend via creating useful product, often by staying 16hrs in front of computer monitor everyday. Their EQ is low. It is these nerd who shows us how a company can be run. How we can not only have political democracy but also economical democracy? (Although the extend of democratization of tech companies are still far from good)

Indian society is aristocratic. So do we want to be like them.

oldbread said...

@ SG Girl

Hi, when a company grows to a certain size. you can be sure the top does not know what the bottom is doing.
and with a certain level of disconnection, there is no way a high level ceo from regional or HQ would allow a low ranking local director or CEO to make changes. everything must follow the regulations to prevent abuse.

unlike a local SME when you can walk up to the boss "fark him" and quit. or tell him if something's wrong straight away and see if he'll change it.
local heads of multinational companies do not have that power.
supply issues need a projection , an estimation to solve. you need to show your higher ups power slides and excel files to convince them to allow ordering in preparation of the higher vol of sales next financial year.
or else who's going to shoulder the blame of the excess stock?
and when you are not the owner of the company, you have no right to increase the head count.(why you hear about positions opening when someone leaves) if the cost of hiring a bunch of workers for a particular task is say $10,000. it's safer to get a budget of $10,000 and outsource so no one is responsible for the head count. it's easier to get a budget then to get the headcount.

in multinational companies where the people are suckers for rules, you cannot fire people for not doing their jobs.
the supreme head of one department has no power over HR, and if HR wants to play by union rules, it may take up to months to remove someone who straight out refuses to work properly. they need to counsel the staff, send him for training. and then finally remove him when all else fails.

so if the managing director/general manager has a crappy relationship with the HR head, chances are for the director to force the sacking would put ammno into the HR head's hands to be used next time the HR person meets the regional head.

oldbread said...

my opinion really,
don't take it as fact

young singaporeans these days have really low EQ, and sometmes IQ as well.

I've seen young chaps backstab their friends to negotiate a payraise.

there's guy A
and guy B in a different comapny
and guy A's higher up we'll call C

guy A approached guy B to ask if there's a vacancy in his company.
so Guy B thought if you're interested I can intro but the rest is up to you.
but then A went up to C and demanded a pay raised because B's company is trying to proach him.
forcint C into confronting B
leaving B in a wtf position because B's company is C's supplier.

and this is farking common among younger sinkie guys.

example B,
follow head to regional meeting. tried to one up his head in front of regional boss

others I see include in my ex workplace trying to test water all the time.
inciting coworkers to rebel when the boss is not around
"lets go back early since the boss is not around, she always goes off early anyway"

another one asked his senior whether he could go off and buy a snack 45mins away. (frontline sales, during probation period)

the FTs get away with it because they know how to wipe their backside after shitting

oldbread said...

besides the point I also find that the more well off sinkies tend to treat the poor ones shabbily.

I from a service/retail trade and sinkie customers, especially the semi rich ones tend to raise voices even when they're in the wrong.

Heck... my own friend who's kid broke something inside hallmark refused to pay stating it's not her fault since "your staff did not stop my kid."(the kid ran into the shop and raised up a porcelain animal and dropped it)

Veritas said...

I agree Singaporeans are extremely politiking ad nausea. But we have to look at the real culprit. I can give you the name, he is called Lee Kuan Yew.

We are engineered by him to screw our friends. I was a school teacher. Over the years, our students standard improved, yet PAP still mandated close to 40% go into Normal Stream.

No matter how good you are, you must still be top 60% to go express stream. Even when Singaporeans are fully qualified, PAP refuses to open up medical school to prevent Singaporeans from getting elite education. Instead PAP import doctors from how those countries of low IQ.

Singaporeans are not welcome post-graduates in local Uni.

You go to work, PAP's NWC reccommended a large wage gap between you and your boss. So you want to take your boss's job. Your boss want to kill you.

When I was in MOE, PAP mandated to condemn 5% every year. I saw so many teachers killing one another. The colleague sitting beside me pop lots of pills from IMH everyday. Many teachers are crazy.

If you really want to be content in poverty, PAP further screw you by hiking housing, medical and even university tuition.

The day you lost your job, you get kick out from your house. You cannot even buy lower price HDB.

Anonymous said...

You want a pro Singaporean Republic of Singapore?

First you have to vote out the Pro Alien Traitors.

Matilah_Singapura said...

