PAP under siege

The opposition parties are hovering over Punggol East like vultures sensing the presence of a carcass for a good meal. It is not the case of a prize possession that belongs to the ruling party anymore. Thanks for the generosity of Michael Palmer, it is like a well timed Christmas present. But the ruling party is not going to give it away so easily. They know that the opposition parties are ready to snatch it away and it has to hold on to it tightly.

This is the state of the political game today. Gone were the days when the ruling party will strut around taking every loose seat available with great confidence. It was chionh all the way. The game has changed and it is a case of trying desperately to hang on to whatever it got. And the opposition parties are closing in for the kill every time a little gazelle breakaway from the herd. It is quite helpless. It will be taken away to fill the hunger of the hunters.

The ruling party is under siege and weakening in all fronts. There is no one in the party that could command the awe inspiring presence and leadership to win a single seat or even a GRC today. The last GE has exposed the weaknesses of the ruling party and the infallibility of every minister. Every one of them looks lame. And the last few batches of MPs were found to be wanting in many ways and many would not be able to hold on their own in a contest, without the GRC. Many were outright failures in the eyes of the people and many voters have regretted their decisions in the last GE. It is that bad.

The strength of the ruling part was in their pro people policies. These have done well for many years but strains are showing. Good policies are turning bad and unsustainable, like a big rock pushed up the mountain, the weight bearing gets heavier by the day and waiting to roll down, crushing everyone and everything below. Come to think of it, every policy is about to come tumbling down. Cannot think of any that is good or barely good today.

In the absence of good men and women, in the absence of good and pro people policies that are sustainable, what else is there for the ruling party to offer the people to keep them in power? This by election is only to confirm the hard truth that it is game over.

Maybe I am too pessimistic. Maybe the people are still strongly behind the ruling party. The joyous and buoyant celebration and the confidence shown in the last party conference told a different story. The party is on a roll. Everyone was looking so well and wealthy. The party will go on and on. The truth will be seen in the decision to hold or not to hold a by election. A party that is confident of winning will have no apprehension of taking the bull by the horns and will call a by election without hesitation. Any wishy washy excuses will be a sign of weakness, a party under siege, having little confidence in holding on to the seat in Punggol East. The siege mentality is all there for everyone to see.


Anonymous said...

I must agree with your observations. The party looks very vulnerable currently. Yes, it did lots of good for the people in the past but for some reasons, such success has gone into their heads. Leaders are no more tolerant of differing views. Conformity is the word. Rewards are given to those who go with the flow. You will be rewarded handsomely. Perhaps that could explain why few people of principle and talent has applied to join the administration.

Anonymous said...

The PARTY is over as far as I am concerned.

Veritas said...

The reason of emasculation of PAP today is due to their crazy ultra capitalist policies, which is so odious that many talented elite young man, would not want to join PAP.

60 years ago, LKY is able to draw volunteer and obtain pro bono service from the brightest in Singapore. After PAP ascend to power, the leaders immediately gave themselves a paycut.

Today, despite hefty salary, no intelligent man would want to associate with PAP. If LKY had has his way on economics policy from the start, SG will be doomed.

In fact, despite being a scumbag, Goh Keng Swee was the chief architect of success of Singapore. He is the few person who can resist many nonsense of LKY. After Goh got kick out because he screwed Phua Swee Liang in MOE, LKY was free to experiment with his ultra brilliant ideas with all those yes man that he promoted like Goh Chok Tong..etc.

The rest is history. From the day, Goh Chok Tong ascend, it has been disastrous for Singapore.

Goh's successer LHL is even a worse gangster figure who has been alleged to have slap one of former minster Dhanabalan and ransack files of Richard Hu. His underlings like George Yeo is a phoney Christian who advocate building of casino, destroying countless life. Ma Bow Tan is the hatchet man and inventor who hatch up ERP, COE, who hike home price to the sky. Wong Kan Seng who is useless as interior minister probably did more damage as the head of Talent planning cell group by advocating importing more and more FTs.

Despite of so many scholars today, how can the PAP fared worse that those uneducated 1st generation MPs or minister that probably got much less As? The reason are PAP today has forgotten the basics.

LHL is so arrogant that he probably do not believe that screwing people eventually will hurt the elite.

sgcynic said...

Read an interesting article "Don't pee in the pool" in the Straits Times today (14 Dec 2012, p. A37). Simply put, the PAP acted in the same way as AOL - they peed too much in the pool. Now, drown in it.

