Punggol East SMC, 还我公道

The similarities in the Michael Palmer affair and that of Yaw Shin Leong were unparallel, almost identical. The Yaw Affair put the WP in a very bad light and caught Low Thia Khiang with hands tied behind his back. There was nothing that he could do except to swallow humble pie, took the slaps, left and turn the other right, meekly. What else could he do otherwise?

It was a great triumph for the PAP. They stood on high moral grounds and principles. They slammed the WP thoroughly with everything they got. Every point that could be scored was taken. The defeat was almost complete, nearly, if not for the result of the by election. That was a rude awakening to the PAP, that despite standing on high moral grounds and from a recent moral victory, they still lost the seat to the WP.

Though the WP managed to secure Hougang, they were treading on dangerous ground. They need to take a very low profile, be very careful and meticulous, not to make any mistake till the next GE. They must hold the ground tightly. Another scandal will be the end of all the good works they have done.

The PAP was waiting outside the fence, looking for holes and waiting for a clear opportunity to score a decisive goal. They needed time for the shaky ground to turn sour for the WP.

No one in the WP or the PAP could ever dream of this Palmer Affair that is going to present the WP with a penalty kick. In the last assault on the WP during the Yaw Affair, the WP must have conscientiously recorded every word the PAP and its ministers had said. Low Thia Khiang may have even etched these words on his back, never to be forgotten. Now he is being presented a chance, on a golden platter, to serve the same words to the PAP with glee. I can see him smiling.

Every PAP ministers who had spoken would now be put to test to stand by what they preached, on high moral grounds, to say the same in the Palmer Affair. Twisting and changing their stance would compromise their integrity and subject them to public scrutiny as men and women of principles and high morals. Not chastising Palmer/PAP in the same way they did to Yaw/WP is unacceptable and will call into question their honesty and sincerity as men and leaders of a just and fair society. Would they deny what they had spoken, steered away and hide in the corner to wait for the dust to settle? Unfortunately this dust will not settle until they say the same things once again, to Palmer and to clear their party of such improper conduct, to be seen as fair and consistent on acts of misconduct and behaviour. Everyone of them will have to account for the same mistake of Palmer.

It is a tough call, to swallow one’s own words. There is no where to hide. Every word they said is on record. Would it be apologies not enough?


Anonymous said...

Speaker from PAP, director from PA?
More details need to be investigated and made known to ensure no CONFLICT of Interest.
This is a major national issue.

This scandal hopefully does not indicate that the PAP (political party)and PA national institution) are sharing the same bed the wrong and immoral way?

If from bootlicking to bed, then very ugly.

oldhorse42 said...

The Teochew ah hia from WP did not stoop so low as PAP to attack the character of the sinner or the party. There is no need to. The netizen will do the hatchet and gory work.Never seen PAP image sink so low before. Corruption scandal, yes. But sex scandal no. May be the wise old man had cleverly covered it up. Now that it has been proven that a stalwant PAP MP and Speaker of Parliament cannot resist temptation, it is time for every MP and minister to make yearly declaration of their asserts and the number of mistresses they are supporting!

Anonymous said...

Different rules, different folks.

What's there to 还我公道?

Anonymous said...

Punggol East SMC by elections
Why are we waiting?

Not trying to NatCON us out of a by elections I hope?

Anonymous said...

Hope Dr Chee will come to sengkang east, this will put PAP on their toe till they find some other ways to sue Dr Chee, hopefully benefit all Singaporean.

Anonymous said...

Hope more oppositions contest the ward so pap can win

Anonymous said...

What is the nature of the "relationship"?
Can we be more specific?

Did money changed hands?
Did money change hands between Ng Boon Gay and Cecilia Sue?

I don't think infidelity violates any criminal or business laws. So why resign?

Anonymous said...

There wont be justice, 公道 unless and until the Pious holy cow tells us his takes about his buddy in the Cabinet.
He had talked much when WP Yaw S L was sharing bed with someone other than his wife.

Anonymous said...

Hope this is a lesson to PAP MPs and Ministers not to fire opposition at will just because of a mistake. Let the people decide. PAP could just state their possition during Yew's incident and let the people amd WP decide. No, they behave life a pack of charks, chewing up Yew to pieces. Now the same MPs and Ministers are not commenting at all. What do you think of them?

Anonymous said...

It is in the interest of country image and character the PAP should stop demonizing and running its political opponents.The old man relished bad mouthing its political opponents and this ungracious act has been transferred to the third generation of PAP politicians.
Low Thia Kiang is intelligent and gracious not to make unnessary remarks on Palmer's indiscretions.
I appreciate this Teochew and the Hakka can learn from him

Anonymous said...

Where is MSM? Why they just published what was given to them? The crazy chasing of Yew and family is no more happening this time. Lost interest? Or...........

Anonymous said...

From NatCon to SexCon ...

Motto of the corrupted party

Greed is good.
Sex is even better.

Anonymous said...

"Where is MSM? Why they just published what was given to them?"

Blatant evidence that MSM practising self-censorship, knowing their bread and butter !

Where is all the reporters of ShittyTimes tracking and following Yaw in those time ? Wow, suddenly they are full of understanding and compassion when it come to pap cronies ! Amazing ! Uniquely Singapore !

But then alternate media continue to do exemplary work of MSM onto Palmer as MSM do to Yaw. Karma time.

Matilah_Singapura said...

You all have some serious sexual hangups.

You need to get laid more often, and have some hardcore experiences ;-)

Anonymous said...

They never stand by what they preach. Already, the response from DPM is glaringly different. Here, he is talking about giving space to Palmer, and maybe hinting for forgiveness.

Do you think those albinos will change their character. Dream on!

Anonymous said...

A stark fact stood out from the identical affairs of Yaw and Palmer.

In Yaw's case, relatively few in cyberspace, make atrocious comments talking about his affair.

In Palmer's case, the attacks in cyberspace by bloggers are unrelenting and, seriously, the WP does not even have to resort to paying the PAP back in it's own coin. They just sit back and watch the show and laughing. They who laugh last laugh best. Hehehehe

Anonymous said...

Ever wonder what the old man is thinking now?

Anonymous said...

Just google on LTK's reponse to Palmer's resignation.
And compare that to KBW's take on
the YSL's affair.

One a first rate gracious gentleman
The other a forgetable 3rd world politician.

unfortunately, our Parliament is dominated by the likes of the latter's party

Anonymous said...

Heard some folks at a Bedok noodle shop saying that Minister Khaw Boob Wan unlikely to retire in Sin.
Reasons offered included that he will be booed and jeered at by the public when he is no more minister. Another is that Malaysia will be his choice of abode for retirement cos he looks typical Malaysian. And that his clans are there.

One more reason given was that he might be feeling uneasy staying in Sin if he reflects on the deeds he has done on the people while in office, meaning staying in Sin will remind and cause him emotional and spiritual discomforts..

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 5.51PM
The ship started to sink years ago and they are holding on,raping and looting as much as possible the country's wealth and then they will jettison into some exotic paradise.For them,it is Goodbye Forever Singapore.

Matilah_Singapura said...

anon 213

You obviously don't know jack about human history.

The Sheeple majority don't mind "corruption" in their politicians as long as the Sheeple get thrown a few crumbs now and then or have a few of their myriad fears allayed.

It's like the ministers/ top civil servants high pay: people have been bitching about this for 20 years. But the ministers pay keeps going up. And not a damn thin has changed.