IQ testing is not really considered a "science".

Most people, even professionals cannot agree on what "intelligence" is, so then how true or reliable can psychometric evaluation/ measurement/ interpretation be.

Claiming that Singaporeans have the world's highest IQ is MEANINGLESS, after the point when the "nationalistic pride" wears off.

It is a claim made by and believed by people who have NO FUCKING CLUE how the human brain works (to the current extent of such real scientific knowledge).

There is more "science" in the measuring the tits on a woman. At least you have REAL UNIVERSAL METRICS -- centimeters, or inches. Results are easily verifiable -- usually a simple visual "estimation" will suffice.

In IQ, there is very little "science". Most of it is arbitrary and the metric can vary from culture to culture, or territory to territory. "IQ=100" is supposed to be a "baseline" which IQ measurements are referenced to. It is ARBITRARY -- the IQ of the mean in population, so any IQ "testing" can only yield relative (as opposed to absolute) values.

Don't worry about IQ. It is unimportant and insignificant.

Finally, Goh Chok Tong is an idiot. Or a con man. Or a bot of both. He has NO CLUE on what he's talking about. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

Matilah_Singapura said...

P.S. BTW "EQ" is even more bullshit than IQ. How the fuck would you even DEFINE baseline for EMOTIONS?

Get real people. Wake up your fucking ideas and stop falling for all this bullshit, unscientific (junk science, pseudo science) stuff.

Anonymous said...

Driving taxi is very lucrative profession, hardworking ones make 5 to 7Ks per month. The average ones make around 2 to 3Ks. Comparatively, cleaners and security guards hardly earn more than 1.8Ks for 12 to 13 hours work.

I have seen guards deployed at remote locations that were far from any settlement. Not only there were no public transport, the guards had to buy their lunches and supper when they started works. That means that they had cold and maybe even rancid meals. Electricity, water and toiket were also not available. None were armed for protection even for themselves.

Anyone understands how tough it is for these folks? As regard IQ of these people, are they any lower than us? Came across senior citizen guard surfing the Internet, using Apps such as What's App, Tango and others. One even set them for his boss. He said he saved lot of expenses when he communicate with his daughter working as a senior executive abroad.

It used to be said that the calibre of the child is born from the parents. When a child holds a high post and the parents are unemployed or work at menial jobs, it only goes to show that when IQ is not certified, it is not recognized though it is innate in a person.

Anonymous said...

Heard the beer promoters at Geylang are wearing Christmas Costumes.
Even beer promoters in Sin have high EQ to improve bisness.

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time, when we were born, we all have very high IQ - this is why our kids scored very well in IQ tests. It is a natural gift given by God. La KillYou knows about it and tried to brainwash us by making us going thru all kinds of stupid systems to reduce our intelligence so that we become dumb, easily manipulated, submissive slaves. Thats why when the kids grow up, none of them are nobel winners or internationally acclaimed authors, thinkers, scientists etc. We have to vote alternative parties to stop our kids from not being able to be what God wants them to be.

Anonymous said...

One of my wishes for 2013 is for that offensive, pathetic lowlife loser, Matilah_Singapura, to follow his handle. Yes! I sincerely, with all my heart, wish that to you, M_S! At least be in a coma, you low IQ & even lower EQ asshole!

Matilah_Singapura said...

@anon 701:

Angry much?

Anonymous said...

Is Chok Tong talking about the kind of queue for National Day tickets, iphones, condos, toto, 4D etc? This man does not have to see the queue, he can even feel the queue in his bones.

Anonymous said...

for the comments to this post, only matilah is talking sense (and i usually disagree with him and hate his guts most of the time). the rest are all pathetic whiners and wankers.

Anonymous said...

No one is wiser than my idol here.
Even gods, no fight.
Hurray! Matilah Singapura, matilah.

Ron @sg yahoo & RDB in TR Emeritus said...

Blogger Veritas said...
"I agree Singaporeans are extremely politiking ad nausea. But we have to look at the real culprit. I can give you the name, he is called Lee Kuan Yew."

Let me share from yet another angle.
Some call him Leaking You and they are right. This is the bugger who said via his towline downside that "History & Geography" are irrelevant in an IT age! Is he a coward who fears that history+geography knowledge enables good minds to figure out his treason which he made into MDP? Or he has in his self professed wisdom now become "An Useful Idiot" like Mao Zedong was for Deng Xiao Peng to open up PRC into a market driven economy> And majority of Sinkies believed him! Except of course the non-sinkies who built Sg and still only formed 39.9% in GE2011.

