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North Korea successfully launched a satellite

The Americans and its proxies are calling it something akin to WMD. No country can launch a satellite without the approval of the international mafia. Countries like North Korea and Iran should remain as third world countries and not allowed to progress, not allowed to have their own satellites. They should forever be kept poor and be at the mercy of the mafia, to receive aids from the mafia and its proxies. They are condemning the North Koreans, threatened to shoot the rocket down, and now threatening sanctions as if the North Koreans have committed a grave sin or crime against humanity.

Now North Korea has put a satellite in the space. What is this accusation that it is a missile to attack other countries or to develop missiles when the mafia boss has countless of them? The next time when Kim Jung Un farts, the Americans would be accusing him of chemical warfare. What else is new? Crying wolf once too often becomes meaningless.

But no, many Asean countries will now be shivering in their pants, fearing the North Koreans are going to send its nuclear armed missiles to attack them. I am not sure if they really believe in such crazy ideas. I am not sure if North Koreans are mad or it is the people in Asean that are mad. One thing I am sure, the North Koreans will have no reasons to do such a silly thing for no reasons.

Well done North Koreans. You have outdone the South Koreans. The South Koreans, despite their claims of technological superiority and wealth, with Samsung and all the world brand electronics, are still unable to launch a satellite after many failed attempts. It is time the two Koreans reunite and share their technology and wealth and bring the two people together as one great people and powerful country.


patriot said...

When the Rocket flew over Japan and was not brought down, it showed that Japan still respects N Korea.
But, the Rhetorics by the US about the launch been a missile test was similar to accusations of Saddam had WMD, Syria having chemical/biological weapons and China abusing Human Right etc. All make-up false accusation.
Obama has as little credibility and respectability as his Predecessor George Bush Junior.


Veritas said...

I am no fan of North Korea. This is a rogue country whose biggest export to the world is nuclear test.

After many years of reading China history, I think I am able to understand why Mao wanted to send soldiers to fight USA in Korea and also today, China is willing to prop up North Korea.

Very few people know the mysterious correlation between the control of Korea and destiny of China. Every Chinese Dynasty who lost Korea, got overthrown in no time.

First, the might Sui Dynasty fall soon after Emperor Sui Yangdi lost the Korea War. The Tang Dynasty prosper for many years after it won Korea war.

Next the Mongol Yuan Dynasty collapse soon after Chinese peasant revolt attack and sack Korea.

The Ming Dynasty collapse soon after a victory in Korea War that drawn much of its treasury. Also almost soon after the victory in Korea, the Ming Dynasty lost Korea to Manchus.

The Manchus Qing become suzerain of Korea of Emperor Huang Taiji brought Korea to its feet. Manchu Qing defeated Ming Dynasty soon after.

Manchus collapse soon after the 1895 war with Japan which lost Korea.

Mao's PRC ascend as a result of victory in Korea war against USA. The Korean war is a victory for Chinese, not a stalemate. Before Chinese fought, USA soldiers are loitering along the beach of Yalu river, the demarcation of Korea and China. After PLA went into Korea, the border was pushed south to 38.

It seems that there is a divine relationship between the ascend and fall of China and the gain and lost of Korea.

I cannot tell why also. I am sure the all Chinese elites and leadership are aware of this fact.

The fate of China depends on its control of Korea. If China can establish control over south korea kicking out all GI, that would be almost means it has become world No 1 super power.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Veritas, the very reason for China's intervention in the Korean War was national security. With the US at its border, with MacArthur threatening to invade China or nuclear China, not doing anything was not an option. War with the US was imminent just like today. The Americans wanted war then and now because of their superiority.

To China it was a very tough decision as the US was the most powerful country while China was poverty striken and hardly able to fight a war. No navy, no air force, no tanks, no war industry. It was out of no choice that China had to fight that war on a big deficit. It was likely to lose. On paper, it was a walkover for the Americans.

Not to forget the untrustworthy Russians under Stalin that could turn nasty and invade China when China was fighting the Americans.

Veritas said...

Agree, but I did not stress that on my comment. But you can gleam from my comment that Korea is a big security concern historically.

Even if KMT Chiang Kai Shek take over China, he would want to control Korea as well. Then things could be easier. USA may decide to leave Korea under China's influence. Roosevelt even want to give Vietnam back to KMT China.

There is not too much of animosity between KMT and USA.

Mao took power. To ensure security, Mao fought the USA. The rest is history.

And side effect is China is now still support scumbag Kim kingdom.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Please lah. The fucking satellite has probably malfunctioned by now.

N Korea is a waste of valuable space on this planet. and is one cuntree that really deserves the government they get.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I do not know what you people know of North Korea to hate that country so much. I dunno what is going on there. But I do know they are living their own lives and did not bother any South East Asian countries.

Anonymous said...


The Indians came out to denounce N. Korea, yet they also launched a missile too. How hypocritical can some people really be!

Anonymous said...

With north and south pole dissolving with great speed, we are not far from end of time.

Even with very limited resources, NK can play football very well.

Anonymous said...