Anonymous said...

Give them enough rope to hang themselves.
Bye bye you Pro Alien Traitors.
I will never forget how your cronies favoured an FT over me, even when it was very clear that I had a just case.

patriot said...

Me feels the Regime is in sieged mode siince the Day they took power.
Probably, me feels sieged because of the land grabs by the Rulers which never fails to haunt me.
Maybe the Day me goes, then will i not be haunted.


Anonymous said...

This is the million dollar question that needs to be answered:

Recently, two senior civil servants were charged with receiving sexual gratification to further commercial interests. A NUS Law lecturer has also been charged with receiving sexual gratification for better grades. Ms Laura Ong was previously a People's Association Constituency Director who worked with Mr Micheal Palmer. Mr Palmer was therefore in a position to advance the career of Ms Laura Ong. Did Mr Palmer receive sexual gratification and advance the career of Ms Laura Ong?

Anonymous said...

Ha! Ha! That is the job for CPIB..

Anonymous said...

@Anon 11:13 AM

Valid Question and
will it be looked into
is also a Relevant Question.

Anonymous said...

This is a very touchy issue. Best not spoken.

Anonymous said...

What has to be done must
be seen done.

Anonymous said...

who paid for the wonderful overseas staff retreat for grassroots volunteers & PA staff

Anonymous said...

Can't believe I'm reading this. What a bunch of ingrates, conveniently forgetting the source of water. So after providing a good living environment, helping to amass your wealth in the process, you now choose to turn around to bite the hands...

Guys, go take your chances with the opposition. You think the opposition can do better? When this place falls apart who is going to fix it? Please think hard.

Be careful what you wish for.

Anonymous said...

"What a bunch of ingrates, conveniently forgetting the source of water. So after providing a good living environment, helping to amass your wealth in the process, you now choose to turn around to bite the hands..."

Hey PAPig.
Sinkies did all the hard work.
You the PAPig reaped all the million dollar salaries.
Then you started your Pro Alien policies.

Sinkies are the source of water.
And the PAPigs are the ingrates.

Anonymous said...

The people must not be threatened by pigs. Vote for the opposition. Give the opposition a chance if you want to see your money in the CPF back. The people cannot keep paying and feeding the pigs for a Swiss standard of living while they become cheaper, better and faster.

Anonymous said...

So lucky this scandal is that all. If got follow up sure mati leow.

Matilah_Singapura said...

The PAP still hold most of the cards lah.

They might have lost some support over the foreigner-jobs thing, but they have many,many "mighty" true believers.

Why? Because the PAP are the best manipulators and communicators. They know that Singaporeans are kaisu and kiasi, and therefore have speech writers and policy wonks who target these emotional states.

In politics the use of FEAR to manipulate peoples' behaviour is very effective.

An important thing to realise above the cacophony of anti-PAP shrieking, from the fear and anger-struck masses, is a sort of sub-concious "automatic behavior" -- where The Sheeple "instructively" run to the PAP for "help" when faced with a crisis.

It is not that The Sheeple "love" the PAP -- not by a long shot. Most Sheeple hate the idea of being constantly screwed while the elite rulers (and many are buffoons) are paid Rock Star Salaries, to cite only one of many examples.

But the Sheeple majority will -- even though it pains them to do so -- vote PAP, because they simply cannot imagine life without the PAP They act out of FEAR, and it is very effective for those who rule.

As always: The Sheeple Get The Government They Deserve

To me the contradictions and the cognitive dissonance exhibited by The Sheeple of Singapore are endless sources of on-going entertainment for me.

People claim to want the truth, but they hate the facts. What to do?!? Leave them alone, and laugh at their suffering.

Got Fear, or Positive Mental Attitude?

Matilah_Singapura said...

@anon 111.

There is typical example of the "silent" majority, who has spoken out in "support" of the establishment.

Because the hollering angry mob is too emotional, they cannot/ will not see the wood in the forest.

The vast majority of PAP supporters are SILENT. And all of them attribute the wealth and economic success of the cuntree to...you guessed it... the PAP.

Add to that the enhancement of "fear" in speeches and policies, and the use of CPF and HDB as political tools for manipulation...

...voila! A political success story of mind-bogglingly successful DYNASTIC rule.

Anonymous said...