However, with the Internet and better educated credible Netizen Singaporeans who can relay damning information about LKYism's system of treason they are scared stiff into more LKYism way of spins. Treason by destroying our Culture, Psychic, Minds and opportunistes to aspire and excel in exchange for his own fame, fortune and absolute power. Their this new fear and reactions to these Netizens will self-destruct them helped further by the unveiling of the LKYism entrails in chronic partisanship's, nepotism's, cronyism's toxic syndromes that will ultimately destroy PAP, but also Sg's finances and the New Poor as WP's G-S low This Khiang flagged up in parliament once. And also the LKYism's Newer Poor that @Veritas further well explain thay are created likewise by LKYism this way..

"Singaporeans are not welcome post-graduates in local Uni.

You go to work, PAP's NWC reccommended a large wage gap between you and your boss. So you want to take your boss's job. Your boss want to kill you.

When I was in MOE, PAP mandated to condemn 5% every year. I saw so many teachers killing one another. The colleague sitting beside me pop lots of pills from IMH everyday. Many teachers are crazy.

If you really want to be content in poverty, PAP further screw you by hiking housing, medical and even university tuition.

The day you lost your job, you get kick out from your house. You cannot even buy lower price HDB."

That means, though I dislike coarse words.. but then for the greater of GE2011's 60.1%.. I say they got and didn't mind getting screwed again for another 5 years. Sonme may have paid up property and don't mind. These dumb asses now got their kids walloped by HIGHER HDB prices, themselves losing jobs, HIGHER medical costs, HIGHER Medisave Minimum, HIGHER CPF Minimum Sum, HIGHER Costs of Living, also HIGHER School Fees to Bus Fares NOT PROPERLY JUSTIFIED FOR TOO!

As for Wooden Goh Chok Tong as LKY called him.. I agree he IS a dumb ass and idiot as you called him. As he again shot self in the head with his targetting Singaporeans about the 114th rating for Sg's charity! Can't even see 2 planes out of a 3 plane sided world! So like LKY and now also LHL.. they all two-time fellow Singaporeans like you explained. Low-down creatures of the wild. And @Matilda_Singapura also has a point @oldbread!

Overall a good article by author aka Red Bean

Ron cum RDB said...

Correction. "&amp" should be "& @;". Somehow posting came out different from my typed text.

Anonymous said...

hey! we have a new name for matilah singapura: matilda singapura! wakakakakkakakakakaka!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Ron aka RDB, welcome to the blog. I have read many of your views in TRE. You are quite a celebrity there.


Anonymous said...

Wat do U mean EQ is bullshit.
At least some are stable and
cool like cucumber.

Some very jumpy and emotional.
Stench from their arses are less
offensive than from their mouths.

Ron aka RDB said...

Hi & thank Chua Chin Leng for your complement.

Same to you as I never miss your articles too. And See Toh Hiap Seng & Joshua Chiang too in sg.yahoo too. Each of us has an angle of "attack" and so in order not to duplicate efforts, I chose mine to hopefully complement to fill in the history of the one who has distroyed our culture and being humane for his brag.

That said, I get few thumb ups in TRE for especially my longer , but then I guess even those who have short attention spans from ADS (Attention Disorder Syndrome) get the idea of his slant & cons! As I sometimes write like chatting to them lor!.. Here I go again yah! And I hope more will follow my style to show PM how to conduct his National Conversation so that it doesn't become a National shame CONversation lah!.. I'm light-hearted again in serious stuff. But then shouldn't it be a "Country CONversation", since F & L minister K. ShamFacemugam said we are a country and ain't a nation yet! Pm LHL still has a lot to learn hor!

And Hi too Anonymous,
Thanks for humour! I didn't get that name wrong. I just wanted to tell Matilah that Matilda_Singapura at least bring us close to a true democratic nation called "Matilda Australia" only a few hours flight away. So that we can "Waltzing Matilda Waltzing Matilda with them.." Auzzie for a start.

Anonymous said...

I have no doubt our IQ (Idiot Quotient) is the highest given that 60.1% still can vote for the party.

Anonymous said...

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