To US, China belongs to democratic KMT not Communistic Mao. KMT and US cooperated during ww2 to fight japan and promote democracy. would us finish japan off if us would have know mao would take over? maybe better for china to be under kmt then mao?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the plastic gals from korea can easily seduce those foolish emperors? Just like opium, jpop,kpop, gnannan style - they are just evil tools,

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

They are all part of the mafia and the evil empire. They can do anything, fire or test missiles, other countries cannot.

patriot said...

It really surprises me that there seems to be quite a lot of N Korean haters in Sin.

Like Redbean, me is curious why so?

Anyway, it will be great joy to live in a peaceful region. But, if there needs to have showdowns, make it big please.


Anonymous said...

I wonder why too.

Veritas said...

I do not hate north korea people, but its government.

Certainly I do not like a government which starve millions to death and direct all the $$$ in conducting nuclear test.

I do not like a government bent on counterfeiting, drug cultivation, and running gulags.

Neither I like a government who prohibit its citizen travelling overseas.

I dont like a government using propaganda depicting themselves as God.

I do not like a government who throw its citizen into gulag just because they cross over yalu illegally.

I do not like a government that blow up its neighbors battleship and without any just reason.

I do not like a government that blow up passenger flight like a terrorist.

They are criminals. I am a socialist. These government are phoney socialist.

Anonymous said...

You probably hate the Chinese before they opened up. And still hate them today.

Many were fed with decades of western biased literature without thinking. Just imbibing. China and the Koreas were very poor countries and exploited by foreign powers. They went through phases of devt to raise the standard of living for their people.

You must be crazy to think that they intentionally wanted to starve their people to death and remain living in poverty forever. They experimented with development policies. Some work some don't and they keep on trying.

Veritas said...

You probably hate the Chinese before they opened up. And still hate them today.

Many were fed with decades of western biased literature without thinking. Just imbibing. China and the Koreas were very poor countries and exploited by foreign powers. They went through phases of devt to raise the standard of living for their people.

You must be crazy to think that they intentionally wanted to starve their people to death and remain living in poverty forever. They experimented with development policies. Some work some don't and they keep on trying.

You are kidding, ain't you? In my generation of Singaporeans, I am probably among the best in reading classical Chinese. I have read more classical Chinese than even some acquaintance of China studying in NUS history. How many classical text your have read?

For the Great Leap Forward in China, that caused 30 million starved to death, even your fxxxking wicked Chiarman Liu Shaoqi 刘少奇 said its 70% fabricated by 三分天灾,七分人祸.

I do not want to go into details. But communist PRC cannot escape the responsibility of deliberating murdering 30 million Chinese starving them to death.

And about North Korea, why their brothers under the yoke of bloody capitalist can prosper into one of the richest country in the world while N Korea, starve to death more than 1 million? And the famine occur not during stone age, but in mid 90s.

Even desert Somalia in Africa or Afghanistan is better fed. And Korea penisula is among one of the most fertile region in the world.

One of the greatest phases of development in China occur in 1928-1937 (黄金十年), without killing of a single life.

Now there are people who justified murdering as "phases of development".

Anonymous said...

Veritas is a very wise old man.

"China and the Koreas were very poor countries and exploited by foreign powers." - Before western power are even there, some stupid emperors already wasting so much monies and labour to build the stupid wall instead of doing RnD.

Anonymous said...

One party rule should be prohibited in any government whether it is communism, democracy or whatever.

Veritas said...

I am not that old. I am below 40.

Anonymous said...

Kim Jung Un is just as unpredictable as the father. He is as good in playing mind games, pretending to have technical problems and suddenly blasting off and taking everyone by surprise.

Now, no one is going to guess what he is going to do next and that unpredictability will make his enemies more wary of him.

China has now pushed away its responsibility of letting the world put pressure on them every time Kim gets eccentric like his father, telling the world that it has no leverage over North Korea. Smart move and makes sure that its relations with North Korea is not jeopardised.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I think the CIA must have drugged their water supplies. All the North Korean leaders are mad : )

I do not know much of what is happening there. They are living in a different era, with different values and ideology, with different mindset of wellness. Let them grow at their own pace. Let's not judge them using our set of values and goodness. Or else we will also be tempted to do a regime change.

Life, living and happiness and contentment are not the same to different people. Many are also sneering at the Himalayan countries for their lack of modern technology and facilities. The quality of their life may be better than ours in their own ways, minus the infidelity : )

Many of the affluent Europeans are making a queue to India and Tibet to seek wellness in the barren mountains. Their material richness seems hollow and they want something more fundamental. Sinkies snubbed at our neighbours too, thinking that we are living better than them. In many ways, yes, in many ways, no.

patriot said...

New ethos and modern philosophy, every generation seems to have their ideas of values.
The Truth never changes and that is there
is no god on land and there is no man in
Happiness is whence You are not sad and
healthy, in body and in spirit.


Anonymous said...

No sorrow, no pain and no worry=happy.

Anonymous said...

I like the way Kim telling his people to launch more satelites. He is indirectly pointing his middle finger at the US, UN and its poodles and asking them what can they do.

He has guts, fears no sanctions, tolerate no threats.