Punggol East a circus or a walkover

The news today, 5 parties will be contesting the Punggol East SMC when the by election is called. The parties announcing to be in the contest are WP, SDA, SDP and Reform Party, and the incumbent party PAP. The news is immediately met with a roar of ludicrity. Four opposition parties competing against each other and against the PAP would be as silly as it could be. The Presidential Election did not seem to teach any of the parties any thing.

In a tight contest of one versus one, any opposition party would still be in a tough position to think of winning. Are the parties real, in announcing that they all want to be in, for what? Are they thinking of a circus for entertainment or are they serious in thinking of winning and dislodging the PAP from Punggol East? At face value, it is just too clownish to be true except for SDA.

The other possibility is that Zhuge Liang is at work again. It is as real and as unreal. Everyone will be kept guessing. PAP will be kept guessing as well. Only on Nomination Day will the truth be out as to the number of parties will be contesting. Let’s hope reasons will prevail and sensibility will be the order of the day.


Anonymous said...

RB, let us hope your guess is correct. It is only wayang at this stage. I am sure opposition parties are not that stupid. Multi party means doom to opposition for sure.

oldhorse42 said...

If a political party publicly announce that it will take part in the election and back out on nomination day, it will lost its credibility.
It will not be seen as a Chu Geliang(strategist) but a cho bi jiang( a scumbag)

The said...

You mean Desmond Chu Geliang? ;)

Anonymous said...

The PAP will be laughing all the way to parliament.

Anonymous said...

I am by nature a cynic and I think that there may more that what meets the eye.

Suppose the opposition parties are cleverer than we think. Suppose they had a secret meeting and decided that they would announce (as they have done) that there would be multi-party candidates, the purpose of which is to let the PAP think that it would not be a one-on-one contest and it emboldens the PM to call the by-election soon.

Now suppose on nomination day no one turns up except the PAP and one opposition party (by prior secret agreement).

Do you think such a scenario is possible? It would be an opposition coup.

Anonymous said...

PAP in a multi-cornered fight?
PAP sure win.
Unless the PAP generals are too chicken to fight?

Anonymous said...

What were the merits of selling the software in the first place?

What additional merits and value does a $2 company bring to the operations of town councils?

Anonymous said...


An election should be taken seriously. As a voter I want to be taken seriously as well.

I hope the Opp parties come to their senses and leave the WP, who had worked the ground and gained 41% of the vote in the last GE, to contest against the PAP.

Don't let the Punggol East voters think the Opp parties as jokers and opportunists. Even on a one to one contest they can't even beat the PAP on their own ground.

Please don't play with my vote. It may be my last vote for the Opp.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The voters must send this message to the opposition parties. Don't pray pray with the people's votes and interests. Opposition parties that misbehaved in a major event like this must be made to look bad and lose the support of the people.

Anonymous said...

Well, history repeat itself. It looks like opposition parties dont learn their lessons , instead of co-operating they choose to split votes. SDP is throwing away good money. Based on the elections results WP has a better chance of wining.Even if (very slim chance) SDP wins, one voice will not make a difference. I believe the news must have made PAP very happy. Good luck to ther oppositions parties.

The said...

/// Opposition parties that misbehaved in a major event like this must be made to look bad and lose the support of the people. ///

/// I hope the Opp parties come to their senses and leave the WP, who had worked the ground and gained 41% of the vote in the last GE, to contest against the PAP. ///

I think we are putting the blame and onus on the wrong parties (pardon the pun) here. Why should opposition parties opt out? Why only the WP is entitled to contest? Political parties are formed to contest elections and nobody has any right to tell them what to do, where to contest or not contest.

The power lies within our hands - the voters. Just put out the word to voters to vote the WP. Period.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Remember what happened to the Presidential Election. The votes will be splitted. And who ended up as the losers?

The said...

Ya,I remember the PE. If there were fewer candidates, Tony Tan might have got a bigger share of the vote.

Just put out the word to your readers to vote WP in the the bayee-election and I am sure WP will win this time round.

patriot said...

The choice is in the hearts and hands of the voters.
Thus far, Sinkies are comfortable with PAP.

After all the recent corruptions, transport and labour hiccups, how much more faith Sinkies have with the Rulers will be indicated by the By Election in Punggol.

As for Opposition Parties, each of them will have to show their worthiness to the people.

The choice ultimately lies with the People.


Anonymous said...

Like I said, vote opposition and all your problems will disappear.

Corruption, transport and labour hiccups, as rightly pointed by patriot, will forever be a thing of the past. Included also are all your bad luck with 4D, your gf and wife refused to have sex with you, not promoted in job, kanna scolded by boss, car kanna bang, paid $6 for chik rice, all blame it on PAP.

Vote WP - the saint, the cleverer one, who will deliver you staight to heaven.