We are clean and green because we keep an army to fo so. Reality is otherwise. Similarly I am always afraid we have been smoked as to really how good we are. If one day the opposition rules and find out our kitty is not as rosy, what then? But again if we leave it to the current, the day of reckoning will come and by then it's too late. The beauty of democracy is we can vote for changes every 5 years. You never know what's better unless you give it a try.

Matilah_Singapura said...

There is nothing "beautiful" about democracy. Sometimes, it works great. Most of the time it doesn't.

It is easily usurped because once you know how, it is EASY to manipulate peoples especially in ASYMMETRICAL power-relationships i.e. one side has more "leverage" over the other.

E.G. The most the Sheeple can "threaten" the PAP with is "voting them out of government". That's it.

However when it comes to "negotiations" the PAP has many "goodies" at its disposal: CPF, HDB, edu scholarships, baby bonus, CPF "top up"...if they don't have one, they can always invent one for a particular political objective.

Meanwhile, you still have one-person, one-vote: to vote for or against the PAP. Fuck off lah, you go NO POWER.

Democracy in action? Consider this, a majority of scared sheeple voting...there you are...your "beautiful" democracy in action.

Anonymous said...

Any PAP candidate to risk in this by election? Which minister thinks he is up to it to lead the charge be the mentor to win this by election? GCT,TCH,KBW,NEH,Sham,Tharman,LSS or LHL? These are the best PAP got and likely to bring down the chances of the candidate.

Anonymous said...

With so many MPs earning more than Obama, surely they must be talented enough to have the candidate win the by election.

Anonymous said...

Which PAP big gun had the guts to come out of a GRC or his own constituency to contest in another constituency?

The PAP tried to force Low Thia Khiang to leave Hougang many years ago by throwing him this dare. You now know Low Thia Khiang is one man who really had the guts to take up the PAP challenge. He left Hougang and rewrote history by bringing down a GRC with two ministers helming it.

Anonymous said...

Even if pap puts TPL there, pap will also win. pap has access to the voting boxes and the election dept reports to pm. where is the check and balance, transparency? one party rule sucks and should be banned like chewing gums.

Anonymous said...

All we want for Christmas is Punggol East.

Sgcynic said...

"Can't believe I'm reading this. What a bunch of ingrates, conveniently forgetting the source of water. So after providing a good living environment, helping to amass your wealth in the process, you now choose to turn around to bite the hands...

Guys, go take your chances with the opposition. You think the opposition can do better? When this place falls apart who is going to fix it? Please think hard."

We can see this place falling apart. The opposition can hardly do worse than the PAP. The leaders of the previous generation are no longer, the present ones can barely manage. Still want to to stick to a lame horse?

Anonymous said...

The human spirit is greater than the party, even without them, Singapore will survive, we may stumble for a while, but what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger, and probably that is what we need a bit of now.

Anonymous said...

Why does this place fall apart
if it is properly governed?

Pray, please enlighten us the
Daft Sinkies.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The saddest thing is to have eyes but cannot see, have ears but cannot hear.

Anonymous said...

In other words, do our neighbouring countries fall apart even though they are not governed by the PAP? They should have fallen apart long ago.

Did Japan, Taiwan or Hong Kong or South Korea fall apart with each change of Government? These are countries that gave us Samsung, Toyota, Acer and other world beaters.

In terms of development, how big is Singapore compared to them and how much more difficult it is to govern those countries with such enlightened population, unlike Singaporeans that are stifled by draconian laws, trade unions, and a complaint law enforcement regime.

Redbean is right. None so blind as those who refuse to see. And none so deaf as those who refuse to hear.

Matilah_Singapura said...

@anon 1227

>> The opposition can hardly do worse than the PAP.

It doesn't matter who is chosen to govern. The People Get The Government They Deserve

FACT: It is NEVER (NEVER, EVER) the government's fault if your stupid cuntree falls apart.
The blame rests squarely on The People -- who are 100% responsible for CHOOSING the people in government -- given that every human being has to overcome the trickery of their own brain to choose RATIONALLY, which never occurs in large collective groups

You might make the "right" choice, having transcended your delusions and emotions and thus act "rationally".

But you are only ONE VOTE. You can rest assured that many of the other millions who also vote do not think like you. Chances are they will be choosing by rationalised emotion: i.e. from FEAR.

So really, your choice doesn't matter. This is the reason why 10 years ago, I STOPPED VOTING.

No government gives a damn about you or your life. However, they will take your money by force on the pretext of "looking after you".

Got Kool-Aid?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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