PAP clean sweep in Punggol East by election

The prospect of a 5 corner contest in the Punggol East by election led me to take a peep at my crystal ball. And the result is a clean sweep for the PAP with an unbelieveable victory of 90% of the votes. The opposition parties lost their deposits, everyone of them. No, this is no fluke. There is no hint or sign of fraud that led to this scintillating result for the ruling party. It is the best endorsement for the PAP and a thrashing for the folly and silliness of opposition parties that rightly do not deserve any support from the voters. The people decide to kick their silly asses to wake them up.

The thinking goes like this. What are the opposition parties trying to do? It is clear as day light that going on more than a straight fight would put their chances of winning very low. 3 corners are as good as losing outright. Anything more might as well forget the trouble, save the money and effort and don’t waste the people’s time. All they could gain, perhaps, is some cheap air time, some cheap publicity, to say a few angry words to the people. What else do they seriously think of achieving in a 5 corner fight? To prove their stupidity?

The other thinking is that there are moles present in the opposition parties that want to deliver the seat to the PAP. But the people would not know who is the mole, or how many are moles. And knowing that the outcome is going to be a PAP victory, might as well deliver the votes to the PAP and teach the clowns or moles a lesson. This could be an explanation of the final result. And there is no need to curse and swear for the missed opportunity just like the President Election. There is no point in blaming the other candidates that they should have pulled out of the race.

When opposition parties are thinking of having a wild party in every by election, to have a good time at all cost, they are not going to get any sympathy vote from the people. The people may be daft, but not silly. If the opposition parties are not serious and wanting to make every by election counts, why should the people take them seriously?

Under the present circumstances, with 5 parties contesting, my crystal ball is crystal clear who the eventual winner will be. No need guessing.


agongkia said...

If really there are 5 parties ,I will choose to vote for the one who can supply female candidate.If got 5 female candidate,I will choose the most attractive one.
Ah Tin,Siew Chin,Li Lian,Glenda ...
All the same.
But married one ,out.

Anonymous said...

Some of the opposition parties that want to contest the by-election are out of their mind. If they just start to walk the ground at Punggol East, how will they garner any support?

Just concentrate to walk the ground in your existing area and then contest GE2016.

Anonymous said...

Not credible! Sheer madness!

Anonymous said...

That is why Singapore opposition can never move into second gear. Some opposition parties know their chances are zero, yet they want to sabotage the cause. What are those fuckers thinking I wonder?

Anonymous said...

All the opposition heads should meet and longchiampass and decide who should run. that dr whatshisname from WP who caused that stormintheteacup during the hougang bi election was a papmole.

Anonymous said...

Hougang caused a few moles to surface. Punggol may bring out a few more.

What is bad is that the opposition will be seen as a bunch of reckless opportunists who just want to tikam tikam and could not careless about the bigger picture. It clearly shows a bunch of unthinking asses.

By mindlessly joining the fray, they will discredit themselves and ruin whatever little chances they have in 2016. They will be cursed all the way like the presidential candidates.

Anonymous said...

Chee Soon Juan must think very carefully for SDP to contest Punggol East. It will banish SDP into oblivion if he allows SDP to contest.

Anonymous said...

Those opposition jokers are thinking they are buying toto or big sweep, just trying their luck. This is just going to make them the laughing stock of Sinkieland for years to come and destroy completely that little bit of mierable credibility they may have, in the boots of Harban Singh of old.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't the opp party come together and ask themselves the odd of them winning ?

My bet is only WP can win going by current sentiments. The other parties can try their luck and end up been cursed and swear similarly like PAP if they lost because they fail to check themselves of brutal truth.

Ask this simple question that previously, PAP won by 54%, and likely to maintain at least more than 48% , not forgetting that those foreigners turn citizens are voting for PAP extremely likely, so the last thing we need is vote dilution.

patriot said...

My simple understanding of local politics of this tiny rock is that, had the many Alternative
Parties understand and or are able to work together, then THERE SHALL BE NO SO MANY PARTIES.

Me am also quite sure that some of these Alternative Parties are created for a purpose.
It is not too difficult to see through the Scheme. It is a strategy. To divide, conquer and rule, it has worked very well and will remain effective for a long time to come.

The Electorates have only one way to get out of the mire by choosing only one amongst the many that has the best chance to win the highest seats in any General Election. Pay no heed to those weaker ones which can never serve much purpose.

It is the Voters that decide who they want to RULE them. Bear in mind that those in the GOVERNMENT are not there to represent and or look after You, but to rule. So, in the end, it is a benevolent or a benign ruler that You should be looking for.


Anonymous said...

RB, I agreed and if there is a 5 parties contest, I will vote for the pap

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

PAP only had 54% in the GE. A tip of 5% is all it needs for WP to win. SDA is a goner and would simply be brushed aside. With the controversies, it is going to cost the PAP more than 5% this time.

A straight would be WP winning hands down.

Anonymous said...

soon we may see PAP moles force to reveal themselves by last moment applying for contesting in by-election without their party knowledge.

There is nothing PAP won't do in this desperate time.

What do you think ?

The said...

Sorry, a small point - you can't have a clean sweep in a local by-election. General Election, maybe. Even then, at the last GE, the PAP did not have a clean sweep - they lost 5/6 seats. Unless of course by clean sweep you mean a party winning 1 seat out of 1 seat contested in the Punggol East by election. In that case, any party has the potential for clean sweep.

My bet is for the WP to have the clean sweep - we need a new broom for spring cleaning, now that the Spring Festival is coming.

patriot said...

Am of the view that any BE at Punggol, will be held after the Lunar New Year.
Whether superstitious or not, dont think PAP would want to end the Year or start the Year with a loss of a constituency and or face.